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Cy and anonymity he never imagined that he'd be teaching golf let alone aboard a cruise ship When Lola recognizes him she sees an opportunity for a career making expose But their developing attraction may force her to make a choice write a news story or live a love story.

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Breaking All the Rules

Missing a huge scoop is an eager reporter's worst nightmare Breaking All EpubAnd that's exactly the situation sports journalist Lola Sandler is in when she boards the cruise ship Alexandra's Dream During the break of a big scandal back home Lola finds herself watching wa.

review Breaking All the Rules

Ves break in the Mediterranean Luckily for her a bigger story is waiting for her on the shipFour years ago in the final round of the Masters Tournament pro golfer Eric Lashman walked off the green and away from professional sports forever After years of cultivating priva.

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    Divorcée Lola Sandler is on a cruise with her mother and two older sisters After the rather ugly divorce she’s given up men entirely but her family especially her mother are intent on getting little Lola Roly Pola back on the horse And what better way than to hook her up with someone on the cruise shipEnter Eric Lashman

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    This is part of the Mediterranean Nights series They are all stand alone books so i am not reading them in any order But This one is about a mother and her 3 daughters that go on a cruise One daughter in particu

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