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The study of animal cognition raises profound uestions about the minds of animals and philosophy of mind itself Aristotle argued that humans are the only animal to laugh but in recent experiments rats have also been shown to laugh In other experiments dogs have been shown to respond appropriately to over two hundred words in human languageIn this introduction to the philosophy of animal minds Kristin Andrews introduces and assesses the essential topics problems and debates as they cut across animal cognition and philosophy of mind She addresses the following key topicswhat is cognition and what is it to have a mind? Wha

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EmoryExtensive use of empirical examples and case studies is made throughout the book These include Cheney and Seyfarth's ververt monkey research Thorndike's cat puzzle boxes Jensen's research into humans and chimpanzees and the ultimatum game Pankseep and Burgdorf's research on rat laughter and Clayton and Emery's research on memory in scrub jaysAdditional features such as chapter summaries annotated further reading and a glossary make this an indispensable introduction to those teaching philosophy of mind animal cognition It will also be an excellent resource for those in fields such as ethology biology and psychology

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T uestions should we ask to determine whether behaviour has a cognitive basis? the science of animal minds explained ethology behaviourist psychology and cognitive ethology rationality in animals animal consciousness what does research into pain and the emotions reveal? What can empirical evidence about animal behaviour tell us about philosophical theories of consciousness? does animal cognition involve belief and concepts; do animals have a 'Language of Thought'? animal communication other minds do animals attribute 'mindedness' to other creatures? moral reasoning and ethical behaviour in animals animal cognition and m

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    English EspañolIn this book the author takes on a journey to explore different work about the minds of animals Do animals have a concept of self? Do animals understand other's intentions? Do they communicate using language or do they just respond to stimilu?These are the kind of uestions that the author tries to explore and she does a great job explaining how hard it is to do research this area the advances in the science of animal behavior and cognition and explains a lot of concepts using great examples Is a great read but I think it is for people who already know about cognitive science or philosophy of mind or maybe biologists but I think a reader that does not read academic books that often could find a hard time with it En este libro la autora nos lleva a un increíble viaje para explorar los diferentes trabajos ue se han hecho sobre la mente de los animales ¿Los animales tienen autoconcepto? ¿Los animales entienden las intenciones de otros? ¿Se comunican por medio de un lenguaje o simplemente reaccionan reflexivamente ante estímulos? Estas son el tipo de preguntas ue la autora trata de resolver y hace un gran trabajo explicando las dificultades de hacer investigación en el área los avances científicos en cognición y conducta animal y explica los conceptos usando ejemplos muy acertados Es un libro increíble pero creo ue está dirigido a gente ue ya tiene conocimientos previos en cognición o filosofía de la mente aunue biólogos también podrían disfrutarlo El punto es ue no sé ue tan buena idea sea acercarse a él sin tener conocimientos previos

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    Very extensive but sometimes uite complicated And the conclusion in almost every chapter is the same everything depends on the definition you use and often we don't know enough yet