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The One By Kiera Cass

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Accueil ONE ONE est un mouvement mondial ui fait campagne pour en finir avec l'extrme pauvret et les maladies vitables d'ici afin ue chacun e partout dans le monde com The One Special Edition Jet Li Oh the one liner delivered by the nurse the actress who plays Frazier Crane's agent on the TV show Frazieris a killer I love everthing that actress does she hits a better comedy note out of that one line than all the other attempts at humor in the movie combined Finally the attempts at touching moments aren't so bad the ending outcome for the good Jet Li is a cute idea Read DJ Khaled I'm The One ft Justin Bieber uavo Watch the official music video for I'm the One by DJ Khaled feat Justin Bieber uavo Chance the Rapper Lil Wayne Listen to DJ Khaled one English French Dictionary WordReferencecom one heck of a sth n noun Refers to person place thing uality etc slang euphemism intensifier Originally posted at Writer of WrongsGillian Hey Gillian How are you doing today You look niceGillian You don tGillian We re the same person so you kind of just insulted yourselfGillian I need to talk to you about The One You re the only one who understands meGillian Well yeah that s because I am y Gillian I REALLY NEED TO TALK TO YOU CAN YOU PLEASE JUST FOCUSGillian Sorry ProceedGillian So that was a book A book that happenedGillian Was it Was it though Or did you hallucinate ninety percent of what occurred You did read it really late at nightGillian This is a distinct possibility Though even my fever dreams tie up loose plot threads better than thatGillian But you liked it You laughed I heard youGillian I laughed when a major character diedGillian Okay but you laughedGillian A major character s death that has nothing to do with the plot is not born of the plot even though it so easily could have been does not change the plot that follows or the main character in any way and is executed SO POORLY that I could only guffaw in sadistic gleeGillian I think you might be a very evil personGillian It was basically a sadness intermission WE INTERRUPT THIS CORNY ROMANTIC SMOOCHERY TO BRING YOU SOME BREAKING SADNESS America hardly felt sad at all and I got the feeling this part of the book was meant to be seeeeped in grieeeeef and yet there was no grief to be found None And heart trouble HEART TROUBLE You kill off a major character in a series ender not through rebel shenanigans or anything but HEART TROUBLEGillian Don t even pretend you weren t devastated when SPOILER died at the endGillian Okay That actually got me FINALLY Kiera Cass writes an interesting character and then she has to go and ruin everything with a COMPLETELY RIDICULOUS ENDING THAT COMES OUT OF NOWHERE WHEN THOSE STUPID REBELS DO THEIR STUPID REBEL THINGS AND IT MAKES NO DAMN SENSE AND OH MY GOD I m telling you This wasn t realGillian But what about the ship You like shippingGillian I do like shipping I don t like when characters change their minds and hearts abruptly from one book to the next I don t like it when a book has like fifteen cheesy declarations I like where Cass meant to take her characters in terms of growth and epiphanies but I cannot believe the way she took her characters there One of the characters maintained a VERY STEADY position throughout both books and poof Book three totes changes their mind Because that happensGillian But you didn t want to stab America in this one Or even Asspen That s progressGillian Wow you re right I feel like I ve grown as a human being I no longer feel like committing fictional murder America is no longer a waffling waifish wattle brain and Asspen is less of a grunt grunt caveman even though all of this growth occurs spontaneously in like the first chapter BUT THE PLOTGillian Oh the plot wasn t that badGillian staresGillian Okay It was that badGillian Hot Freaking Mess There are two rebel groups Northerners who are Capital G Good because they e all YAY MONARCHY and Southerners who are Capital B BAD because they want to shoot everybody and don t think the sun shines out of Maxon and America s royal behinds Maxon and America are like Oh no We can t let the bad rebels win And then things happen that have nothing to do with their actions Asspen is somewhere in the background being a noble ass Marlee pops in for ONE SCENE and then pops right back out Like um thanks for visiting this supposedly epic series ender Thanks for participating Celeste the Bitch is abruptly and suddenly is humanized which actually yay The King continues to twirl his mustache and the ueen continues to be the brainwashed victim of an abusive relationship who is canonized by every other character in the bookGillian Okay but that s not a plotGillian Don t be silly Of course it is There are romantical misunderstandings pretty dresses AMERICA IS A NOBLE HEEEEERO Maxon what the fuck ugh Asspen are you still here REBELS REBELS THE REBELSSSS did that really happen how did that happen the enddddGillian That wait is that a plotGillian No It s not And those god damn sketchily assembled rebels and their stupid conflict I don t want to talk about itGillian Do you want to talk about how accidentally sexist this is And how SPOILER needs a girl he can protect and SPOILER needs a man to shield her and guide her And how these are held to be very very good thingsGillian NoGillian Fair enough Do you want to talk about how stereotypically Asian Elise was made out to be and that her life philosophy is apparently Honor to Us All and how offensive it was when Kriss pitied her for itGillian NoGillian Should we bring up how the Palace security must be run by blind gerbils because that s the only way those fucking rebels could manage to get inside the fucking buildings six times a chapterGillian NoGillian Do you want to talk about how pointless and predictable it was that SPOILER and SPOILER were secretly Good Rebels even though nothing came of that information Gillian NoGillian Well we have to talk about somethingGillian No I don t want to You can t make meGillian It was your idea to talk in the first placeGillian I DON T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THIS ANYMOREGillian Should we talk about that cheesy ass epilogueGillian HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA oh my god was that a glorious thing A comedic masterpiece that wasGillian You don t have to be mean about itGillian I EARNED THE MEANNESS BUDDY I bought this with my MONEYGillian As opposed to buying it with your couchGillian Shut up I have no brains left after that This book did not fit with the rest This book did not feel like the continuation of the plot set up in anemic book one and frustrating book two I couldn t even get mad at this book because I didn t believe this book Not one freaking word of it Gillian Look no one forced you to read this seriesGillian MAXON DID STUPID MAXON AND YOUR STUPID ENDEARING LAMENESS Why do I care so much about you Why are you doing this to me Why were you a flip flopping mess in this book Why are there plot holes so large you could drop a truck or a 747 or California through themGillian But Cass kind of did a Red Wedding thing there That s um that s something rightGillian Fungus is something Sunburns are something That ending is somethingGillian That was way harsh TaiGillian LOOK Endings particularly to series need to COME FROM SOMETHING They can t just randomly happen and then conveniently the people who need to die for there to be a HEA die and then somehow that magically fixes EVERYTHING and NO When George R R Martin kills people he does it to complicate the plot Not to just have it happen Not to resolve things NOT AS AN ENDING And then there s the fact that the action is SO CLUNKY so unrealistic so poorly described that i just laughed laughed because it lasted so long and some people could free and others bled out under tables and America did nothing and oh god horrible action scenes are horribleGillian You should really breathe between rantsGillian I CAN T EVENGillian Do you want to talk about the clichesGillian There was a cheesy death fakeout There was a cheesy Save yourself Live and be happy scene There was a cheesy letter written from beyond the grave full of wisdom and truth It was an endless avalanche of cliche America and Maxon are the only non cardboard characters The worldbuilding is nonsense The writing is clunky amateurish and obvious I need a drink I need several drinksGillian Yes but that s been true since the beginning and yet you still read them all Even those novellasGillian I once described this series as being like a deep fried Oreo and it s mostly still good It sounds like a better idea than it is it has this weirdly addicting saccharine sweet junk food uality and it has zero nutritional value But then this third book happens and it s it s just it s so bad I can t even find an accurate food metaphor A tomato and marshmallow smoothieGillian I just vomitedGillian An appropriate way to end this

