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Poems in Which You Die

Poems in Which You Die is a collection of prose poems chronicling the end of

Free read Poems in Which You Die

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Free read · eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ï Sarah Carson

A relationship Full of heartbreak and humor these poems are sure to take re

2 thoughts on “Poems in Which You Die

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    Every poem in this collection is about your last relationship like every song on the radio is about your recent heart break These are prose poems that make me get why prose poems aren't the same thing as stories Each poem reads like a prediction of something that has already happened or is happening in front of the speaker and it's very emotional and strange but they speaker is removed nonplussed unfazed by the strangeness And wasn't your last relationship very surreal and grotesue but also somehow commonplace? No? It wasn't? Yeahmine eitherSeriously though I read this in a single day and it was so good that I read some out loud to my co workers many of whom don't care at all about writing or poetry and we laughed and we sighed and clutched our hearts and we replied to emails at our desks feeling a little bit lighter

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    I am a fan of Sarah Carson and enjoyed reading a whole book of her witty surprising prose poems

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