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    The Planets by Brian Cox is a fascinating and engaging book on the planets of our solar system their composition how they were formed and how they are explored by humans This book brings together numerous fields of science; physics of light and gravity fluid dynamics in gas giants biology and theoretical astrobiology chemistry engineering and so forth The book takes a holistic look at the history of the solar system and how the developments of planets their gravitational pull and how the all encompassing influence of the Sun effects all things Some fascinating tidbits exist here the planetoids of the asteroid belt including Ceres the effect Jupiters gravity has on flinging asteroids toward the inner solar system the fascinating moons of the gas giants the icy dwarf planets of the Kuiper Belt and so much The speculation of the potential for life or historical relics of life is present on many moons and planets Mars and its ancient and long dried water Enceladus Titan and Europa with their surface liuids Ganymede's explosive water plumes and so on This book is breathtaking in scope and encompasses so much to do with space and space exploration The interconnections of our solar system are mind boggling to comprehend This book and its wonderful prose updated snaps from some of NASA's latest missions and information and speculations from some of the top minds in the space exploration field make this a truly fantastic read Space is fascinating to me and the every aspects of its infinite mysteries make it constantly fascinating to read about The constant updates to our knowledge of the solar system from continued study make it an ever exciting field to read about A fantastic read through and through

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    Exploring planets is than just a leisure activity We do it for fun but we also do it to learn about our own planet and ultimately our own existence This book was a joyful experience It took me back to four and a half billion years ago

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    The grumpus23 23 word commentaryHow we know what we know about our terrestrial neighbors in our solar system Elouently and clearly explained for both layperson and authority

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    I will admit that this is the first of Dr Brian Cox's books which I have not seen the TV series first Now that not may sound like much but considering all the other books if his I have approached them the other way around this was a rather insightful readThe book itself is fascinating anyone who has a passing interest in space and the universe around us this book is a treasure trove of historical facts amazing images although I wish I had a pound for every time I saw the work colourised and easy to read and accessible facts However on the other had there is a different insight you get when you read this book without the back story from the TV show dare I say it the book is a little dryer reading and although fascinating does not come as alive as remembering the various scenes and topics from the show Now I am all for reading the story or book before the show but in this case when they say that the book accompanies the series they really mean it now it may be that I am just as not as knowledgable as I thought I was and I needed that extra support and encouragement or notOne thing I will certainly take away from this book is that our knowledge is constantly changing not in years or decades but it seems in cases months there are new facts being discovered all the time although they are not as attention grabbing as some of the scientific discoveries happening at the moment they may well be just as profound The uestion is what will the next book have to say?

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    A wonderful journey through our solar system Really puts you in perspective and makes you realize how lucky we are to exist both as a planet and as a species

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    Rubbishest planets book ever seen No mention of Mars's satellites Outer planets' satellites covered selectively not comprehensively No chapter on the asteroid belt discussion of them buried within the Jupiter chapter which is a layout that makes readers hunt and dig No heading on the Kuiper belt traditional heading on Pluto given and the belt just treated within focusing on Pluto like it was still a planet So weighted neither comprehensive nor balanced in its coverage of all the objectsEvery planet discussed as a potential and failed Earth anthropocentrically Not explained how Ceres is supposed to have orbitally survived at all having Jupiter move through the asteroid belt in the formation era Misedits include age of the Red Spot no mention of it being over 3 centuries and Kepler's forename

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    Absolutely magnificent BRILLIANT and beautiful and informative and poetic I was going to read and pass along to a friend but no It's mine now

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    Outstanding balances the science with history of astronomy and is a very refreshing listen Highly recommended if you’re not looking for hardcore astronomy and instead want an entertaining tour of the solar system

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    This was an excellent book Authors Brian Cox and Andrew Cohen have produced an interesting engaging and informative look at the planets of the Solar System beginning with Mercury closest to the Sun and moving outwards finishing with Pluto which is not technically a planet The authors go through a brief history or theorized history of the planets as well which was very interestingThe ebook version I read also featured many pictures illustrations and other figures and attachments that helped bring the text to life The Planets covers all the up to date data and information we have about each of the planets as of its publication in 2019 and describes the numerous space probe planetary pass bys of the last 40 years I found this book very interesting and informative It is written in a very accessible format and is not so technical that it will have the reader lost in the minutia which always represents effective communication IMOI would highly recommend it to anyone curious about our Solar System and the planets that reside therein 5 stars

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    This book was a perfect read that dances from planet to moon and out to the furthest reaches of our own stars light Taking you on a amazing journey describing how it all began how it works and how it will likely end for all the beautiful features dotting our vast solar system This book is easily my favourite on the subject and will make any reader smile and scratch their heads as they embark on the Grand Tour of our very own system

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Nd the first ice giant Neptune dark cold and whipped by supersonic winds Pluto the dwarf planet a frozen rockThese are Earth's sister planets each one born in violence and fire only to fade away one by one into cold lifelessness The study of each planet sheds new light on the early life of our Solar System and on its inevitable future And the we learn about our celestial neighbours I will admit that t Evolve Level 4 Students Book one born in violence and fire Professional Daily Fantasy Football only to fade away Stories for Boys one by Mountain City one into cold lifelessness The study Untitled (The Trials of Apollo, of each planet sheds new light Extracted on the early life Mr. Miller: ¿Cuándo el depredador se volvió la presa? (Spanish Edition) of Musika airean (Literatura) our Solar System and The Magicians Wife on its inevitable future And the we learn about Power And Prosperity our celestial neighbours I will admit that t

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Mercury a lifeless victim of the Sun's expanding power Venus once thought to be lush and fertile now known to be trapped within a toxic and boiling atmosphere Mars the red planet doomed by the loss of its atmosphere Jupiter twice the size of all the other planets combined but insubstantial Saturn a stunning celestial beauty the jewel of our Solar System Uranus the sideways planet a The grumpus23 23 wo La casa que arde de noche of the Sun's expanding power Venus Black woman black life once thought to be lush and fertile now known to be trapped within a toxic and boiling atmosphere Mars the red planet doomed by the loss Los ritos del agua: Trilogía de La Ciudad Blanca 2 (Autores Españoles e Iberoamericanos) of its atmosphere Jupiter twice the size Heads, Features and Faces (Dover Anatomy for Artists) of all the Evolve Level 4 Students Book other planets combined but insubstantial Saturn a stunning celestial beauty the jewel Professional Daily Fantasy Football of Stories for Boys our Solar System Uranus the sideways planet a The grumpus23 23 wo

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The unlikely the precious our own blue marble becomes Andrew Cohen and Professor Brian Cox take readers on a voyage of discovery from the fiery heart of our Solar System to its mysterious outer reaches They touch on the latest discoveries that have expanded our knowledge of the planets their moons and how they come to be alongside recent stunning and mind boggling NASA photography Outstanding balance