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    I picked this up on Smashwords for a bdsm group reading challenge Sample was good which was first 20%I'm not a grammar nut but the rest of this novella was borderline unreadable Half the words made no sense punctuation was all over the place words were out of order gender pronouns were wrong in short it was a m

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Amber has had a crush on her coworker Evan for almost a year So when he invites her over she is convinced this is her chance to seduce him Perfectly aware that he has a girlfriend Amber rationalizes her plans by convincing herself that Victoria just isn’t good enough for Evan Really it’s not so badDetermined to impress him Amber shows up A Little Epubat his place with several toys This includes a pair of handcuffs He is surprisingly eager to play and seems happy to make out with her But then he decides to cuff her to the bed and tha.

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A Little Dog Training

H their new pet Between getting spanked pleasured and humiliated Amber’s resolve to be treated like a human and not a puppy starts to wear awayWorst of all Evan is planning on taking her back to work He wants to show off his new doggie girlPublisher's Note This word story contains explicit sexual content graphic language and situations that some readers may find objectionable Adult and erotic themes include extensive bondage forced lactation adult milking exhibitionism and various sexual acts All characters are over the age of eightee.

characters ã PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ✓ Felicity Ray Kyles

T’s when the training really beginsOnce he has her nice and secure he invites his girlfriend Victoria to join them Victoria and Evan share a singular taste when it comes to power and control To punish Amber they decide she needs some trainingDog trainingThey are going to strip collar and leash her After gathering some juicy blackmail material on the hapless girl they start her education in being a puppy She will chase balls roll over beg and play dead Amber might be reluctant at first but Evan and Victoria know how to reward and punis.