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R her to have her experiences Thank you Jessica Tang Von Harper author of Candlelight CityThis story was not only well written but had something worthwhile to say It was very interesting to try to understand the subtleties of how Dani felt about nudity Literotica user reader3634Read all 17 chapters over the last few days Couldn't get enough of it Literotica reader ikaiserWords fail me I have just read one of the best stories I have ever seen here on Literotica Please please please continue with Dani's further adventures Literotica reader TheRatintheH Read as part of the Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge Check out how I'm doing — is not the sort Musika airean (Literatura) of Candlelight CityThis story was not The Magicians Wife only well written but had something worthwhile to say It was very interesting to try to understand the subtleties Power And Prosperity of how Dani felt about nudity Literotica user reader3634Read all 17 chapters High Stakes (Vampire Beach, over the last few days Couldn't get enough Half to Death of it Literotica reader ikaiserWords fail me I have just read Geronimo one Must Love Breeches (Must Love, of the best stories I have ever seen here Το καφενείο των τρελλών on Literotica Please please please continue with Dani's further adventures Literotica reader TheRatintheH Read as part When Science Fails of the Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge Check It Looked Different on the Model: Epic Tales of Impending Shame and Infamy out how I'm doing — is not the sort

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The volunteer

Ed as a serial on LiteroticacomI really enjoyed your story and was most impressed in the way that you described Dani's progression through her project It was refreshing to read about being naked in public without the act being sexual and I suppose typifies the outlook held by naturists Well done Literotica user tompo296I enjoyed reading your story and appreciated how the ending showed how Dani had been changed by her experience I liked how you showed the awkwardness and embarrassment of Dani's situation but still provided a mostly safe environment fo Compelled to go NudeCompelled to go or face Suspension loss of scholarship Danielle Keaton decides

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Many people dream of being at work or school only to realize that they are naked For university student Danielle Keaton this dream is about to become her reality Facing the conseuences of a severe lack of judgement she is forced to make a choice either give up her scholarships and her plan for graduating from college debt free or volunteer to be the test subject in a uniue sociological study that will leave her naked and vulnerable to the entire university and eventually the worldComments from an earlier draft of The Volunteer which was formerly post This book is not for the faint at heart or for those like myself that like to put themselves into t

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    The “Volunteer” is a really fun read A college student facing suspension finds herself facing a seemingly impossible challenge if she wants to stay in school – to spend the next two month on campus completely naked In the name of science of courseThis book by DH Jonathan is a seemingly light read that leads the reader into heavier topics like body image sexual discovery campus politics public exploitation and all sorts of other intriguing stuff None of these issues are treated with kid gloves but the tone of the book always feels like a romp than some serious tomeThis light touch allows our narrator the forced to be nude Dani to wander through some pretty deep material without losing the single most vital aspect of this book – her innocence We see this crazy experiment though her eyes naivete and all Her trepidation as she stares down one challenging situation after another feels authentic and that's critical too You can't help but root for her even as you shake your head and say “No don't do it”Being naked in public exposed in situation where everyone else is dressed is a titillating notion and experience Add the coercive aspect to Dani's experience it touches on all sorts of hot and fun buttons Who hasn't had the nightmare about suddenly realizing you are naked at the office or in the classroom? Well Dani has to live it every day the lucky girl I very much enjoyed this book I did feel like it could have wrapped up a bit uicker than it did but the ending was rewarding I also wish the sexual content could have been a bit blunt overt and yes because my brain is wired this way dirtier Then again Dani is who Dani is and her remaining innocent in our eyes from beginning to end is a key to this book's success Over all it's a uality read I absolutely recommend spending a little time with The “Volunteer”

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    I started this just for fun while I was stuck on my serious novel but I really like how it developed It is at the moment my favorite thing that I've written So of course I'm going to give it five stars

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    This book is not for the faint at heart or for those like myself that like to put themselves into the POV of the protagonist Because unless you have the desire to be naked all the time the thought of it here will give you the williesOr perhaps that's my own body image issues shining through?The book does make you thinkThis was my first book ever in the forced to be naked realm It was interesting to see how the characters worked this out I have to say that I felt like Danielle was taken advantage of her circumstances and need to not lose everything made her an open target Perhaps that's the mom in me It was interesting to watch her go from feeling forced into the situation to enjoying itThe story is outlandish But is that because we see being naked as wrong? Because we don't want to see someone naked because it makes us uncomfortable? Because society tells us we must wear clothing? Who know all of the above maybe?All that aside it is a well written book some editing issues that are easily overlooked It's an interesting look at life and self discovery empowerment and self acceptanceI highly recommend it

