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HildrenWhat Jean learns is that life is not what anyone expects; it is full of odd events and small unforeseen details When O T dies Jean is forced to dig into a past she thought she'd left behind forever and makes a stunning discovery Forced to reckon with a legacy she didn't know existed Jean finds a friend the Lots of less

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Jean Clover was born on a mountain to a blind daddy and a mama steeped in sadness O T Witherspoon came along and if he didn't exactly sweep her off her feet well Jean knew she would be leaving that mountain behind forever for a life maybe just removed from that long history of creeping sadness for a life full of c I read this Wounded to a blind daddy and a mama steeped in sadness O T Witherspoon came along and if he didn't exactly sweep her off her feet well Jean knew she would be leaving Deep Cover that mountain behind forever for a life maybe just removed from Liars Bench that long history of creeping sadness for a life full of c I read The Uninvited Corpse (Food Blogger Mysteries this

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Last place she expected A novel of faith and faithlessness heartache and forgiveness The Last Odd Day is ultimately a story of strength and endurance It is also a tale of the surprisingly delicate beauty of intimate relationships as we follow one woman whose world is falling apart and watch as she slowly repairs i Jean Withers

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    I didn't love this book or hate it It was a pretty good read but sort of boring

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    The Last Odd Day by Lynne Hinton is a story of loss and love Jean Witherspoon’s life is full of death and disappointments until she is left all alone Like the others in her life she perseveres mourning and grieving but never uitting AcceptanceIf you are in the mood for a uiet love story without passion or joy but with care and tolerance this is your book For my detailed report out for book recommendations

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    I read this in 2011 and didn't much like it I just re read it and kind of loved it from 2 stars to 4 Jean's life was filled with death parents child husband And perhaps some I've forgotten It was nice that she took in Lilly and shared her father's life with her Jean was amazingly resilient just kept bouncing back And is it true that the next odd day won't be until 3111??

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    Lots of lessons here about life and dealing w one’s own pain how the effort to protect oneself has impact on those who would love you Not a happy tale but lots of redemption and reminders

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    It is hard to describe this book except that it is about grief family and what might have been It is a uiet book bittersweet but satisfying

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    the Last Odd Dayis an odd book Introspective as it unfolds

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    Jean Witherspoon is content with her life She's not exactly happy but being happy would mean she would also have to suffer pain And Jean put her painful experiences away a long time ago closing herself off to deeper emotions Jean was born to a Cherokee mother and a blind father both of whom died before she was fifteen She carries that grief inside but chooses to focus on her nearly fifty year marriage to her husband OT It is not without heartache For the past seventeen months OT has been living in a nursing home after a stroke and broken hip Jean visits daily helping OT with eating and savoring the moments of clarity when they can converse One day however Jean's tidy world is turned upside down when she finds out that a woman has been visiting OT claiming to be his daughter After OT dies Jean learns than she ever imagined possible about this woman about herself and about the missing pieces of her relationship with her husbandThis is a true gem It's difficult to convey the depth of raw emotion conveyed in the writing without making it seem too maudlin which it definitely is not Lynne Hinton has a beautiful way of communicating exactly what her characters are thinking and feeling without wasting a single word The reader feels a part of the story experiencing everything along with the protagonists Most readers will relate to Jean on some level The grief and loss she has undergone has caused her to close herself off When she finally makes a breakthrough she handles herself with a surprising grace What takes place in the novel will resonate with readers and cause them to examine their own lives I have read most of Lynne Hinton's other books and found The Last Odd Day her best to date She has a gift for depicting female friendships in a realistic way and showing their growth and development even in light of hardship Although this is a fairly short novel it's not one to be consumed in a uick gulp but rather to be savored and pondered

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    Lynn Hinton presents a bittersweet story of a woman who looks back and examine her life and her marriage when her husband of many years dies and a surprising young woman appears who opens doors from the past I always am inspired by this author's writing She has a uote in this book that sticks with me I have heard it before and it is so trueIn the end it isn't how you count things that matters it's how the things that matter countThere isn't any keeping score or way to make things even in love or in suffering in life

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    Loved this book Never heard of author read because of referralJeans husband is very sick and us in a facilityHe pAsses away and jean is forced to reflect on her life The good and the bad Then she finds secrets How she deals with them is unbelievable Great outlook on life and looking back and within

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