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Under His Spell Sparring PartnersWholesome Maggie Kirk had always been wary of commanding cowboy Clint Raygen So if her best friend's forbidding older brother rubbed her the wrong. To uote Danielle the Book Huntress This is by far the meanest Diana Palmer hero and that s saying something He s a real sunavabitch Here are a few of the charming things he says to the stick heroine who has all the personality of said stick I still say a woman s got only one use to a man and I think you know what I m talking about You make me conceited little girl he replied sharply My God if you d reacted to your poor fool of a fianc the way you react to me physically you d still be engaged What eventually drives her away if only for a few days is after he kisses her and she succumbs His hands contracted on her waist as he suddenly thrust her roughly away A cold merciless smile tugged at his mouth And that Miss Kirk evens the score You wanted something to be ashamed of You ve got it He lit a cigarette calmly his narrow eyes flicking her stunned expression as he snapped the lighter shut and pocketed it You ve been following me around like a damned pet dog since you were about eight years old he remarked For future reference I m tired of it I won t be a stand in for a jilting fianc or a balm for a broken heart From now on if you want to be made love to look in some other direction I m tired of giving you lessons The heroine is best friends with the H s little sister and is much younger and has had a crush on him for years When she was 17 he crushed her crush brutally Since then she was engaged to a serial cheater and found out about him two days before the wedding The H taunts her about it a lot She s come to the ranch Florida this time to be secretary to the typical hair chested DP apehero although as Danielle said he s a groundbreaker Mean as spit just to hide how much he loves her Okay Just keep saying 1979 1979 1979 Nope didn t help me either As if all his SOB ness wasn t bad enough the h is knocked out AND hit by a car almost dies and is paralyzed for a while On top of that she has tickets to go on an archaeological cruise first class no less and we all know the SOB isn t going to let her off the ranch once he gets her This early DP dropped that thread and failed to even have the evil OW make an appearance except when mentioned in passing The best character dies anyway

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Sweet Enemy

Pulse would race out of control Maggie secretly dreamed of awakening to womanhood in Clint's powerful embrace but did these sweet enemies have a shot at becoming lifelong lovers.. Boring and I didn t like hero or heroine

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Way how come she'd chosen his ranch to recover from a broken heart She knew the dangers that her foe posed yet every time she crossed paths with the hard edged cattle rancher her. At least the heroine wasnt a blonde I guess

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    To uote Danielle the Book Huntress This is by far the meanest Diana Palmer hero and that's saying something He's a

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    This is by far the meanest Diana Palmer hero and that's saying something I wanted to get out my extra large titanium shovel to brain this jive turkey with I don't think I've ever given a Diana Palmer book a C and hope never to again other than this book which is a C My dream ending would be for Maggie to walk into the sunset with a better man and certainly not ClintI love you Diana Palmer so I'll forgive you for this one that you

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    One thing sorely missing from these earlier works of Palmer are consummation scenes and baby filled epilogues Angst asshole heroes and sweet virgin heroines are there which always makes her books a 4star for me

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    At least the heroine wasnt a blonde I guess 🙄

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    Yes Diana Palmer books can be a little repetitive at times but I really love her stuff Call me crazy or it could be the fact that I haven't read anything by her in months but I loved this story Its nice to take a break from all the vampire romance and murder mystery novels and read something like this I really don't understand why people are

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    Well heck This guy was a jerk supreme but damn he is one alpa male The jerkWhat you would expect in the genre during the 80s and from an earlier Diana Palmer virginal heroine; alpha jerk hero who despises women but has secretly loved the younger heroine since she was even younger yet has NO problems sleeping w

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    Boring and I didn't like hero or heroine

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    Another emotional roller coaster ride Maggie's loved her best friend's brother since she was a child who stuck to him like glue Clin

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    I liked it Ms Palmer's books can be a little repetitive at times but I can't get enough of them I'm a sucker for older heroyounger heroine trope and that both of them dealing with a lovehate internal struggle I love it when they fight maybe it’s because it’s a passionate emotion of some kind and I know buried behind that anger or frustration or whatever is the deep love they have for each other But the endi

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    I kind of like it Maggie and Clint's like cat and mouse They've been fighting and arguing since forever But after Maggie's engagement is being hold because cheating fiancé she's forced to go back to her hometown and meet Clint But then her feeling's bloom And towards Clint I like it Mostly because the angst and the way Clint treated Maggie

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