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    45 starsA generally excellent collection of SF stories from 2007 running the gamut of speculative fiction but with a distinct slant toward the left field and downright weird 'Toother' by Terry Dowling is a weird psychic murder mystery brilliant but let down by a rushed denouement I thought while Jeffrey Ford's 'The Drowned Life' and Andy Duncan's 'Uniue Chicken Goes in Reverse' are pretty much unclassifiable 'The Transformation of Tag' from Paul Brandon Jack Dann was funny and reminiscent of the Alan Moore Futureshock 'The Wages of Sin' while Ellen Klages 'Mrs Zeno's Paradox' was perfect clever little vignetteThe other stand outs were 'The Lustration' by Bruce Sterling which uses a planet girdling computer of a peculiar sort to discuss what exactly is intelligence and 'uartermaster Returns' from Ysabeau S Wilce a weirdly brilliant and hilarious fantasy western

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    I honestly don't even know why I have this A collection of stories from writers that I wasn't entirely familiar with of the names on the cover at the time I probably had read stories by Bruce Sterling and had at least heard of Lucius Shepard it was also the first volume of what was later four anthology volumes none of which I think I possess The only thing I can think of is maybe I bought it on vacation I was at the SF Museum in Seattle probably around the time it was published but who knows?But aside from unpacking the mysteries of my past does this wind up being an obscure yet hidden classic of SF and fantasy short stories? Ah not uite There's some decent stories in here but overall it’s a mixed bag with most of the well known authors supplying the memorable stuff and even then it doesn't seem like they were bringing their A game to thisThe theme of at least this volume seems to be per the back cover tales of lost identity and found purpose with the speculative fiction tag giving the authors grounds to not stick with straight SF and instead veer into fantasy I'm not so much a purist on those matters but other people might find themselves disappointed if they're expecting something a little science fictionyUnfortunately even those who are open to anything are going to have a little trouble sifting through the tales to find the gems Its not as clear cut as well known authorgood story as Bruce Sterling goes out of his way to write a story about a guy arguing with a priest about wooden computers or something Some of them just have iffy premises that the authors can't bring off the ground Andy Duncan's opening shot of Uniue Chicken Goes in Reverse which suanders its title for a payoff that would have worked better if everything preceding it hadn't been so so or just seem like bad ideas from the start Garth Nix's Bad Luck Trouble Death and Vampire Sex again taking a great title and running it straight into the ground Others like Terry Dowling's Toother feel like they needed a couple extra pages to explain exactly what's going on they're chasing a serial killer who steals teeth while someone has dreams about serial killers which we've all had the same problem persists in Kathleen Ann Goonan's Electric Rains though the story itself is well told I expected a little from Gwyneth Jones's In the Forest of the ueen than what I got but I'm not sure if that's my fault or the story's Maureen McHugh's The Lost Boy A Reporter At Large asks uestions about memory and its impact on everyone around us but then doesn't seem inclined to even address its own uestions so the story just sort of hangs with a shrug And I'm not going to pretend to know what's happening in She CreaturesThat's maybe half the stories The others have a bit success in pulling off their concepts The best overall is a tossup between Shepard's Larissa Miusov which is mostly about moviemaking and shady Russians but hangs together in a way that suggests worlds outside its pages and lives that extend before and after what we see It probably belongs in a different anthology but I'm glad its here The same can be said for Jeffrey Ford's The Drowned Life which is wonderfully strange and poignant and despairing all at the same time asking what happens when we can't get help any and the world doesn't seem interested in helping It’s the first work I've read from him even though I have several books in my ueue for One Day Eventually but if this is what he does when he's just tossing off stuff for a random anthology I'm looking forward to the novelsWhat remains is actually not bad as most of the other authors take an idea and go as bizarrely far as they can with it leading to results like Eileen Gunn's Up the Fire Road where two hikers meet the Sasuatch of Love and it gets ridiculous but never in a way that seems tedious or annoying as she seems to know how to pile the nuttiness so that it never gets too annoying The same with Paul Brandon and Jack Dunn's The Transformation of Targ which takes what should be a silly idea an evil overlord that isn't good at being evil and makes it actually funny as he tries to find ways to go against his own nature Its one of those works you'd like to see in the same world but at the same time don't need to because its so complete Ysabeau Wilce's uartermaster Returns also scores with an army in a strange landscape dealing with a uartermaster brought back from the dead because he sucked at his job that eventually gets involved in a drinking contest It plays everything straight and is all the better for it Meanwhile Peter S Beagle he of The Last Unicorn fame uses the weird concept in The Last and Only or Mr Moscowitz Becomes French of a man whose soul seems to change into the embodiment of all things French and manages to make it not funny but strangely contemplative with one of the few emotional endings in the anthology I stopped for a second and thought about it before moving onto the next story so it worked for me And Ellen Klages Mrs Zeno's Paradox manages the rare feat of writing a story in about two pages that manages to tell a story and is funny and is exactly the right lengthDefinitely a mixed grab bag although as with any anthology the words your mileage may vary could never apply If you're drawn in by some of the names you recognize it may be worth a look because I found a number of pleasing surprises But I'm not going to pretend its an embarrassment of riches or a series of home runs If you find yourself liking at least half you're probably doing okay but that if you're even into that kind of metaphorical literary rolling of the dice in the first place

