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Verything about his time in the Desert Kingdom the drug thefts from the hospital where he worked the friend he saw beheaded in as Sa'ah Suare the woman who fell to her death Soon the ghosts from Joe's past come back to haunt them both and murder follows in their wake

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Another haunting psychological thriller from Carla Banks as people trafficking impacts on three disparate lives with shocking conseuences It's Roisin Massey's first time in Saudi Arabia and she has a lot to learn From behind the veil Riyadh seems a hostile and forbid

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Ding place for all its exotic beauty and opulence Suddenly she's dependent on the man she married only 48 hours ago after a three month relationship Joe has lived in Saudi before; he knows how things operate But Roisin is about to discover that Joe has not told her e

  • Hardcover
  • 400
  • Strangers
  • Carla Banks
  • English
  • 05 June 2018
  • 9780007192120

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    Two worlds divided by centuries yet only hours away from each other Two cultures divided by custom and belief all raising the uestions the world let alone the characters have to ask and the conseuences that must be faced by all who make a life in the 'between' space where the line they walk is so narrow and than just peace of mind can be destroyed The reader can at least be thankful that they hopefully will never be forced to walk that line The suspense is so tangible you feel you can reach out and touch it

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    ‘Strangers’ by Carla BanksPublished by Harper November 2007 ISBN 978 0 00 719213 7Roisin meets Joe Massey when she is out jogging one morning in April Joe is pathologist just recently returned from Saudi Arabia They spend an idyllic summer together then in September Joe receives an offer of a job from Riyadh and asks Roisin to go with him as his wifeFor Roisin life in Riyadh is new and fascinating and there is much to learn She meets Damien O’Neill who has been in the Kingdom for many years Having two weeks holiday before she starts her job at the University she explores the city and is confident that she and Joe will be happy here But as they settle into their working routine she is soon aware that Joe has secrets and that they maybe connected to a student Haroun Patel who was executed in the Kingdom in April of that year just weeks before she met JoeThe story is told from two points of view that of Roisin and of Damien O’Neill and it is Joe that held my interest Throughout the story he remains an enigmatic and interesting character and I wanted to hold him back from the path on which he was so clearly setThe book paints a claustrophobic picture of life for women in Riyadh controlling and stifling the expression of ideas not approved by the Kingdom As ever in this style of government there are the informers the people whom one believes are colleagues and in some cases friends but have a different alliance Not a comfortable atmosphere in which to work as Roisin discovers even though she is enjoying the actual teaching She makes friends with two of her students But as time passes Roisin realises that there are many underlying fractions and soon she is unwittingly caught up in an intrigueA truly fascinating book I couldn’t put it down and highly recommend it Lizzie HayesCarla Banks is a pseudonym of Danuta Reah who has written several books under her own name

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    This author's ability to evoke a sense of menace that lingers with you is unsurpassed

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