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  • Paperback
  • 252
  • Splinter
  • Adam Roberts
  • English
  • 06 May 2017
  • 9781844164905

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Adam Roberts ´ 9 Summary


Hector travels across America to visit his father on a ranch He discovers that he has constructed a cult who await the impact of an asteroid This book is SO hard to get into The main character is totally unlikeable It doesn't help that he's a walking dick acts like one plus every woman he sees he's wondering how to get into her pants and talks about how badly he needs to get laid My fiance gave up before the end of chapter one but I'm trying to drag myself through it My hopes are not high081809 Finished it The last chapter or so is written in the future tense which is a weird and seemingly meaningless choice The ending was unsatisfying All in all it read like a book you have to read for class and this is coming from someone who majored in English and loved most of the books she read for class Maybe it would be interesting if I was reading it for class then we would be discussing and analyzing it But it is not an enjoyable sci fi read and I wouldn't recommend it

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However Hector is amazed when the section of Earth that the ranch is on suddenly breaks free from the rest of the planet during the collisi To me it didn’t seem like the author of this book really thought out the book before he wrote it Most of the time he wouldn’t really write than five pages before one of the characters would think of something that didn’t relate at all to the plot It made it very hard to remember what was going on in the book if I picked it up later especially if I had set the book down without marking my page In my opinion Splinter by Adam Roberts was poorly written but at least provided me with an idea I hadn’t seen before I didn’t love this book because it was very hard to follow and underwhelming for such a cool idea I had never read anything with this idea before and I was expecting a lot just to be let down One thing that I think could have either been done better or just left out entirely was the backstory The author mentions the main characters ex girlfriend a lot when as a character she adds nothing to the plot or storyline There were also a lot of loose ends in the story that were never wrapped up One of these was the plant that started growing on their land It seemed like the author was making up the plant to serve his purposes by filling in plot holes like why the characters didn’t just grow food outside of the house The final thing that really annoyed me about this book was the ending The ending of a book should finish the story and wrap up all of the loose ends However after reading the ending of the book I was left with uestions then I had before Those were just a few of the reasons that I dislike this bookWhile this book could have been an amazing story with new ideas in the end it was just a letdown

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On He struggles with his skepticism and acceptance of the fact that he is part of the remnants of the human race on a splinter from the Eart I would've like this book a lot if it wasn't focused on sex sex sex All the main character thought about was sex with seemingly every female that was present in the story He just went through what is purportedly the End of the World after an asteroid thing collided with the Earth and rather than focus on a character that's interested in the new world that's created we have Hector Junior I probably could've gotten past Hector's sex obsession if he wasn't such a whiny baby about the whole thing He's a 38 year old going on 11 I finished this book merely to see if it would change at any point but it didn't

About the Author: Adam Roberts

See this thread for informationAdam Roberts born is an academic critic and novelist He also writes parodies under the pseudonyms of ARRR Roberts AR Roberts and Don Brine He also blogs at The Valve a group blog devoted to literature and cultural studiesHe has a degree in English from the University of Aberdeen and a PhD from Cambridge University on Robert Browning and the Classics He teaches English literature and creative writing at Royal Holloway University of London Adam Roberts has been nominated twice for the Arthur C Clarke Award in for his debut novel Salt and in for Gradisil.