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T he can smooth talk the plain Jane teacher into selling uickly but there's to Sara than meets the eye Soon Travis loses sight of his missionand his heartAs their relationship grows they uncover painful family secrets and Dominick's real motivesThen the sparks fly.

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Roughneck Cowboy

When his mom passed roughneck Travis Cartwright thought he'd lost the only family he and his daughter Charlie had That is until he discovers an estranged father and siblings living just a few hours away They might be strangers but they're blood and Travis needs to.

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Protect Charlie should tragedy strike at his dangerous jobDominick Cartwright offers his son than peace of mind He gives Travis a new job a place to live and a side project to convince Dominick's stubborn neighbor Sara Sanders to sell her ranch Travis is confiden.

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    Travis and Sara It seems this series revolves around people falling in love and either the H or the h already have a kid from a previous marriagefling In this case Travis has Charlie a little girl from a girl who

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    Loved it Travis lands in a complicated family mess when he looks up the father he neven knew until his mott passwd away All he wanted

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    This was a fairly uick readI really enjoyed the family dynamics the love story I didn't realize it was part of a series but this didn't detract from the story at allI would definitely read other books by Marin Thomas

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