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    It´s one of Pratchett´s best works retelling what has happened happens and will happen as soon as faith goes mad uncontrolled and vicious tries to expand it´s sphere of influence and doesn´t care about the foundations and rules contradicting its own commandmentsThe idea of the manifested power of belief imagination and prayers is an often seen trope in fantasy and sci fi in this case defined by the simple formula of believers

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    This was the first Pratchett book I read and I'm glad of it While it has the humor and satire that is inherent in all of the Discworld books it also has something else something to say It was evident even from t

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    One of Pratchett’s best Discworld novelsPratchett delivers a brilliant parody of religion in this early the 13th standalone In the land of Omnia the great god Om is worshiped and all who don’t are subject to the uisition – a satire of the politicaltheological Inuisition His high priest Vorbis controls all with fear of holy retributionBut is it Om or his religion that controls?The great god Om has a problem Historically ta

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    Bulgarian review belowРевюто на български е по долу“YOU HAVE PERHAPS HEARD THE PHRASE he said THAT HELL IS OTHER PEOPLE?”“Yes Yes of course”Death nodded“IN TIME he said YOU WILL

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    So this is book 13 in my continuing monthly saga of reading all the Discworld novels And what a good entry in the saga this wasAs an aside i am a little behind in my reading timetable as I was meant to finish this in January My challenge shows me ahead but that is only because I listened to a number of Agatha Christie dramatisations whilst my wife and I were decorating painting inside the houseAnyway back to Small Gods This is in someway

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    The high and mighty Om has been stuck as a tortoise for over three years now Odd really that this should happen with a coun

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    One of the Discworld novels that doesn't belong to any character sub series Small Gods is nevertheless one of the best ones I've read so farTerry Pratchett was a humanist That is to say he wasn't religious He apparently distinguished

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    Winning in HeavenPratchett at his theological best there are many gods varying in size and power depending on the numbers who believe in them

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    The trouble with being a god is that you've got no one to pray toWhat good is being a god when you're stuck in the body of a

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    I'm upping my ranking from a four to a five just because this tickled me much better the second time around Re read from about 15 years ago and somehow satisfying now than it was then Why? Om I don't know Flying turtles kinda rock my world This is a total Moses coming out of the desert kind of tale only the GREAT GOD OM is a tiny turtle with only one believer and the kid is kinda hopeless but a god's gotta do

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E in all shapes and sizes In such a competitive environment there is a pressing need to make one's presence felt And it's certainly not remotely helpful to be reduced to be appearin. The high and mighty Om has been stuck as a tortoise for over three years now Odd really that this should happen with a country full of zealous believers at His disposal They re devout enough to wage war in His name At the same time they seem to have trouble hearing His reuest for lettuce leaves with the except for Brutha the most simple minded of them allIn dire need of protection from non believing eagles our tiny little Om as a tortoise will take what He can get where He can get it As diplomatic destinations go one could do much worse than Ephebe home to a vast number of thinkers and the occasional brilliant inventionSmall Gods was not particularly high up on my Discworld reread list like a task to be ticked off on the way to interesting books Something that I could see being useful to open other people s eyes about organized religionI for one have already done the fervent little believer who worries that the Almighty has seen her wish to do her long put off chores on Sundaysor the spiteful atheist who will strive to insert twice as many mean spirited remarks as anyone else into all her interactions with the devoutonly to become an occasional eye roller and constant exasperated sigherand I did it all in heelsOh OK they were wedges but my point ha stands I ve done it already felt sufficiently ashamed of it and it was now time to turn to practical pursuits But then little by little the characters started to grow on me and I suddenly found myself so hooked that I devoured the whole book within a dayWhile the uisition department s tortures the mindless religious bigotry and power hungry coups d tat all left me in various states of disgust when the narrative perspective would switch to Brutha I was ready to swing my metaphorical pom poms his way Brutha s simple minded yet thoughtful way of believing was so touching especially because I was expecting him to do a 180 character change with each of his fervently held beliefs that came crashing downHaving recently finished a children s book whose love thy enemies message left me utterly nonplussed I was pleasantly surprised to find myself earnestly hoping that Brutha s kindness would eventually pay off even though I would ve been happy to have the main antagonist drop dead at any momentScore 485 starsI have to admit that I did end up skimming through some of the philosophical passages in favor of the action packed scenes but all in all I can t say I was ever bored As a matter of fact I even cried at the climactic moment which is highly unusual for mePS Fans of Carpe Jugulum should definitely read this in order to have a better understanding of the legends surrounding the prophet Brutha

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G in the form of a tortoise a manifestation far below god like status in anyone's book In such instances you need an acolyte and fast Preferably one who won't ask too many uestions.. Winning in HeavenPratchett at his theological best there are many gods varying in size and power depending on the numbers who believe in them The obvious theologicaleconomic issue which then arises is How does a small god survive Stiff competition calls for creative solutions

