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    It was so interesting to me to realize that there were 4 Octonauts books before there was a show You can really see why someone woul

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    My little sister decided to read this to me as a bedtime story last night It was so cute and yet totally charming at the same time I loved how the author added in so many things that just resonate with us personally eg listing socks and cookies togetherThis series is definitely a really really great one if you want something totally unnormal to read to your child For heaven's sake it starts on a rainy gloomy day on th

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    The thing that I like about the Octonauts cartoon is that it teaches about real sea life The opening of this book sets a different tone It was a uiet and rainy afternoon at the bottom of the ocean when This is a lot whimsical than I was expectingThe Octonauts discover a fish with a frown It's bumming everybody

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    Ok cute But what's educational about it? It makes no sense than Sponge Bob Suarepants I'll try the first in the series if I can but probably that's it Or maybe I should try a DVD before passing judgement Right li

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    We love the Octonauts in our house This book is completely charming and has a lot of little details to explore and enjoy for kids and grownups too It also inspired us to create our own pop up story with Kwazii So this was a big hit for us

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    We love Octonauts my kid is obsessed with them We started with the show so the books are a little different They're so adorable though I still love the characters

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    This book was trippy but in a good way

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    I like it because it's not a frown fish it's and upside down catfish

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    I love the show it is the most tolerable of all the toddler tv The books are slightly different without creature report but I notice that Twe

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    As an original before the tv show I enjoyed the illustrations much especially all the fun added details and puns You really have to take time to study the pictures to find all the hidden gems I don't want to spoil the ending but it cracked my husband up And of course we had to go back and retread the entire thing with a new perspective

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Creative Octonauts the Frown Epub #222 and fun stories where it all beganIn this third Octonauts storybook the crew meets a fish with a giant frown on his face He looks so glum that he's causing everyone around him to feel down also Our heroes need to find a way to cheer him up The Octonauts try music making field trips miniature golf and even a baking marathon but can they make their new friend smile“Blame it on the Olympics With Beijing behind us thoughts turn to Vancouver then Meomi the team that designed the mascots Next thing you know we remember there is a new Octonauts book coming out in October Why write about clown fish when there’s a frown fish that needs cheering up In The Octonauts and the Frown Fish by Meomi the underwater crew use activities such as a baking marathon to entice their new friend to smile Another affordable piece for the adult collector of cute” Art MoCo “This is the third edition in the Octonauts series and yet again the colors are right on point The cast of colorful characters are on another deep blue ad. Ok cute But what s educational about it It makes no sense than Sponge Bob Suarepants I ll try the first in the series if I can

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The Octonauts the Frown Fish

The books that launched the Frown eBook #9734 the hit cartoon“As promised here’s a post about kids’ books and specifically Meomi’s fabulous The Octonauts seriesThe books in uestion are The Only Lonely Monster The Sea of Shade and the new release The Frown Fish All hold the attention of the grownups the teenager and the school age tike in the house Seriously everyone should run out and get these” BoingBoingToo many children's books talk down to kids thinking that talking on their level euates to dropping I points It’s refreshing The Octonauts PDFEPUBto read The Octonauts and the Frown Fish a smart and entertaining kids bookit’s fun and teaches a lesson to look past the exterior and appreciate what’s inside Comic book readers looking to get their kids into graphic storytelling early will want to seek out this one Nice bed time story reading this one is Ain’t It Cool NewsThis is the original book series that launched the animated TV show which is now popular worldwide and broadcast on the Disney Channel in the USA Discover the. It was so interesting to me to realize that there were 4 Octonauts books before there was a show You can really see why someone w

Free read ½ PDF, DOC, TXT or eBook ☆ Meomi

Venture this time to help out the frown fish have a little fun Each page is a treat for any color lover as the book is full of color cuteness of soft yet vibrant palettes and the wonderful compositions and styling we've come to expect from the Meomi team's illustrations” Colour Lovers“The Octonauts are a crew of eight adorable undersea explorers I fell in love with all of them and I don’t think I could pick a favorite animal In The Octonauts and the Frown Fish the crew finds a fish that frowns all the time They don’t know why the fish frowns because they don’t speak 'Frownese' The Octonauts are determined to cheer the fish up This book elicited the ‘aww that’s cute’ reaction many times The artwork is so adorable and the story is simple but sweet I hope the Frown Fish becomes a recurring character I don’t know if I’d describe this as a children’s book because adults can enjoy it as well The artwork alone is worth the price of the book I would recommend it for anyone with kids or anyone who is a kid at heart” Supah Cute.. I like it because it s not a frown fish it s and upside down catfish