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Ness as a teacher recognize prejudices and preferences in oneself improve non verbal communicationFeaturing lots of activities checklists and points for deeper reflection the guidance in this book will help teachers encourage their learners to become engaged creative and motivat

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Teaching with Emotional IntelligenceA Step by Step Guide

The way emotions are handled by the individual and by others is central to the success of learning Teaching with Emotional Intelligence shows how to manage this influential but neglected area of learningTaking the reader step by step through the learning process and looking at t

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He relationship from the perspectives of both the teacher and the learner this book will help the reader to plan the emotional environment learn how to relate to learners listen to learners effectively read and respond to the feelings of individuals and groups develop self aware

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    A step by step guide that will help the teachers to connect to the learners and makes the teacherlearner benefit in the process Interesting book for teachers and to the learners as well Activities that are provided helps in making the reader understand and put the learning aspects in to practice Though this book in the subtitle mentions as a guide for the higher and further education professionals I am sure teaching community will benefit by reading this book

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