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Endless Passion

S burned hungrily over her body holding Brianna completely entranced But would she be wasting her time trying to win the love of a scoundrel whose heart was as cold as iceGREEN EYED ROGUEAs far as Seth was concerned women were good for one thing only fulfilling his ardent passions Then he met the captivatin.

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GOLDEN EYED ENCHANTRESSWith sparkling amber eyes and long lustrous midnight black hair Brianna Talbert was the most sought after beauty in Bristol The sensuous temptress found all her suitors boring and longed for the blazing fires of rapture She found it in the lusty gaze of Seth Donnovan His sea green eye.

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G Brianna Her features were flawless her skin so soft and creamy that it begged to be touched He arrogantly thought that if he took her once his desire for her would dieBut instead it made him crave her addicting him to the feel of her warm velvety flesh binding them forever in a whirlwind of ENDLESS PASSIO.

About the Author: Carol Finch

Connie FeddersenConnie is well known for her fast paced adventures sparkling humor and lively dialogue She is the best selling author of historical and contemporary romance as well as mystery and suspense Writing under pen names—Carol Finch Gina Robins Connie Drake Debra Falcon and Connie Feddersen—she has penned books for Zebra and Pinnacle PublishersConnie and her husband have children and raise cattle and wheat on their ranch near Union City Oklahoma.

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    This review is of “Endless Passion” by Carol Finch One of five pseudonyms used by author Connie Feddersen The others Connie Drake her own

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    Enjoyed the plot It had some humor some intrigue some mysterythe storyline itself made the book a good read The negative for me was that the romance was muted With the storyline this book had potential to be great book if the romance

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