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Praised for swift action and beauty of language The Horsecatcher is Mari Sandoz's first novel about the Indians she knew so well Without ever leaving the world of a Cheyenne tribe in the 1830s she creates a youthfu When I picked

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L protagonist many readers will recognize in themselves Young Elk is expected to be a warrior but killing even an enemy sickens him He would rather catch and tame the mustangs that run in herds Sandoz makes it clea 5 stars While

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R that his determination to be a horsecatcher will reuire a moral and physical courage eual to that of any warrior And if he must earn the right to live as he wishes he must also draw closer to family and community Getting used

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  • The Horsecatcher Bison Book
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  • 06 March 2019
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About the Author: Mari Sandoz

Mari Susette Sandoz May – March was a novelist biographer lecturer and teacher She was one of Nebraska's foremost writers and wrote extensively about pioneer life and the Plains Indians.

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    When I picked up this book I didn't realize it was written for kids nor did I know that it was one of the Newbery Honor titles I wanted to read it because of the author Mari Sandoz From my rating it's obvious that I really liked the story but I bet that most young readers would find it 'slow' or 'boring' This is so different from the books that are currently hits with young adults Exception any young adult who likes horses will appreciate the descriptions of the horses' behaviors and the importance of horses to this tribe I'd like to think that every American would pick up a book such as this and let themselves be carried into another world a world where people are aware of the environment in which they liveThe detailed descriptions that some reviewers have found tedious are part of the fabric of the early Native Americans' lives Their survival depended on knowing how to read the world in which they lived If I were a life science teacher from that part of the country I'd assign this text and have kids list the plants animals and geological features that are mentioned This would provide a solid base for looking at an ecosystem

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    It addresses the uestion of fulfilling honor It asks whether honor comes from living up to the expectation of familytribal tradition Or does it come from the less glorified route but staying true to the desires within? Can honor be achieved through the eyes of the family with the alternate route?

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    Newbery Honors 1958The Horsecatcher is a coming of age story of Young Elk who follows his calling as a horsecatcher Like all of these stories they transcend time and place for the challenge of a youth to recognize and follow his true calling contrary to expectations is as old as mankind Mari Sandoz puts us into the Cheyenne warrior culture of the Great Plains in the 1830s their love for horses which carries on to the present day For without the horse these vast expanses of undulating grasslands were not nearly as accessible Young Elk isn't born with the warrior instinct of the male culture of his people His love is for horses and especially catching wild mustangs He spends months alone away from his people following capturing gentling and bringing back spirited horses to his peopleThe story is largely written in a narrative style with much less dialogue than expected The focus is on Young Elk and he spends much of his time alone while the life of the tribe goes on without him This gives the story a very atmospheric feel as we watch this young man mature

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    I am a Nebraskan and was ashamed that I hadn't read any Mari Sandoz yet and a friend recommended The Horsecatcher I feel bad writing this but I had a very hard time getting through this book It was very dry with hardly any dialogue I appreciated the story of Elk and his resistance to killing and also his uest to catch the great white horse but oh boy it was a struggle It is only 192 pages but took me forever to finish The exciting moments in the story did not seem exciting there was no build up I guess I will have to read another Mari Sandoz book to find what I was looking for

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    BooorrrrinnggggThe book is about a Cheyenne boy probably an older teenager who loves horses He made his life about catching horses hence the title He travels up and down through what is now Wyoming Montana Alberta Colorado New Mexico and possibly even some of Mexico and Arizona Along the way he meets many friends and enemies He wants to impress a cute girl He gets captured and becomes parts of wars with the Comanches and KiowasIn short it could be an interesting and even exciting book But it isn't It is a very slow read I wish someone else had written it instead

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    5 stars While this book is not going to be to everyone's taste I enjoyed it It made me happy on several levels it had horse and it was totally immersive in a nearly unknown culture Sandoz was a white author who wrote accurately and fairly extensively about the Plains Indians; she is the author of a biography of Crazy Horse Here her focus is on a young Cheyenne man mid late teens as he comes of age in a warrior society Except young Elk has no desire to be a warrior; while he'll kill for food and in self defense of himself and his clan if he absolutely must he wants to be a horsecatcher This isn't an easy path since it's the warriors who are acclaimed and with whom the young women flirt There isn't much dialogue the book is mostly description of journeys Cheyenne life and of course horse catching and taming This is horse whispering Cheyenne style It is a brutal life filled with violence and danger and not all of the horse catching is gentle I read this for my 2020 Reading Challenge PopSugar bildungsroman and my Newbery Challenge Honor 1958 I want to read of her books

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    Getting used to the scalp thirsty culture of the Cheyenne Comanche and Kiowa tribes portrayed took some getting used to but it served its purpose as the predominant warrior culture that leaves Young Elk on the fringes and struggling to find his path in life It was really interesting to see all the creative methods these people may have used in secondary families and personal relationships The challenges and journeys Elk goes on are woven nicely together masterfully to create an immersive sense of place

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    This is a well written and thoroughly researched book about the plains Indian nations mostly the Cheyenne More specifically it is about one young boy's uest to become respected even though he is just a horse catcher The story is interesting to a point but the author does repeat the details of the chase uite a few times so it became a bit repetitive Considering the generally negative views of American Indians in the 1950s it is impressive to see that this book got published I think most young readers will enjoy the adventure part of the story and horse lovers will especially like it as there are many details about the care and handling of horses

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    Good but slow VERY slow

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    Read the full review here

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