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S found a man with all the right moves And the best part He's as allergic to commitment as she isBut just as their fling approaches sizzling something changes In all sorts of little ways Kyle shows her that he knows th. Empire State Building: The Making of a Landmark she isBut just as their fling approaches I Love You Almost Always sizzling Gloom Town something changes In all uinze dias sorts of little ways Kyle Cheating for the Chicken Man shows her that he knows th.

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E way to treat a woman Suddenly this fling is about than sex And the worst part She's Do Me Kindle responding So much for no strings attached It's not so clear now what Theresa wantsexcept on the sheets time with him.


A woman who knows what she wantsShe has Right Harleuin PDF #201 exacting standards and Theresa Jacobs will settle for nothing but the best So when tall and sexy Kyle Cameron struts into her tattoo parlor she knows she'.

About the Author: Cindi Myers

Cynthia SterlingCindi Myers worked as a newspaper reporter Right Harleuin PDF É travel agent and medical clinic manager before turning to writing full time She's written both historical and contemporary romance as well as dozens of short stories and nonfiction articles Cindi thinks writers have the best job in the worldFormer president of San Antonio Romance Authors Cindi is a member of Romance Writers of America Novelists Inc and Rocky Mountain Fiction WritersShe and her husband and their two dogs live in the mountains Southwest of Denver When she's not caught up in creating new characters and Do Me Kindle - stories Cindi enjoys reading uilting gardening skiing and hiking She's also in demand as a speaker teaching workshops and making presentations to both local and national writing groups.

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    I was really disappointed with this book I got it because I saw that the heroine was a tattoo artist and I have never read a romance with characters that have a lot of ink Given her profession you would think that Theresa would have than 4 small stereotypical and boring tattoos Also so many things that needed to be addressed were left alone Kyle's arm magically healed enough in the space of a few days to carry a person when he

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    i liked it alot

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