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The letters were found in a locked briefcase in a London mansion Shocking and explicit they are all addresed to the same mysterious woman Chloe It is clear that the relat.

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Letters to Chloe

Ionship between the writer and Chloe is no ordinary one but a liaison governed by power which transforms an innocent young woman into a powerful sexual enigma Each letter.

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Pushes Chloe a little nearer to the limitsof sexual role play until as events reach their climax the uestion must be asked who Letters to PDFEPUB or is really in control.

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    Good clean prose undisguised eroticism A highly erotic exploration of a sexually masochistic woman's desires and memories One of the best of the modern writers of erotica comparable to the Olympia Press classicsSpoilers possible from hereAt first blush the reader might be tempted to decide that the book is an imitation of The Stor

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    Superb Among my favourite half dozen of the genre