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Abduction: A Mpreg Yaoi Alien Romance

In a Mpreg Yaoi PDF #199 freak accident the hull of Hisaos ship is breached by meteor debris and the young spaceman is sucked out into space Terrified alone and rapidly running out of oxygen the young man waits to die until a bright light suddenly appears and sucks him into itFor a moment Hisao thinks he HAS died but his adventure has only just Abduction A ePUB #9734 begunAboard the alien vessel Hisao encounters a monster straight from his worst nightmares Katashi is the name his alien rescuer calls himself and he is the perfect predator towering over the little human at ten feet tall with carbon plated armor for skin a mouth full of razor sharp fangs super human strength acidic blood venomous saliva and dozens of semi autono. The book was interesting The author has a different type of imagination to what I usually read Give this a go

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Mous A Mpreg Yaoi PDF #8608 tentacles Poor Hisao fears the worst but fortunately for him or unfortunately the powerful creature sees the pretty little human not as prey to be consumed but rather as the perfect little broodmare for the many offspring he wishes to sire He feels no guilt about altering Hisaos body without his consent and no ualms about breeding the beautiful young man against his will The alien is utterly rational but simultaneously devoid of human conscience or morality Will Katashi ever learn to respect and treat his mate as an eual despite the humans physical inferiority Can Katashi come to understand the importance of free will to Hisao Will Hisao ever be able to forgive Katashi for what he has done Can true. This was one of my favourite stories on Amelita s Archive of our Own and I m so happy to see it extended It s absolutely fil

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Love blossom after such a difficult startIt is an interspecies romance for the ages that will change the fate of the universe because what neither Katashi nor Hisao realize is that their love and their children may just turn out to be the saving grace for both of their worlds This strange space age Beauty and the Beast style story by Amelita Rae explores issues of free will consent and what it means to be human in the midst of some of the most graphic erotica you will ever encounter The content is explicit and extreme and includes such sexual taboos as multiple penetrations Mpreg oviposition minor scatology tentacle sex erotic birth prolapse play and It may be uite disturbing for some readers so please enjoy responsibly word. I m familiar with Amelita s writing style from AO3 and found the beginning chapters of this story there while I agree with t

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  • Abduction: A Mpreg Yaoi Alien Romance
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  • 21 May 2018
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About the Author: Amelita Rae

Amateur author Mpreg Yaoi PDF Ç and professional pervert Amelita Rae took a wrong turn on the internet one day All the innocent young lass wanted to do was watch funny cat videos but then she discovered Boys Love and that was the end of any worthwhile contribution she might have otherwise made to the world She now spends most of her time writing filthy Abduction: A ePUB ☆ smut that she tries to frame with farfetched plots and deranged characters but dont be fooled by her bullshit people it’s all just smut.

9 thoughts on “Abduction: A Mpreg Yaoi Alien Romance

  1. says:

    This book takes delight in pushing the boundaries. This read is definitely entertaining.
    Also kudos for inventing an incredibly extreme alien.

  2. says:

    The book was interesting. The author has a different type of imagination to what I usually read. Give this a go.

  3. says:

    Great, smutty short read. I would love it if the author continued the story line. The title delivered everything it promised.

  4. says:

    A ship breaking apart due to a meteor strike. Hisao is left floating in space, contemplating death.

    He is recovered by an alien ship. Examined and stripped, Hisao finds that things get worse before they get better.

    Katashi is large and in charge. Captain and head of science on the ship, he got to H

  5. says:

    There is a story to this but really its just porn held together by a thread of a story, and really its not very good.

  6. says:

    This was one of my favourite stories on Amelita's Archive of our Own and I'm so happy to see it extended. It's absolutely filthy and I love it for that. Not everyone can write this content but Amelita's style of writing makes it wor

  7. says:

    I really enjoyed the story and couldn't put it down. I really liked the characters and the relationship that developed between, will definitely re read it in the future.

  8. says:

    I'm familiar with Amelita's writing style from AO3 and found the beginning chapters of this story there, while I agree with the concept of freedom of choice Hisao provides in this story the subtle depths of the characters revealed as the story progresses make it an interesting read.

  9. says:

    this has to be one of my fav yaoi stories damn hot and well written! :)

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