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Set in apartheid South Africa this powerful and lyrically written novel is Linzi Glass's debutAs twelve year old Emily Iris explains it her mother and father have always been eager to take in travelers and vagabonds rely I felt this book

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The Year the Gypsies Came

Ing on the presence of outsiders to ease the tension between them Emily has her gentle older sister Sarah and Buza the old Zulu nightwatchman for company and comfort But her parents' continuing discontent leads them to w When I was 10 yea

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Elcome some peculiar strangers One spring a family of wanderers a wildlife photographer his wife and two boys comes to stay and their strange compelling and dangerous presence will leave the Iris family infinitely change This book is very

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    This was probably the saddest book I've ever read I cried myself to sleep It's cowardice to be scared of such an overwhelmingly powerful story To turn away from the bad stuff because it ruins the illusion of a 'perfect' life This book made me think about my values and about my loved ones and all the hardships I'll probably never have to face

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    Liked it great translation and storytelling beginning was really slow and boring but it got better at the end However much I like Linzi Glass' way of showing the reader South Africa this wasn't my favourite of hers The epilogue was beautiful; what xame before felt really rushed and out of the blue35 out of 5 stars b

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    I felt this book was too formal and stiff Although it was packed filled with metaphors that should be very deep in didn't feel that way to me It simply felt over done which is disappointed The themes in the book are very serious ones but I couldn't appreciate that as so many things in the book were distracted and unnecessary The overly explained images were I imagine to engage the reader into the head of the young child this book is about However sadly it did the opposite It took me away from the book and I never got engrossed

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    When I was 10 years of age as a curious young child I picked up this book as the title and cover sounded interestingAs somebody who hates to leave something unfinished I forced myself to read this book to the end As you can imagine I was absolutely horrified and kicked the book away as I got up to the part where a rape scene occurredWhile I enjoyed reading the parts of reality yes I was a sadistic 10 year old where the girl felt as if her family was stuck together with false glue or something along the lines of that parts where Otis came in just made me shiverI guess it was how the author described the rape scene or the way that Otis behaved that this book should definitely not be put on a children's book shelf for eight year olds and twelve year olds to discoverOverall it was a book that I rather liked as a whole but some things were better left out I know it adds a touch of reality to the fiction but had she not made Otis soI don't know somewhat as unlikable it would have been a better bookShe could have delved into depth with Otis and changed things to his perspective of view instead of portraying him as a mentally ill monsterAfter years I'm still surprised the impact the rape scene perhaps it was how it was described that irked me had on me and now that I pick up the same book again and flick up to that part I don't find that part as descriptive and disgusting as I used toBut I definitely would not recommend this children

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    It's been a while since I read any of Linzi's work and I don;t know why I have left it so long because her books are fabThis book is set in the background of a modern historical context of Apartheid in Africa What I like about it is that it isn't about Apartheid as such but a story about a family living in the times and how it impacts upon on them I love stories like this as I think they are realistic in showing the impact of such events on ordinary people living in extraordinary timesI loved the main charcater of Emily and the innocent way in which she sees her world I loved the relationships she had both with her sister and the family's Nightwatchman BuzaThe main story is involving the Gypsy family who stay with the Iris's is uite dark and very sad by the end and it definately hits you emotionally I've seen a lot of really negative reviews on goodreads having a go at the subject matter saying it was too nasty of young adults to read I would argue this is the ideal way to teach young people about such horrible thingsAll in all a hard hitting and fab little book which was a pleasure to read

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    Hm I must admit I'm surprised at some of the extremely negative reviews on this book Yes it was dark yes there were tons and tongs of angst in it and yes some of it may have been over the top but all in all I actually thought this was uite a good book What I especially liked is the way Emily the main character looks at things She realises her family isn't uite normal but at the same time she takes a lot of things for granted that make me go 'awk' I like that since it's realistic Depressing but realistic Also it shows the narrator has some insight in how this would affect a child and doesn't get dragged into the misery herself which I think speaks to her creditI myself didn't really like this book because it was a bit too gloomy to like and towards the end I had a sense that it all spun a bit out of control but still I think it's a wortwhile book to read I'm glad I've read it anyway and I would recommend it For despite its faults it is an interesting exploration of the way families work and the writing is really appealing

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    This book is very disappointing I read some bad reviews about it but I thought they were written by uite impressionable people because honestly I have no problem in reading books about hard stuff abuse family with problems all set in a particularly hard historical time if they are well written and engaging and this is not the case I read about half of the book and then I gave up because the characters have no dept I could not care less about them They are all described without any originality and so are the situation she goes there he says this there are some trees kind of stuff The gypsy are a fascinating and interesting topic but this is not well done This book is a mess and it tries to teach people good lessons thing that I usually love but this is not done correctly There is too much of everything lessons african stories violence family problems but I felt like all this was happening to a name on a piece of paper not to a character I can feel real I surely do not suggest it

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    I absolutely loved this book I have read it about five times i just cant get bored of it A very touching story i will always remember this book I would recommend it to anybody

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    I read this for my book club someone else's choice and found myself by turns enjoying it and getting cross with it Although I found some of it uite cliched and could predict exactly what was going to happen I still felt compelled to get to the end I thought the family relationships were drawn uite well and was interested in the South African setting but there wasn't really anything here that I haven't read before It was enjoyable enough at the time but hasn't made much impression on me

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    The epilogue saved this from being a 225 star read I loved Buza his zulu stories and his character as a whole he was the best part Especially his friendship with Emiliy did warm my heart everytime I read about itFurther I have very mixed feelings The writing wasn't special to me and the plot only seemed to start after 23 of the book The three stars are as I think of it for the potential of this book then the actual story

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