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Sally goes on the swing Betsy wants to go higher When Sally and her parents go to dinner Betsy wants candy and ice cream When Sally has to go home Betsy refuses Betsy is so bossy It's a good thing Sally is not that way..

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My Bossy Dolly

Would love and Betsy is her favorite doll Sally and Betsy go everywhere and do everything together But Betsy is prone to yelling screaming and complainingWhen Sally goes to bed Betsy wants to stay up and drink milk When.

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A hilarious story about a sweet little girl named Sally and her bratty loudmouthed doll named Betsy They look and dress alike but they are NOT the sameSally My Bossy PDFEPUBis the perfectly sweet little girl every parent.

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    What the? This story is super creepy Recommended only for those who have multiple personality disorder or a demonically possessed doll

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    Not only does it have a good lesson but it's fun to read too

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