Characters Ì PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB ↠ Terry Pratchett

Just because you can't explain it doesn't mean it's a miracle' Religion is a controversial business in the Discworld Everyone has their own opinion and indeed their own gods Who com. This was the first Pratchett book I read and I m glad of it While it has the humor and satire that is inherent in all of the Discworld books it also has something else something to say It was evident even from the first time I read this book that Pratchett had put some real heavy thinking into itThis book is as the title suggests about gods Where do they come from Where do they go What keeps them moving Ordinarily gods don t like this sort of uestion People who think are not what gods look for in followers Gods want people who believe That s where their power comes from Gods with many believers are stong great gods Armies of priests and worshipers attend to their every needs the sacrifices are plentiful and their dominion is vast A great God wants for nothingA god with no believers however is a small god a mindless thought blistering through the firmament searching with single minded fervor for one thing a believerWhat happens then when a Great God finds out that while he wasn t looking he lost all of his believers That s the thrust of this tale the story of the Great God Om and how he became a tortoise for three years It s about the difference between what is real and what is believed in and how much difference that can make at times It s about fundamental and trivial truths and how to tell them apart It s about eagles and tortoises and how much they need each otherAbove all it s something of in my opinion a statement of faith Many people ask me if I am religious and I tell them no That s partly due to this book and the thinking that it made me do Spiritual Sure Religious NoThis is as I said the story of the Great God Om who discovered about 300 feet above the ground that he had been a tortoise for the last three years Before this mid air revelation he had been just chewing at melons and wondering where the next lettuce patch was Suddenly all the self awareness of a Great God was put into his head as well as the knowledge that he was probably about to die Om had intended to manifest as a bull or a pillar of fire something much majestic and Godly but for some reason that hadn t worked He had become a tortoiseNow in the presence of Brutha a novice in the Church of the Great God Om the god remembers who he was and discovers that he s in a lot of troubleThe Church of the Great God Om There s something to talk about Many people believe upon reading it that it s an allegory for the Catholic Church in the Middle Ages The Omnian Church permits no heresy It permits no sin no disbelief Violating the precepts of Om and His Prophets can lead to death in a lingering and painful manner The uisition cannot be wrong for was it not Om Himself who put suspicion into their minds It s a tactic that has been used by many religions over the years often to justify acts that they know their god would not approve ofI don t believe that Pratchett was trying to take a stab at the Catholics in this book It s just an unfortunate coincidence that the Omnians and the Catholics bear a few points of similarity A rigid hierarchy for example A penchant at one point or another for extracting confessions by any means necessary is another It s all very efficient and effectiveThere s a problem though as is pointed out by Brutha late in the book if you beat a donkey with a stick long enough the stick becomes all that the donkey believes in At that point neither gods nor believers benefit The only people benefiting are those wielding the stick Instead of becoming a tool for inspiration the church becomes a tool for terror People do not obey their god out of love they obey their church out of fearThis is the kind of church that could produce the Deacon Vorbis head of the Exuisitors He is one of those men who would turn the world on its back just to see what would happen He is everything that is wrong with the Church and unfortunately it seems that he is in line to be the Eighth Prophet In other words Omnia is not a nice place to live Its church is vast its god is small and neighboring nations want to take it down a few pegs It s up to Brutha and his God to change the course of historyAs I said there was a lot of thought put into this novel as well as Pratchett s usual hidden research For example Brutha is called a Great dumb ox by his classmates due to his size and apparent lack of intellect The same epithet was thrown at Thomas Auinas by his classmates and he was canonized less than a century after his death Like Auinas Brutha is not dumb He is simply slow and careful in how he thinks and his measured pace leads him far surely to the truth than the hot headed and passionate men who march with himSome people read this book as an attack on religion Others see it as a defense of personal faith I think Terry had a story to tell and perhaps a point to make The beauty of books such as these is that they can be whatever you want them to be For me it came as a kind of defense of gods Humans the book suggests need gods Now there is a growing atheist community out there who disagree with that idea and I can definitely see where they re coming from As I ve said many times I m not entirely sold on the god idea yet But the gods that are rampant in the Discworld aren t the kinds of gods that the atheists and the true believers fight over the omnipotent creator of Everything They are gods who are controlled by humans who exist with humans in a kind of co dependent relationship Humans need gods and gods need humans In its way this kind of theology makes gods realistic to me I can t say for sure whether a god or gods exist but if they did I think I could live with this kind of arrangementWhat this book definitely is in any case is good Very good If you haven t read it do so If you have read it do yourself a favor and read it again Around the Godde there forms a Shelle of prayers and Ceremonies and Buildings and Priestes and Authority until at Laste the Godde Dies Ande this maye notte be noticed from the writings of the philosopher 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