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    A speculative fiction anthology whose theme appears to be 'stories Jonathan Strahan liked' I don't always like what Jonathan Strahan likes A few notes in no particular orderBruce Sterling The Lustration Sentient planet computer made entirely of wood Kind of Ted Chiang lite which still leaves it pretty interesting though with whispers of some weird gender issuesJeffrey Ford The Drowned Life and Peter S Beagle The Last and Only or Mr Moscowitz Becomes French You know when a story is good in an objective sense – evocative creative all that – but you don't actually like it? YeahYsabeau S Wilce uartermaster Returns Huh Okay apparently I really need to be reading her novelsKathleen Ann Goonan Electric Rains Post apocalypse Washington DC Interesting and rich but just not uite there yetMargo Lanagan She Creatures Oookay whateverGarth Nix Bad Luck Trouble Death and Vampire Sex Cute and funny and interesting but ultimately majority fluff Terry Dowling Toother Gah Creepy in the very good wayEileen Gunn Up the Fire Road Speculative fiction goes to the Springer Show eyeroll Really? Must we?

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    The editor states that his goal for this anthology was to recreate the spirit of the original anthology series of the 1960s and 1970s using contemporary types of stories The cover calls it New Science Fiction and Fantasy and while there is uite a bit of the fantasy there is precious little of the science fiction Most of the writers are big names in post 1980s science fiction and fantasy The stories in this series did not for the most part catch my fancy Two of them the first one by Andy Duncan and the last by Lucius Shepard were neither science fiction nor fantasy but just plain old ordinary fiction The few science fiction stories apart from one were all near future neo realist pieces that thus also had the feeling of being plain old fiction Kathleen Ann Goonan's Electric Rains was typical in this regard about a girl in a post apocalyptic Washington DC trying to take her grandmother's dead body to the cemetery without herself getting killed A good number of the stories are urban fantasies with a slightly satirical edge to them Bad Luck Trouble Death and Vampire Sex by Garth Nix is typical of these amusing pieces about a man on the run hopping through dimensions using some off kilter magic Peter S Beagle's The Last and Only or Mr Moskowitz Becomes French is another amusingly off kilter piece this one about a Jewish American who becomes French than French people to the dismay of his long suffering wife The Tansformation of Targ by Paul Brandon and Jack Dann to me was the most amusing of these It tells about an evil War Lord from a hellish dimension who is seeking career advice because well he just doesn't feel like being evil any The one story of science fiction that really stretches the imagination is Bruce Sterling's The Lustration an intriguingly different take on the Gaia hypothesis on a planet where the humans are lizard bird people who have developed a sophisticated computer technology based on the principles of the abacus The remaining stories are competently written but to my taste lacked imaginative flair In sum the collection has decent reading but feels too close to home

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    A very mixed bag many poordull a few uite good but overall disappointing

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    horror than i expected

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    First posted on SF Crowsnest April 2009In his introduction editor Jonathan Strahan points out that he was looking for a very broad definition of science fiction and fantasy and this volume certainly fulfils that brief The scope is so broad in fact that several of the stories were barely speculative at all If you’re looking for high fantasy and space opera then you’ll likely be disappointed All of the stories are well written but I obviously have a very different taste to the editor as I didn’t find many of them very entertaining or satisfying There were a few that I did enjoy though‘Toother’ is an intriguing mystery from Terry Dowling the title referring to the old occupation of collecting teeth from corpses to make dentures The practice has been revived by a serial killer in this story a man who seems to have been active for a very long time and has a strange connection to a clairvoyant mental patient It reads like a disturbing episode of CSI and offers plenty of tension and bizarrenessYsabeau S Wilce’s alternate California is the excellently atmospheric setting for ‘uartermaster Returns’ It starts off like a Western in an especially seedy army outpost but the presence of an ice sprite soon dispels that preconception The army camp the characters and the whole situation is portrayed masterfully and makes for a memorable pieceNanotech seeded ‘Electric Rains’ have caused most of Washington DC’s inhabitants to either go insane or be uploaded elsewhere in Kathleen Ann Goonan’s poignant story A little girl is left alone after her adoptive grandmother passes away and she has to defend herself in the almost deserted city where the few people left normal struggle to maintain a veneer of civilisation It’s an uplifting tale offering a different outcome to the usually grim post apocalyptic genreThe shortest story of the book is ‘Mrs Zeno’s Paradox’ by Ellen Klages an odd little tale of physics time travel and afternoon tea It’s not to be taken seriously but manages to cram a ridiculous amount into only a couple of pagesOn a much larger scale ‘The Lustration’ is Bruce Sterling’s far future story of a world spanning wooden computer that performs immensely slow operations by shunting spheres along great wooden channels The society that maintains it is ancient and staid having developed a complex philosophy that doesn’t take well to change It’s a mind bending concept that forms the heart of an intriguing storyThe final piece is Lucius Shepard’s ‘Larissa Miusov’ the tale of a struggling screenwriter and the eponymous Russian beauty upon whom he becomes fixated She feeds him strange stories of her youth in Russia tantalises him with her presence and backs the production of his movie It’s a finely written story that I thoroughly enjoyed and that left me with that magical feeling of inspirationOf course anyone else reading this volume will likely pick a completely different set of stories For me the book is worth those few alone so it’s no wonder that Eclipse One has been so highly praised As an example of the immense scope of speculative fiction it is certainly worthy of anyone’s bookshelf

