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One of the two formative epics of ancient India​The cursory mention ​of a chess like game in the Ramayana lore ​offer​s​ interesting parallels and openings between the game and the themes of the epic poem ​At the centre of it is a ueen​ ​first entering and then growing from strength to strength to become the most powerful piece on the board ​inventing a game which closely parallels the epic battle taking p

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Lace not far from the royal palace a battle which she is not permitted to join a battle where she will lose her king Foregrounding certain episodes from the vast tapestry of the epic the novel develops new narrative variations​ that feed back into the classical text with freshly imagined material​​Exceptionally well written highly original inherently fascinating 'The ueen's Play' is a riveting novel Midwest Book Revie

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In ​the second age of the world a time of prehistory a time of myth Mandodari ueen of the demon king Ravana invents chess to carve out a role for herself in a world where male martial virtues are paramount As a chess player she can play at warfare; as ueen she can be the most potent warrior on the battlefield The ​ueen's Play attempts to ​write the origin of chess into the narrative​ cycles​ of ​the​ Ramayana

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Aashish Kaul was born in India and educated in India and Australia His work has been published in Australia Britain India and the United States His books include A Dream of Horses Other Stories and the chess inspired novel The ueens ePUB ✓ The ueen’s Play He is currently Assistant Professor of English and Creative Writing at the State University of New York Albany.

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