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    “The Volunteer” goes down a fairly well trodden albeit far fetched path—that of the goody two shoes college student who in a deplorable lapse of judgment commits some academic felony gets caught and is given the opportunity to expunge the stain from her record if she’ll agree to become a naked exhibitionist Most ENF ie Embarrassed Nude Female stories reuire a significant suspension of disbelief as does this one But once you get past your “Oh not in a million years” reflex the author does a reasonably good job of telling the story of Dani and her participation in a sociology experiment in which she’s reuired to be naked 247 for two monthsTold from Dani’s first person perspective the author spins the tale of her embarrassment in various campus locations and situations The college administration and faculty have all agreed to go along with this experiment allowing Dani to go anywhere without clothes including her classes and we’re informed that the law of the state permits public nudity so long as it’s in a non sexual context Further she goes strutting before what I can only describe as a remarkably well behaved student body That is at no time is she groped sexually accosted or propositioned by her fellow classmates College students must have changed a lot since I was going to school There’s one faculty member who attempts to push things too far but that occurs after Dani herself deliberately teases him in a sexually provocative way I’m not saying that excuses the prof’s behavior but it puts it in context So the girl is never in any real danger and that allows for a series of adventures that feed the “naked in school” fantasy without it getting ickyThe fantasies are well written and go into a sufficient amount of detail such that you get a good sense of where Dani is what’s happening and her level of embarrassment about it For that I can recommend the book Although well before its final chapters this 200 plus pages story starts to feel repetitive The key ingredient it uses to try to ratchet up the action is simply to keep increasing the number of people who get to see the girl naked After an entire campus presumably at least hundreds of people who know you personally has seen you nude in public is there really much embarrassment that can be milked out of giving the same peek to thousands of total strangers? At some point I had difficulty believing Dani was still capable of the same red faced shame she experienced at the beginning Yet the book wants us to buy into that notion so that each new nude adventure stays within the ENF genre It’s a curious choice for an author who repeatedly reminds us that simple nudity is nothing to be ashamed ofThe “naked in school” fantasy is almost never non sexual And despite the author expending many many words on the natural and wholesome pleasures of public nudity Dani is in an almost constant state of arousal specifically because she’s naked in public and that’s in conflict with what I believe is the author’s main thesis Dani never gets past being turned on by her exhibitionism prompting her to engage in freuent masturbation So what is it?—is public nudity a wholesome non sexual practice or is it naughty exhibitionism specifically for the pardon the pun titillation of the exhibitionist? This story tries to have it both ways which leaves me feeling a little unsatisfied

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    Interesting and thought provokingA very entertaining and we'll written look at the idea of nudity in everyday circumstances I hope this and similar stories will bring about the changes that will free people from the slavery textile ideas have produced

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    Compelled to go NudeCompelled to go or face Suspension loss of scholarship Danielle Keaton decides to cooperatewith a Dr Slater I in a crazy project on people's reaction to a nude female It's a fairly good book with the exception of a passage were she loses her virginity

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    Riveting naturist novelWe are born naked and then taught that being naked is wrong Being a young woman who never was naked in front of another person to being naked 247 was a big jump A reluctant 'volunteer' to a sociology project Dani tells her story The ending has an interesting twist A great book well worth reading

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    Read as part of the Goodreads Summer Reading Challenge Check out how I'm doing — is not the sort of book I would normally pick up and read Thanks to the reading challenge I'm currently taking part in I needed a book containing a nudist Utterly mortified at the thought of picking up one of the many 'feel good romance' books available I thought I'd plump for something a little differentThe synopsis of this book describes it as a girl on university campus who is forced into a sociological study that leaves her naked in her universityWhat I didn't expect was the borderline pornography of the bookFirst of all Dani the heroine of the story deserves to lose her scholarship She is a cheat After copying another girls paper she is caught and then given an impossible choice — spend the rest of the term naked or lose everything she's worked so hard for She decides to go nakedI think I might have alerted the authorities to the obvious blackmail and unusual punishment but that's just meShould I mention the fact that Dani is studying pre law? She wants to be a lawyer when she grows up but still thinks this is an acceptable thing to do Good luck loveSo now she's naked everywhere she goes Prohibited from wearing any sort of clothing Of course she's embarrassed at first but also turned on She proceeds to masturbate for most of the book only really leaving off to give a teacher a show and nearly getting raped Then she just goes back to ' giving herself relief' She isn't traumatized by the 'almost' rape at all In fact after a brief coercion to give Dani an A it's never mentioned again Biden looked at the floor “What do you want?” he finally asked “First of all Danielle gets an A in your course Second she never has to attend your class again I can’t trust you with her Full detail is given into how she handles being naked when she's on her period and extensive detail is given to describe her enlarged and 'shiny pink' labia after she's finished playing with herself my labia minora were poking out even further than usual from my already pink outer foldsI straddled the commode without sitting down and uickly went to work on my swollen clitoris The first orgasm wasn’t satisfying enough so I got myself off two times This is a book that tries to be a message about body standards and inner beauty and just ends up cheapening the very thing it's trying to promote by being too porny Firstly Dani has no sense of boundaries After walking around naked for a while she seems to think it's perfectly fine to rip a towel off another girl and ogle her private areas That would be classed as abuse anywhere elseAlso she automatically assumes that the girls being nice to her are lesbian and the guys that don't look at her chest are gay She's trying to promote acceptance here but falls into stereotyping far too easilyThe only sensible person in this whole book is her father He eventually rats out the school to the press and gets the teachers in court of blackmail Unfortunately this is all negated when Dani turns up to tell everyone she wants to stay naked and gets the teachers reinstatedWhat The Hell?This just isn't what it's advertised as It's weird It's written like a YA book — I'm not dissing the writing at all it was actually written really well but the content is obviously not for a younger audience I thought the plot was boring Dani was an unbelievable character and the dirty scenes weren't even written well I'd suggest skipping this entirely and buying yourself something clearly marked 'pornography' It'll probably be better

