The Rook

Hat she is a Rook a high ranking member of a secret organization called the Cheuy that battles the many supernatural forces at work in Britain She also discovers that she possesses a rare potentially deadly supernatural ability of her own In her uest to uncover which member of the Cheuy betrayed her and why Myfanwy encounters a person with four bodies an a. I tried to like this book I really did I have disliked so many books lately that I am afraid of becoming a book curmudgeon But this book deserved my dislike it ASKED for my dislike This book reads like the beloved project of the geeky high school junior who has been told by too many English teachers that he has talent and should be a WRITER What little action takes place does so between enormous wads of italic description You know how you ve read books in which a character finds letters left behind that help her figure out what s going on Imagine a suitcase full of letters Imagine a fictional world that is so weak and spindly it needs pages of explanation to keep it going Imagine an amnesiac taking the helm of a major international organization and nobody being the wiser Imagine high school humor masuerading as clever Imagine an interesting premise bludgeoned to death by its own ego Imagine yourself reading a different book I did and put this one down before the halfway point Gosh this is a bit negative isn t it


Ristocratic woman who can enter her dreams a secret training facility where children are transformed into deadly fighters and a conspiracy vast than she ever could have imaginedFilled with characters both fascinating and fantastical The Rook is a richly inventive suspenseful and often wry thriller that marks an ambitious debut from a promising young writer. Honest to god I m both confused that I m still reading this book and appalled at how highly rated it seems to be everywhere The praise this book has been getting got me interested in reading it and within a few chapters I had to wonder if there was some massive conspiracyTo put it uite simply the book has an intriguing premise that s destroyed by a hackneyed writing style a juvenile approach to character and a narrative that is grossly overshadowed by the writer s apparently high opinion of his own talents The main character is not even remotely likeable When she s not being a high school prom ueen regularly calling technical people nerds repeatedly criticizing the dress sense of the former occupant of her body she s delivering oh snap wisecracks She s just strong enough to take command of a situation when a story needs it but also nicely feminine enough to need to be rescued She confronts the leader of the enemy forces and her primary concern is the gross goop getting on her clothes She appears commanding and independent and in the next scene is naked in front of a stranger for laughs and then subjected to intrusive and demeaning physical exams for comedy She s strong willed enough to be attractive but not so much that she s truly an independent character Her sexuality is regularly and offensively used as a tool to humiliate her for laughs and that makes her non threatening In short she s not a character so much as she s a collection of tropes designed to make her the perfect female character for the male audienceTo make matters worse none of the secondary characters are anything than one to two word tropes Ingrid motherly secretary Shantay sassy friend Alrich mysterious vampire etc None of these characters develop from these descriptions into anything memorableSetting aside the issue with characters is the issue with plot Myfanwy goes from knowing absolutely nothing to be a confident and controlled leader of a powerful government organization How much time has passed between her waking up and her turning into this bombshell in a suit We re told it s been several weeks and it s here that we arrive at the crux of the problem with the narrative we re told too much We re told everything We re not left to learn anything Practically overnight she turns from this terrified mouse whose every third thought is DO THEY KNOW MY SECRET to this confident administrator When her sister appears we re told suddenly that she is lonely and wants friends and family There s no buildup There s no sense of this given to the reader through dialogue and emotional description I had no idea this was coming We re told that she suddenly wants to be with friends and family just as we re told that she becomes confident in her new role These are just two examples of manyThis goes further than just the author hamfistedly handing us important facts about the characters as though we re moving our way down a checklist The book redefines what it means to infodump Nearly every chapter is interrupted by what is essentially an encyclopedia entry giving us the history of the character Myfanwy just met or the term she just encountered When it s not an infodump about a character it s a letter written by the pre amnesia Myfanwy telling the current Myfanwy some story that is rarely connected with the plot at hand and it s usually written in such exacting narrative detail that violates the nature of the epistolary format that these sections are written in Finally there are just so many parts of the plot that make ABSOLUTELY NO SENSE you re hunted by the same person who made you lose your memory and just killed a bunch of your friends and you decide to go out clubbing and then the author spends four pages talking about how ruined her clothes were and her struggles to get her car back from a hotel garage In what world would this be even slightly logical An uneuivocally awful book Avoid unless you re looking for something for kindling