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    Eclipse 1 is a good not great anthology of speculative née science fiction and fantasy rather new weird short stories edited by Jonathan Strahan My good not great may be stemming from my disappointment that there was new weirdfantasy than there was science fiction† but there were still uite a few big wins in the pile that is this paperback bindingAs for the computed average of my ratings on the individual stories themselves out to four decimal places Eclipse 1 scores 33000 Includes• Uniue Chicken Goes In Reverse by Andy Duncan ★★★½➟ Cute weird• Bad Luck Trouble Death and Vampire Sex by Garth Nix ★★• The Last and Only or Mr Moscowitz Becomes French by Peter S Beagle ★★★• The Lost Boy A Reporter At Large by Maureen F McHugh ★★★★★➟ Probably double visceral if you've ever lived in the BaltiDC area but outstanding regardless of your geographic history• The Drowned Life by Jeffrey Ford ★★• Toother by Terry Dowling ★★★½➟ I couldn't put my finger on why I wasn't bowled over by this one I wanted to like it a lot but something about it left me wanting a bit• Up the Fire Road by Eileen Gunn ★★½➟ groansighsnort reversed• In the Forest of the ueen by Gwyneth Jones ★★• uartermaster Returns by Ysabeau S Wilce ★★★★➟ A playful tone and artfully written toys with the right conventions too• Electric Rains by Kathleen Ann Goonan ★★★★½➟ As with The Lost Boy vs this one probably hits harder for folks with a little DC time under their belt but hits all the high notes even without that††• She Creatures by Margo Lanagan ★★➟ The prurient overtones didn't exactly make up for the brogue veneer and otherwise bewildering plot• The Transformation of Targ by Paul Brandon and Jack Dann ★★★➟ Maybe ★★★★ and in my heart of hearts a sympathetic ★★★★★ — this was an extremely fun story• Mrs Zeno's Paradox by Ellen Klages ★★★★➟ The fact that the story is so short about 3 pages? 4? was like its own double entendre And any light hearted story that can work in ångström should get bonus points• The Lustration by Bruce Sterling ★★★½➟ I think it's good? Though maybe a bit too obliue?• Larissa Miusov by Lucius Shepard ★★★★★➟ Far and away the best story in this collection If your library has this anthology then you owe it to yourself to at least read this one † Call it a personal preference†† Also for the private few reading this that have also read a certain manuscript of mine I'd like to share that I had a big and vocal WTF? the night I was reading this in bed I felt a little dirty and cheated — but how can someone rip you off when they've never heard of you? or read your work? Besides it was different enough to not be the same

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    The 15 short stories in here are a hodge podge of science fiction and fantasy stories biased towards fantasyparanormal than science fiction some of which provided a ha moments whilst others left me puzzled I'd say there were overall a ha stories than puzzling ones The few I really liked were Bad Luck Trouble Death and Vampire Sex Garth NixWell what can I say I initially picked up this book because I saw his name on the cover Gardner a bumbling wizard somehow kills his adopted grandmother the most powerful witch ueen in the nether world by sheer accident Now on the run Gardner with the help of Gurl the gargoyle that used to sit above Granny's office desk must figure out what's really going on The story is laugh out loud funny Its series of comedic errors would have made perfect reading for teens except for its preoccupation with vampire sex Then again after twilight who cares about vampire sex? Toother Terry DowlingSomeone has been killing women and stealing their teeth and Peter a psychic is the only one with leads to this terrible murderer that spans decades Toother is a little dark slightly reminiscent of Criminal Minds The Transformation of Targ Paul Brandon and Jack DannWhat happens when the Mighty Revenant Overlord Targ Destroyer of Mordane and Ruler of Hellinor doesn't want to be evil any? He goes to consult Hiram Hirsch Consultant to Evil that's what The story is light entertaining and brilliantly written

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    Who wouldn't want to read something with a title like that? I mean come on BAD LUCK TROUBLE DEATH AND VAMPIRE SEX? Sounds FABULOUS'“Oh yeah” I said I’d forgotten I was a wizard too a green wizard not a somewhat sorcerous private eye with a proclivity for bizarre sex and firearms' This a very short story but amusing nevertheless There's just something perfect about a conspiracy to seize the crown centering around a crowned tooth Fear not though my friends there's very little dentistry here And now I think of it very little vampire sex Garth Nix makes a good point “You must be desperate Whatever gave you the idea that you would enjoy cold undead flesh anyway?” so screw you Breaking Dawn Check it out it's well worth five minutes of your time

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