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ItyGeorgia Maybury is determined to regain her position in the beau monde but a scarred ex naval officer threatens her plans.. I always feel like a wittier person when I finish one of Jo Beverley s romances

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A Scandalous Countess

Lady May is back And so is the scandal that sent her tumbling from her position as the toast of London when her husband the. Georgia was 16 when she married her childhood friend Dickon Earl of Maybury She s become the darling of the beau monde the male half at least known for her daring and flirtatious ways She s true to her husband though who adored being the envy of his pals In one fatal morning now 20 year old Georgia is widowed and the new earl drop kicks her and her dowry back to her father the Earl of Hernescroft It s whispered that the fatal duel was fought over her She retires to her father s country estate where her family advises her to live out her mourning year to give the gossip time to die offFast forward almost a year With her mourning period almost over Georgia is keen to return to Town and resume her place in society but her father is stonewalling It seems the gossip never did die down in fact it was fueled by her former mother in law who claimed to have seen a letter from the duelist who killed Dickon stating that Georgia had promised that once he killed her hubby she would be his Odd that since she barely knew the man and wouldn t have bedded himLord Dracy not Darcy sorry Austen fans is a Naval hero badly scarred from a burn to his face who has returned England to find himself a Baron his wastrel older brother having had the discourtesy to die The estates are falling down around his ears and he has little money He pours it all into rebuilding his stable with the goal of raising race horses But he needs a studNo not that kind of studBetter Thing is he hasn t the blunt to buy one or even rent one for the night So he stakes his best filly against Fancy Free a filly owned and much prized by Lord Hernescroft Dracy s filly wins and Dracy accepts an invitation to the Hernescroft estate where he hopes to talk Lord Hernescroft into a deal he ll let the man keep his filly if he can have one of the studs a mean spirited lad who tends to kick the snot out of anything that strays into range Good blood lines if a bit of a PIA ProblemThe stud in uestion has kicked one last thing the bucket But Lord H has another deal to offer How about a filly of the human kind namely Georgia Her dowry is 12000 which would come to about 13 million in modern US currency Enough to buy a lot of studs and rebuild the barony with careful management When Dracy asks if the lass is willing Lord H says She ll do as she s told Seems the doting daddy thinks Georgia needs a firm hand and lot of miles between her and the scandalmongers in London Dracy has a rep of being a stern tough officer so he can handle high spirited Georgia Daddy advises the liberal use of a switch to keep her in line And hey it ll be much easier to part with G than Fancy FreeDracy is no fool The money is tempting though he s not keen on the idea of being saddled with a merry widow whose reputation precedes her He decides he needs to meet her and have a look at the goods yes he actually puts it that way later on Georgia meanwhile is ordered to put in an appearance at the small house party her father is holding for the people who came for the race She s not eager Her family has kept her mostly in the dark about her ruin but she has an inkling and she s still in mourning But Mummy insists She tells G that her dad is working on Dracy to negotiate a trade for Fancy Free and if she would butter him up it would not go amiss G agrees to take one for the fillyIt s like at first sight Dracy is pleased that G doesn t flinch at his scars G enjoys his conversation he s not near as awkward as Mummy let on Things progress somewhat predictably in the relationship tho as feelings begin to develop G consistently warns that there can be nothing between them She s angling for a duke this time certainly not a mere baron especially one who wants to molder away in the country rather than enjoy the amusements in Town Even the shock of Society s new hostility towards her fails to make her reconsider She ll live it down eventually And she still has many of her former cicisbei a couple dukes among them Also among them is Sellerby a good friend from before whose conversation is amusing though his attempts to court her during her mourning didn t uite amuse Intrigue becomes part of the game as the letter surfaces giving rise to even hostility towards Georgia Old friends distance themselves Only a few stalwarts including Dracy Sellerby a few gal pals including a couple Malloren brides and her family Dracy detects an odd aroma around the whole thing and starts investigating and what he digs up is pretty good stuff There s a nice twist in the romance too before the HEA Plus there is some priceless info in the author notes explaining matters of inheritance jointure dowry and inheritance as well as some really gross info about the water systems in London No wonder they always drank booze

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Earl of Maybury was killed in a duel Even a year of mourning hasn't uieted the rumors of her A Scandalous ePUB #10003 infidel. Very good book At the beginning I didn t care much for Georgia She was selfish and spoiled and intent only on finding a new husband that would keep her in style I did like Dracy from the beginning He was determined to bring his estate back from ruin and had a plan to make it happen When Georgia s father comes to him and offers his daughter in marriage he is tempted Not just for the money but for Georgia herself Georgia has been tasked by her parents to help Dracy fit in she knows nothing about the offer As she tries to regain her life in the beau monde the old scandal is brought back to life Dracy is there through it all helping to protect her and trying to find out who is causing the trouble As time goes on information comes out and both of them are threatened I really liked the way that Dracy took care of Georgia I was also glad to see her mature as the book went on and see how she came to care for him I loved seeing the way Dracy s mind worked to puzzle out who was causing the trouble

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    This book wasn't bad but it wasn't outstanding either It's not uite as stand alone as the previous but it's close The only character r

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    Georgia was 16 when she married her childhood friend Dickon Earl of Maybury She’s become the darling of the beau monde the male half at least known for her daring and flirtatious ways She’s true to her husband though who adored being the e

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    For nostalgia's sake and because I sorta liked the hero I upped this from 1 to 2 stars I have loved so many of Jo Beverley's books Especially the earlier Mallorens This one didn't capture me At all I seriously disliked the heroine from the beginning I kept reading I actually enjoyed the hero and was disappointed when I reached page 134 and re

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    Very good book At the beginning I didn't care much for Georgia She was selfish and spoiled and intent only on finding a new husband th

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    DNF 15% could not get into it no likeable characters they are either way too immature or self obsessed I'm out

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    In 1763 England passed a law fixing the minimum age for marriage at 16 with parental consent needed for anyone under 21 During the Georgian Period the average age of marriage was 27 Teenage brides were anomalous One can unde

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    I'll go out on a limb and say this is like 4 12 Jo Beverley is back in fine form I checked off the cabin romance and road trip romance shelves because once Dracy and Georgia met they really weren't separated again Lots of echoes of Beverley's I've liked like another widow that was very popular with the ton Skylark The tension between a daughter and her powerful parents reminded me of Hazard A Scandalous Countess was so enjoyable I'd like

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    What I love about Jo Beverley's writing is the way she incorporates historical detail into the story it's so richly drawn and yet she doesn't do info dropping I thought this was a realistic romance Georgia and Dracy really worked as a couple and the way they worked out the obstacles to their HEA was believable I admit to thinking the villain was a bit OTT though And because I'm a Malloren fangirl I did like the cameos by the Mallorens esp

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    I always feel like a wittier person when I finish one of Jo Beverley's romances

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    I couldn't relate or care about either of the main characters I didn't believe the family the setup or the people Skip this one folks