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Look out ladies there's another Traub bachelor in town Jason Jace Traub is every bit as gorgeous as his sexy twin brother but rumor has it he is even marriage shy There's not a woman alive who could make this rest. She swallowed Hard I m on the pill but I should have brought condomsHe reached in his pocket and brought out four of them Okay he said roughly It s like this I never planned to put a move on you I promise youShe teased But you wanted to be ready just in case I dragged you up here and wouldn t let you go until your made mad passionate love to meRight His dark eyes were bright with humor and heat You being such a total animal and allShe took the condoms from him and set them on the nightstand next to the chocolates So all right we have chocolate and condoms We re ready for anythingThis book was actually charming I am surprisedJace Jason Traub is going through a bit of a life change After breaking it off with his fianc e he s not only single much to his family s horror but also refusing to work in the family s oil corporation to his family s even bigger horror Now he s back in town for a reunion and it s not very enjoyable to him His mom keeps trying to introduce him to nice girls His great aunt is chasing him around trying to get him to go to church His older brother is trying to browbeat him into coming to work at the oil company and his one night stand from last year is trying to get a repeat performanceCan t a man ever get a little peaceHe heads over to the bar to get a beerThere he meets Joss sitting at the bar by herself Thirty years old she s on her un honeymoon Her boyfriend of five years was slowly becoming someone she didn t like The last straw was when she caught him on her wedding day having sex with her cousin Kimberly in the closet Now she s jobless homeless and determined to enjoy this week long un honeymoonJace is instantly attracted to Joss He wants to hang out with her and spend time with her and get to know her But she s like Before I decide whether to go with you or not I need to get something crystal clearFineI want you to listen very carefully JaceHe assumed a suitably intent expression I m listeningI m Not Going To Have Sex With YouJace says he s fine with that and he actually means it They decide to be best friends for a week And it s a great set up They go golfing horseback riding out to dinner swimming and dancing They talk to each other about their lives their problems and their pasts But when the week is over and it s time to say goodbye can they really let each other walk out of their lives foreverI was surprised at how cute and charming this novel was It is also pretty juvenileI don t mean juvenile as an insult necessarily It s very light light hearted of a romantic comedy or sitcom than what you d usually find in the romance genre The story is simple and straightforward and predictable but with a kind of teasing breeziness that is rather delightful Neither Jace nor Joss take themselves or their problems too seriously Jace and Joss often come across not as thirty year olds but as older teenagers That s not bad or even necessarily unrealistic A lot of people nowadays who are in their late twenties and early thirties are not in the place their parents were at that age I don t think this is a bad or unkind portrayal Tons of people will be able to identify with Jace he s at this point in his life where he only knows what he DOESN T want to do not what he actually wants to do He s a bit lost and at a crossroadsI mean it s not exactly like I feel sorry for him he has an executive oil job laid out for him if he ever wants to work for his family s corporation This is a wealthy man with lots of security and optionsJace is a kind of teasing funny hero but at times he acted a bit too childish for me I like goofy guys but that chocolate fight scene was a bit much Mostly I liked him though I love men who tell you it s okay if you don t want sex and actually mean it He s a good friend to Joss and I feel like they actually get to know each other He s great with consent and boundariesJoss is struggling to put her life back together after catching her groom in the act she s the serious half of the couple although she s teasing and comedic tooHow s the sex CarmenNot very exciting but I felt like Rimmer was genuinely trying It wasn t bad it just wasn t very hotTl dr Cute light hearted and funny this could be exactly the breath of fresh air you need if you are bogged down by angsty romances A uick Harleuin jauntTHREE REAL STARS THREE ROMANCE STARS

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The Last Single Maverick

Ed bachelor really be hooking up with heartbroken headstrong Joss Stay tuned loyal readers to find out if their marriage of convenience runs amuck or if lasting passion will finally rope in the last single maveric. Good overall Yes I was glad when Joss and Jace s marriage ceremony fell through it seemed so gauche when Joss wore the ex wedding dress to her wedding The romance was fast and it fell together like the pieces of a puzzle


Less rancher settle downYet insiders whisper that Jace has been talking wedding plans The Last PDF or with Jocelyn Bennings the chestnut haired beauty who ran out on her own wedding just days ago Could the confirm. Very good book Jace was in Montana for a family reunion He was also trying to figure out a new direction for his life He realized he wasn t happy working for the family oil business any but he didn t know what he did want to do The problem is everyone in his family is trying to tell him to come back to the business and not listening to him He leaves the family get together for a little while and meets Joss She is there having an unhoneymoon She had found her groom and her bridesmaid together at the church on her wedding day and had called off the wedding then and there Now she is trying to get herself back together She and Jace start talking and decide to hang out together as friends She ll come to some things with him as protection from his family s interference and they ll just have some fun I loved their idea of just being friends even though I knew that it wouldn t stay that way They spent the week doing things together getting to know each other and just having fun I could see them get closer and that they were developing feelings for each other By the end of the week there was some serious attraction going on and they decided to act on it that last night before Joss was due to go home The next day they decided that since neither one believed in love any but they truly liked each other they would get married and buy The Hitching Post bar and run it together They could also have the family they wanted without the messy emotions Needless to say that didn t last long Joss soon realized that she had fallen in love with Jace and told him so He panicked but she said it didn t matter yeah right The day of the wedding there was a big scene when her ex fiance showed up and Jace realized that he d been an idiot I really loved all the scenes of Joss and Jace getting to know each other from the horseback riding to just walking around the town It made a nice change from the bed first then getting to know each other of some romances

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    She swallowed Hard I'm on the pill but I should have brought condomsHe reached in his pocket and brought out four of them Okay he sa

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    Loved the First 90% and the Rest Really Lost its Charm I Was uite DisappointedBoy oh boy this was going along absolutely beautifully as a 5 star read and then we reach 90% and it all went gravely down hill from there Yes you will get your HEA but it was so diminished by the happenings and took the joy right out o

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    KcLu's review posted on Guilty PleasuresThe Last Single Maverick is a truly just great story I absolutely love these heartwarming feel good stories And I have to say I fell a little in love with Jace myselfJason “Jace” Traub is t

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    Love it

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    ReviewThe Last Single Maverick by Christine Rimmer 3 STARS I liked Jace and Joss It takes a lot of nerve to go on the honeymoon without the groom marriage Jocelyn Marie found her groom to be in a closet making out with her bridesmade cousin Jocelyn threw her ring at him and called of the wedding Joss decided to still go on the honeymoon by

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    Very good book Jace was in Montana for a family reunion He was also trying to figure out a new direction for his

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    Marriage should always be for love as Joss and Jace find Why is it so hard for a man to say I love you? I have never figured that out They know what they want They want to please you make you happy but sometimes love has to

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    45maybe it's cause I loved first half of the book that the ending was or rushed or just too actionmovie like you must love that hero they are both figuring bout how to go on in the time of their meeting and need a change and it all stars wit

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    Good overall Yes I was glad when Joss and Jace's marriage ceremony fell through it seemed so gauche when Joss wor

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    Read for the 2nd time Did not remember that I had read it a year before I agree that friendship is very important to a marriage But they did not have time to get to know one another in a week or even the 20 extra days until their wedding

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