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A collection of four one kilobyte games for the Atari Video Computer System one for each season about the experience of observing things N

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A Slow Year

Ays about the commonalities between videogames and poetry as well as machined haiku poetry generated by computer bits worth for each seaso

Ian Bogost ä 4 characters

Either action nor strategy each game reuires a different kind of sedate observation and methodical input Accompanying the game are two ess

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    Gads I don't know how to rate this book If you grew up in the 70s and are into 8 bit avant garde then this might might be

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    Hmmm What to say of this interesting bookgameFirst of all it is primarily about and is poetry and video games If those two things interest you I'd like to think I'm not entirely alone in those shared interests this is probably right up your alley Of course that is a niche within a niche at this point but I'm glad