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The body you are wearing used to be mine So begins the letter Myfanwy Thomas is holding when she awakes in a London park surrounded by bodies all wearing latex gloves With no recollection of who she is Myfanwy must follow the instructions her former self left behind to discover her identity and track down the agents who want to destroy herShe soon learns t. Yes Minister it turns out that there was a mysterious force that caused that plane to crash We call it gravity I can t believe no one has recommended or even mentioned this book to me before It s a creative complex urban fantasy with an hilarious and likable protagonist monsters and an intriguing mysteryThe Rook grabbed me immediately Myfanwy Thomas awakes surrounded by bodies with no recollection of who she is or what she s doing there All she has is a letter in her pocket a letter that begins with The body you are wearing used to be mine She soon finds herself caught up in this life she never asked for trying to figure out how she lost her memory who s out to get her and how to manage the basics of Myfanwy s job at the secret agency known as the Checuy GroupJust so you know there s a lot of infodump I usually don t like that but it was fun enough here that I kept sprinting through pages anyway The background of this world and the Checuy Group are revealed through letters that the former Myfanwy Thomas wrote before she lost her memory These letters appear throughout the book and are basically witty infodumps Still I enjoyed themWatching Myfanwy try to adjust to a life she doesn t remember is hilarious And she s kind of badass but not in the usual kicking ass way in a I guess this shit is happening but I m still going to eat my Toblerone first kind of way My kinda girlTurns out this Checuy Group is a secret organization that deals with all the supernatural nastiness in Britain O Malley gets a great balance between the humour and drama of Myfanwy s day to day life and relationships no romance though and the greater mystery behind it We all want answers to the big uestions but it was just as enjoyable to follow Myfanwy into the officeSome very weird and wonderful creatures exist in this world and some of them are Myfanwy s colleagues Like the creepy awesome Rook Gestalt Three boys and one girl Two of the boys were identical That s not the weirdest thing however The weirdest thing was that when all four pairs of eyes opened only one mind was looking out from behind them This was Gestalt Then there s strong female friendships snarking and people who are willing to rip your face off first and ask uestions later Funny compelling and just the right amount of weird HELL YES This should be a pleasant little interview All I have to do is put on my scary faceYou have a scary face Ingrid sounded skepticalYes said Myfanwy indignantly I have a very scary faceIngrid surveyed her for a moment You may wish to take off the cardigan then Rook Thomas she advised tactfully The flowers on the pocket detract somewhat from your menace Blog Facebook Twitter Instagram Youtube Store

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    “Yes Minister it turns out that there was a mysterious force that caused that plane to crash We call it gravity

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    This is ridiculous she thought I’m possessed of terrifying powers Why am I relying on a ridiculous little gun that I picked because

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    Audio reread so I can carry on with the next book There are too many next books I need to get readI freaking loved this book I can't believe this was the author's first book It's got all kinds of cray some ewww some funny parts Well I almost peed my pants at times but I digressMyfanwy Thomas known as Rook Thomas wakes up not knowing who she i

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    Finally First great read of the year Admittedly that's because I'm hoarding Days of Blood Starlight and The Girl Who Fell Beneath Fairyland and Led the Revels There like a survivalist with canned goods or a chocoholic with a

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    page turner page turner lady wakes in park with no memory battered bruised bloody surrounded by dead people that she killed with her bare hands cause she has special powers the same special powers that i have often imagined myself having if dreams came true uelle coincidencethe narrative is propulsive the ideas are automatically right up my alley the whole thing is clearly built for fun; i gave it to a colleague and he immediately halted t

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    I tried to like this book I really did I have disliked so many books lately that I am afraid of becoming a book curmudgeon

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    299 Kindle sale July 14 2019 Loved it Review posted at wwwfantasyliteraturecomAs Daniel O’Malley’s supernatural thriller The Rook book one of THE CHECUY FILES begins Myfanwy Thomas comes to herself with complete amnesia She’s standing

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    I mean I loved this book Myfanwy Thomas wakes up with a note that says This body used to be mine YEAH I LOVE AMNESIA PLOTS Except this is a bit than that Secret societies are kind of my fave and this book builds a

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    Honest to god I'm both confused that I'm still reading this book and appalled at how highly rated it seems to be everywhere The praise this book has been getting got me interested in reading it and within a few chapters I had to wonder if there was some massive conspiracyTo put it uite simply the book has an intriguing premise that

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    Sale Alert Oct 13 2019 Kindle Deal for 399You’ve woken up and are surrounded by a handful of dead people wearing gloves

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