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This story is set in the last years of the Regency and is narrated by Ennis Corbyn a spirited young woman but no beauty who is adopted by the rich and lonely Maruesa de Verletta and by her introduced into the highest flight of society The Maruesa's wealth and rank and the flattering attention of the Prince Regent ar.

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The Abbot's House

E responsible for Ennis's social success In spite of which The Abbot's PDF her life with the Maruesa at The Abbot's House is overshadowed by fear and the sinister secret hidden behind the locked door of the old wing which nobody unless accomplished by the Maruesa is allowed to enter Ennis loves the dashing Damien Wy.

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Nton of the Hell Fire Club and is resolved she will marry him and no other But Damien avows that love for him is only sweet for a day and there is Oliver Embury one of the Prince Regent's aides who swears he will be true to her always This is the background for a sparkling tale of love adventure and eerie happenings.

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    was good just a uick read