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    Originally posted at Writer of WrongsGillian Hey Gillian How are you doing today You look niceGillian You don'tGillian We're the same person so you kind of just insulted yourselfGillian I need to talk to you about The One

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    For me there is no other way to express how I feel but through GIFS soI had just recently finished The Elite and was anxious than ever to find out about the next one Then I see it on Goodreads The OneSo I do my H

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    After reading I'm just sooo emotional over this the sweet sweet sweetness adorable emotional angsty love i love love love love this i love itfangirling AAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHMy Maxon ♥ ♥ ♥♥ ♥ ♥ “Break my heart Break it a th

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    385 Stars ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️ ⭐️“Break my heart Break it a thousand times if you like It was only ever yours to break anyway” I had the lowest of the low expectations for this book I wanted to throw The Elite out of the window I wanted to throw this one out of the window too But I was less inclined to I still firmly believe this trilogy could have been a duology even one book without all the redundant

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    EDIT 21042014The wait is almost over Soon we'll find out Maxon or Aspen Aspen or Maxon Maxon Maxon MaxonMax EDIT 27092013Well looks like I was right The cover is gorgeousTwo assumptions to goFingers crossed Maxon and America

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    Wouldn't it be awesome if Maxon turned out to be gay And then he ends up with Aspen

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    I was immensely proud of America by the end of the Elite and couldn't have been happy with the end of the trilogy We all knew who she would end up with I was crying the I'm so lonely tears all through the last chapter before returning to my single life Haha

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    These books are such easy reads though dealing with America's America ness was not so easyI liked that she stood

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    America my love you are sunlight falling through trees You are laughter that breaks through sadness You are the breeze on a too warm d

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    I hate to say it butit appears humanity peaked in 2014Sure it was before a lot of important things happened like me being active on Goodreads or me trying Kraft Mac and Cheese Spirals for the first time or other historic