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E friend Considered by many to be the country's foremost Reiki expert Miles introduces the newcomer to the history of Reiki; offers descriptions of firstdegree second degree and Master training; and details how individuals can treat themselves For the advanced practitioner she provides in depth insight into continued practice as well as information on current and forthcoming research that will lead to greater integration of this healing therapy into conventional medicine Among the first Reiki Masters to bring this healing therapy into hospitals Pamela recommended

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Perhaps the gentlest alternative healing therapy in the world Reiki has gone mainstream A form of energy healing developed in early twentieth century Japan Reiki is rapidly breaking into conventional medicine because of its ease of use its immediate benefits and perhaps most important the element of self care inherent in the practice And yet Reiki remains a mysterious healing art due to the paucity of reliable resources on this therapy For those who seek guidance in bringing Reiki into their lives Pamela Miles's Reiki is bound to become an indispensabl I'm so happy How Not to F*** Them Up yet Reiki remains a mysterious healing art due to the paucity of reliable resources on this therapy For those who seek guidance in bringing Reiki into their lives Pamela Miles's Reiki is bound to become an indispensabl I'm so happy

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Miles uses her uniue background to explain how Reiki complements conventional medical treatments and helps patients recover from invasive surgical procedures Reiki also discusses the way Reiki can ease the symptoms of conditions such as AIDS cancer insomnia depression anxiety and as well as the side effects of medication With compassion wisdom and than thirty years' experience as a healer Miles shows readers how simple and powerful it is to take an active role in their own well being by using one of the fastest growing alternative therapies in the worl Truly this i

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    Inspired me and helped me understand the importance of using reiki as a personal practice

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    I'm so happy to have stumbled upon this book which has helped me to connect with my late grandmother She was a Reiki master and I always wondered exactly what it meant I was so young when she was practicing it and didn't understand exactly what Reiki was It all blurred into New AgeEastern Mysticism in my uninitiated mind This book helped me with distinguishing Reiki from other spiritualityhealing modalities and from what I thought it was which was pretty foggy to begin with I appreciated Pamela Miles for her uniue position as a Reiki practitioner who trains physicians nurses patients etc in first degree Reiki Her emphasis on self care intrigued and surprised me The broad scope with which she sees the history and the possible futures of Reiki makes this a great one stop shop for understanding Reiki practitioners and clients I feel I have a firm foundation for future inuiry My favorite chapters were about Pamela Miles' area of expertise how Reiki is being used in modern medicine and what studies have been done in this area I understand this is dated information but it inspired me to look into further studies We've all heard about the proven benefits of meditation so it is easy for me to believe these studies coming out about Reiki in hospital care My one gripe is the redundancy but I understand this is a teaching method There were some parts I read twice because they were so interesting and other parts that felt repetitive and unnecessary All in all an excellent primer on Reiki the Japanese healing art

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    Very good information about Reiki that one can get from a book Easy enough to put to practice for basics

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    Pamela Miles is a wonderful teacher and motivator She is special to me since she is very active in integrating Reiki in Hospital and Hospice programs

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    recommended to me by the girl who does my reiki which really works

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    I'll admit it; the concept of Reiki always made me roll my eyes and discount it But Reiki by Pamela Miles has made me reconsider It's a thorough informative book in which Ms Miles writes about Reiki as the gentlest healing therapy in the world and how it can be used as an adjunct therapy in addition to traditional medicine I think the fact that she didn't treat Reiki as something in opposition to science and traditional medicine helped me better understand and accept the Reiki Principles My sister in law is a board certified family physician but when she also became certified in acupuncture she uestioned Who was she to dismiss centuries of a practice that millions of people believed in? Reiki hasn't been around uite that long but as I age I feel that I can ill afford to dismiss alternative therapies Ideally I'd like to attend an in person Level I Reiki class but since I haven't yet been able to find one locally Reiki has provided me with a detailed introduction to the practice

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    Reiki A Comprehensive Guide was written by Pamela Miles The book goes over the holistic healing practice of reiki It involves biofield energy and balance The book goes over the history of reiki practice how it was accepted in the west and most of all how it works on both people and animals If you have one takeaway from this book it should be that reiki worksI have only one issue with this book; it doesn't tell you how to do it It is a comprehensive guide to practicing reiki that doesn't tell you how to use reiki I am willing to put aside my prejudice of the practice if I can also experience it but it does not offer that luxury The book tells you that the only way to experience reiki is with someone trained as a Master In my opinion this is the same as saying that the only way to learn how to cook is to receive teaching from a three star chefReiki is in the same category as meditation yoga shiatsu and other practices I did not enjoy this book

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    An excellent book that gives many thoughts on Reiki in the world I found this text to be an enjoyable and informative read For anyone that might uestion how Reiki can be helpful and if it is a viable form of healing Pam Miles is a physician that gives excellent sources of how Reiki is being used in hospitals

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    Truly this is a great book I gave it three stars because it was repetitive and a bit boring at times However it is packed full of great information I enjoyed learning about Reiki throught the pages and it does excite me to learn Reiki in my life It was just page after page of the same thing Could've been condensed to half the amount of pages

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    I loved this book since it described how to practice Reiki in a way that was personal poignant and practical She seems like a down to earth woman who would definitely help anyway as a Reiki Master in a really good way

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