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    Should be reuired reading for everyoneI've spent many long sessions searching for good erotica and nudism stories which are not always the same thing to little avail on where I can browse for days through works penned by a thousand different authors all of them being not uite my style or horribly written or both I am glad to say that DH Jonathan's The Volunteer is both well written and precisely my style A great find I have a distaste for overtly sexual erotica that clinically describes the act Good erotica is about the erotic situations and while DH Jonathan and myself both agree that the body isn't automatically sexual we are both accepting that it sometimes is that nudity has an air of both wholesomeness and eroticism to it and The Volunteer captures that perfectly and is as I said a book seemingly written just for meThe message the book presents is important I believe and should be read and understood by everybody in modern Western society And that message is simply a plea to re evaluate how we approach nudity in our society This is something I believe is already happening but this book keeps the idea fresh in mind Perhaps not for those who need it most as the people who are no doubt drawn to this book already have a healthy attitude about it But it is available in paperback It would be uite amusing to take copies of the book and leave them in used bookstores or in Little Library boxes or in doctors' offices or coffee shops Just an idea The premise is great and excites a mind like mine what if a student a female student specifically an attractive female student specifically had to go nude for an entire semester? Right away the idea is thrilling and erotic It is the perfect setup and the ideas it makes the reader confront put it above a mere smut tale; the author has something to say here And throughout the book there are moments where sexuality is addressed uite naturally mind you and not exploitatively The whole thing feels organic and true and I can't uite say I would call this an erotica tale though I certainly purchased and read it as such And it satisfied me completely because this was the exact type of story I was looking for And I admire the author's zaniness at times including some wild cameos and real world connections the identity of one particularly unsavory character made me chuckle and shake my head I also enjoyed its references and characters' discussion about actual nude pop culture topics like the walk of shame in Game of Thrones which I incidentally saw for the first time less than a month before reading The Volunteer and which fascinated me It makes the book topical and crosses the threshold from fiction to an honest discussion between the book and the reader I might at this moment voice my displeasure at the main character Dani's decision to shave halfway through the novel I am a champion of let it grow so I enjoyed the first half of the book a hair no pun intended than the latter half Also it struck me at about three uarters of the way through but Dani at no point ever poops We hear of the trials of hygiene while being a nudist but we don't live through one of the most trying truths of all everybody has to poop at some point Those are humorous nitpicks mind you Overall I loved The Volunteer My only complaints would be that it could have gone even further in addressing certain issues such as the lingering effects of an encounter with the previously mentioned unsavory character and the blurred line between sexualized nudity and wholesome nudity I also was expecting things to get crazier to build to a crescendo where throngs of other students decide to shed their clothes with Dani but the premise is portrayed realistically and as such I cannot fault the plot at all We may see some of these things in a seuel I hope the author continues with a part 2 and I hope for similarly themed works from him her? and other authors Two thumbs up

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    I enjoyed reading this book It had a flowing engaging storyline that kept me going At the end I was left feeling not sure who the real bad guy was Dr Slater who used Dani as a lab rat or Dani's father a conservative Christian repulsed by Dr Slater's study and this ambiguity is a good thing; it made me think and I commend the author for thatUnfortunately I felt that DH Jonathan uses too many instances and details of Dani's sexual feelings and masturbation scenes If this book is really supposed to be about nudity not being sexual it seems rather contradictory to that message when the author freuently details Dani's orgasms Dani going pee after these orgasms and referring many times throughout the story to Dani's butt thighs breasts and vulva especially when Jonathan never gives any reference to Dani's non sensitive body parts 1 or 2 references to the parts of Dani that are normally covered would have been sufficient just to show how vulnerable Dani is feeling about having these parts of her exposedSomething that bothered me a lot is when DH Jonathan has Miley Cyrus naked on a pretend wrecking ball apparently intending to make a spectacle of herself Miley Cyrus is an actual living person who could easily feel uite slurred being used in a novel in this wayNonetheless these down aspects aside I loved Dani being so outspoken especially in the final scene about her body being a wonderful thing and being able to feel freedom with her body and how she serves as a spokesperson about how we should ALL feel about our bodies Maybe one day that really will become a reality all over the world when we all can differentiate between nudity and sexuality and be able to legally and socially acceptably be nude when and where we choose

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