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D In fact she's younger than Carole Stirrups Saddle Club Kindle #207 and a better rider Carole is surprised to find herself feeling jealous Then she realizes that this new ri.

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Silver Stirrups Saddle Club #65

Saddle Club PDF #8608 Carole Hanson is used to being the best junior rider at Pine Hollow but a Silver Stirrups PDF or new girl has started taking lessons there and she's goo.

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Der may excel in the saddle but on the ground she's got a lot to work out and the best person to help her is Carole Can Carole overcome her jealousy and forge a new friendshi.

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    In Silver Stirrups we find that Carole is developing a bad case of jealousy With a new rider appearing at Pine Hollow Carole expect

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    A new rider Andrea Barry comes to pine hollow and Carole gets jealous and decides the she will win the sliver stirrups for pine hollow then Carole finds out Andrea and her have a lot in common