Summary ☆ Not a Nickel to Spare The Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen Dear Canada

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In her community when she ventures outside her familiar Jewish neighbourhood And her cousin Benny is always getting i I've read a few o

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Not a Nickel to Spare The Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen Dear Canada

Coping with being poor during the Depression is hard enough but Sally also has to deal with the anti Jewish feelings I don't understan Edouard Manet understan

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    Now with many if not most of the Dear Canada fictional diaries that I had read before joining Goodreads in 2009 and that are often still languishing on my to read list as unreviewed I am of course planning on rereading them before I finally post a review But no I will indeed NOT bother doing so with Not a Nickel to Spare The Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen since I did not at at ALL enjoy Perry Nodelman's featured text when I read Not a Nickel to Spare The Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen in 2007 and have definitely mostly found Sally Cohen's imagined journal musings annoyingly frustrating and in no way even remotely a reading pleasure and because yes I just also and really do not feel up to rereading a narrative that I have found so unenjoyable I actually had to constantly skim and skip huge sections of in order to be able to even complete Not a Nickel to Spare The Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen and not give up For while Perry Nodelman does certainly capture a very realistic sense of time and of place in Sally Cohen's fictional diary Depression era Toronto Canada with its economic woes and wide spread joblessness as well as issues regarding rising anti Semitism in 1930s Canada I for one have from the first printed words of Not a Nickel to Spare The Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen found Sally's voice while perhaps age appropriate also absolutely inauthentic with regard to gender with how Perry Nodelman presents Sally Cohen and her fictional diary never really feeling like she like Sally truly is a girl but rather like a boy in disguise like I am reading a male voice pretending to be female not deliberately done so of course but I just do not think that Perry Nodelman ever truly captures Sally as being in any way feminine enough and as such also sufficiently authentic and relatable And indeed the inherent inauthenticity of Nodelman's narration of how he in my opinion is unable to render Sally into a gender appropriate narrator this has also truly and lastingly lessened my potential reading pleasure regarding Not a Nickel to Spare The Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen and to the point of me only considering but one star as a rating Because yes if there is one thing that I personally cannot abide and stomach when reading especially first person narration it is indeed voices that feel false and to and for me Sally just does not ever in Not a Nickel to Spare The Great Depression Diary of Sally Cohen show herself as though she even a totally ny bit mirrors whom and what she is in fact supposed to be that there is really nothing in her fictional diary entries that I have found girl appropriate that Perry Nodelman in my opinion truly makes his Sally Cohen feel not at all realistic as a girl as someone who is supposed to be inherently female

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    I don't understand why this book has such a low rating It is probably one of the most realistic and historically accurate book in the entire series At least it touches on not only the depression but the rise of Hitler Not only this but it talks about how this was like for Jews in Canada something not many people really touch on This was one of the first books I read in this series and in my opinion one of the best books in the series

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    This was truly realistic I loved that the character of Sally was so accurately immature in that she is definitely eleven years old with age appropriate thoughts and opinions I also liked that this took place not in a traditional kind of diary but a scribbler

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    1 star 110 hearts This must be the worst Dear Canada book there is Sally is weird and ungirlish her family is nasty and there are a couple scenes set in a bar with some bad comments I very much disliked this book and I don’t intend to pick up another book by the author—at least not without very good recommendation

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    Not a Nickel to Spare is about Sally Cohen a young girl who faces the difficulties of depression But on top of worrying about having enough money to survive Sally also faces the difficulties of being a jewish With her cousin Benny Sally has many exciting adventures that help Sally face her fears and learn about being jewishI picked up this book because MrGould told us to try the Dear Canada series I also realised that I haven't read a historical fiction book in a while So I decided to go look at all the Dear Canada books that were in I read the all the book's back I decided to take this one because I read another book about a young girl in the time of depression and I loved the book The book was called That Scatterbrain Booky it was fantasticI finished this book because I admired every page of it my favourite part of the book was that it was written as if Sally was actually writing in it This book also helped me learn a lot about the Great Depression in Canada It also made me realise what a tragedy the Great Depression was this was another reason why I couldn't put this book down because I was learning so much And even though Sally and her life may have been fictional it hurt to know that there were many people in her situation and in situations much worse I would recommend this book to Sashini because Sashini knows a lot about history and she knows even about Hitler And even though this book takes place in Canada Sally talks a lot about the Nazis and Hitler in Germany I think Sashini will like this book just as much as I did and probably even

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    I've read a few of the 'Dear Canada' books but this is without a doubt my favourite Sally Cohen's diary really touched me and pulled at the heart strings Being from Toronto I really liked reading about places I knew but what really got me was the racist attitudes the Torontonians had in the 1930s I've always been proud to be Canadian in this multi cultured city and I had never imagined that Canadians were so racist and some even supported Hitler in those days Then to read that Canada had pretty much closed their doors to Jews fleeing the Nazis made me so angry and upset In all honesty this book made me change the way I thought of my country The rose tinted glasses have been taken off I'm so glad I've read this book It was a little snap shot of life for a young Jewish girl living in Toronto during the depression It opened my eyes and made me appreciate the time I'm living in now where racism and intolerance to religious beliefs are not acceptable in society I think that's the whole point to these little books Little girls reading these can look at what they have and what world they live in and be a little grateful Of all the books in the series I've read so far this book has been the most touching and the message is spoken loud and clear

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    This was a well researched book on life during the depression in Toronto I enjoyed the details about food eaten school days and the constant search for work I also appreciated that the author included many stories about his own parents living during this time However I felt in some ways that Benny should have been the main character in the story It seemed like Sally lived a lot of her story through her cousin and that things might have been interesting from his perspective I also thought the book could have used a bit of tightening However I learned a lot and would recommend it for students interested in this time period

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    Not very enjoyable The only time she seems to write is to complain that she's bored until her cousin starts getting into trouble And I really didn't enjoy the reverse racism She doesn't seem to be able to form opinions of her own about the gentiles she just lets her father's experiences color her judgment Her father doesn't speak English very well so of course he doesn't really have a good experience with any gentile I don't think I'm going to read this one again

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    355Sally Cohen is growing up in a family of 5 girls with her Jewish immigrant parents Her family worked hard and faced many challenging times together They did not always agree but they made the best of hard timesUnfortunately Toronto was not as welcoming during this era People stayed within their own nationality or religious group School children did not play or associate with otherThere are many incidents which thankfully would be unacceptable todayThe book is well researched including loosely based stories from the authors parentsAn eye opening book for the time locally nationally and internationallyPart of the Dear Canada series

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    A great book to better understand what it is do be without