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Ts the victims the murder weapon is always different and the horrific crime scenes are devoid of evidence It almost seems he’s being taunted Even laughed atCarson doesn’t know it yet but he is caught up in a sadistic game of life and death And there can only be one victo Time taken to read

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The Killing Game Carson Ryder #9

A vendetta against the Mobile Police Department Alabama Nieves can’t fight a department so he selects one man who symbolizes all men in blue Carson Ryder the MPD’s specialist in bizarre and twisted crimesCarson has never seen a killing spree like this one Nothing connec Another 5As always

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Detective Carson Ryder’s reputation is on the line when a sociopathic serial killer embarks on a personal vendetta constructing his crimes to hit Carson’s weak spotHe’s coming to get youAfter a humiliating encounter with a cop Romanian immigrant Gregory Nieves launches This is the first

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    Carson is back He finds himself teaching a class at the police academy whilst investigating several seemingly random and unconnected murders Of course we the reader know different so we have to sit back whilst occasionally shouting at the pages and watch him stumble through the clues to his usual brilliant conclusion Some nice extras about sociopathy and Romanian orphans contribute to a very enjoyable read

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    Loved it Another suspenseful Kerley Serial killer thriller I love the team of Carson Ryder and Harry Nautilus There's new characters joining in the ride and a killer who is a challenge for the duo That ending is also very unpredictable and makes you wonder about all that came before

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    This is the first book by the author that I've read so was not aware of the history of any of the characters I enjoyed the style of writing as it has an easy flow to it and the story kept me involved Random murders a hot shot cop and his team and orphans from Romania with major psychological issues all play a part in the story

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    This book was good but only good I wasn't expecting the link at the end and I did go through it rather uickly eager to finish The book provided a new perspective since a lot of it was from the perpetrator view which made it very interesting I look toward to read the rest of the series

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    Very good murder mystery Part of a series I have never read before I liked the main characters on the police side It was interesting to get inside the mind of the criminal Great twists in the story too I will definitely be searching for books by this author

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    Another 5As always another brilliant read from J A Kerley You can't go wrong picking up one of his novels Brilliant

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    1st one I've read by JA Kerley and it was very good will be looking for

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    I think the author either dislikes women or needs to improve on writing them This was my least favourite of the series I would have liked an ending that solved the crime properly

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    Time taken to read 7 daysPublisher HarperBlurb from the back cover He's coming to get youAfter a humiliating encounter with a cop Gregory Nieves lauches a vendetta against the Mobile Police Department Alabama Nieves can't fight a department so he selects one man who symbolizes all men in blue Carson Ryder the MPD's specialist in bizarre an twisted crimesCarson has never seen a killing spree like it nothing connects the victims the murder weapon is always different and the horrific crime scenes are devoid of evidence It almost seems like he's being taunted Even laughed atCarson doesn't know it yet but he is caught up in a sadistic game of life and death And there can only be one victorMy reviewThe story starts with our killer a small introduction to him and how he tries to blend in to society and keep him reactions normal Then we flick to Carson under cover and about to get into a situation that will hail him hero or reckless The story flips throughout from the killers view and then back to the police and Carson We slowly learn about why Gregory is the way he is and what sets him off on this killing spreeThe story is well done although you are drawn in slowly Carson soon realizes he has a dangerous killer on the loose and has to work out what has set him off and where he will strike next An almost impossible task as his kills seem to have to actual motive weapons and victims are different from one to the next and there is no killer dangerous than one who strikes at random and with no patternCarson eventually needs to turn to a source for help he would rather steer clear from his brother who is incarcerated for murder His brother can give insight that Carson will get nowhere else so he needs to in order to get clarity on the crimes and the killer I was disappointed at how little Jeremy Carson's brother actually featured in this bookThe chapters are fairly short in length which I always like I enjoy reading Carson's character as he is likable and this time he has a new relationship budding with Wendy one of the girls from the class he has been helping out with I felt we could have had about those two and definitely about Gregory his childhood and the horrors he endured and survived that created the killer and psychopath he became The ending is where the book dropped marks for me I do enjoy a good twist but this one I didn't see coming at all and it annoyed me as there should have been on this particular twist even a few hints rather than shot out of the blue I feel I also think it was a tad short and left lacking in regards to Gregory when he is such a huge part of the story However lots of people have loved it and it is a good story however for me it is a 35 Thanks so much to Harper for providing me with a copy and the fun crime competition that is going on to celebrate the book as well

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    I must confess to being uite the fan of this brand of serial killer thriller and would definitely cite Jack Kerley as one of the most accomplished exponents of the genre along with Richard Montanari and Chris Carter In this the latest outing for the mercurial Detective Carson Ryder and sidekick Harry Nautilus the series continues apace with a particularly screwed up killer who definitely instils an uncomfortable feeling in the reader with his peculiarly scatological natureIf you are a regular reader of Kerley there is much to delight you here and once again he plunders the darkest recesses of his imagination to bring us a suitably depraved and imbalanced killer Gregory Nieves struggling with the weight of his sociopathic tendencies and involuntary bowel problems yes I did say involuntary bowel problems is a great construct Here is a man who draws on other people’s facial expressions garnered from TV an magazine adverts practicing them daily to try and give the impression that he is in some way close to normal not a premise I have come across in a book and that leads to some lovely moments of humour After a routine traffic stop that causes an extreme moment of embarrassment for Nieves he declares war on the local police department and naturally Ryder becomes a focus for our killer As Nieve’s bizarre relationship with his own sister Ema comes to light and the disturbing nature of their childhood comes to light it becomes apparent that Nieves is not the only problem for Ryder as Nieves begins to exact his twisted revenge Once again Kerley has excelled in his characterisation not only constructing a truly creepy killer but putting Ryder through the mill not only with his on going challenging of his superiors but also immersing him in a love triangle with a comely young student and his long term on and off sueeze the brilliant pathologist Clair Peltier As Ryder navigates the waters of office politics and affairs of the heart along with determinedly pursuing a serial killer there is much to hold the reader’s interest and as always the interplay with Ryder and his larger than life partner Harry Nautilus remains a central strength of the bookYes I would say the storyline is a little far fetched and not the fare for the delicate reader with only a fleeting visit from Ryder’s intelligent and psychopathic brother Jeremy personally speaking my favourite character of the series overall but Kerley just sucks you in completely amidst the nonsensical aspects of the plot and you enjoy the ride The book ends with a tantalising prospect for a change of direction for our hero Ryder so bring it on Mr Kerley I can’t wait

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