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  • James Carlos Blake
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  • 04 December 2019
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    Really cool story about Harry Pierpont Dillinger's main man Blake establishes pretty clearly that the gang was of a joint effort with Dillinger and Pierpont almost always on the same page when decisions were made They were friends and both put a high premium on loyalty Given the criminal soup of both prison and the murky underworld of bank robbing that's pretty amazing Oh there's backstabbing and betrayals just not from these two Blake portrays Pierpont as being tough as nails His numerous trips to the prison hole are practically superhuman displays of defiance toward the Man But he's never so hard that he can't be a good guy to his girl his mother or his friends But when faced with the Law his hate of it was implacable This hatred is the one thread that is common with the gang members and much of the underground world in which they move For about 34 of the book I was hooked Blake has a great ear for period dialogue and setting And Blake can do violence with the best of them Cormac McCarthy James Ellroy This is a crime novel but it's probably accurate to call it a historical novel At least it would become that over time As the book raced toward its end I couldn't help but feel that Blake was following closely perhaps too closely the Pierpont and Dillinger chronology of crime It's like some of the spell was lost But you can't beat the ending which is as noir as it gets Pierpont shot to pieces due to an escape attempt the book opens with this fact so I'm not giving anything away is carried due to his wounds to the electric chair As Pierpont himself puts it Woooooooo

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    This story is about the 1930’s infamous Dillinger gang as narrated by one of his best criminal gang members Harry Pierpont Harry seemed to be a very intelligent bank robber He planned and executed uite a few successful robberies He also brilliantly escaped the Michigan City Indiana prison by making a home made key While serving a Death Row sentence he failed to escape prison using phony weapons made out of prison soapHarry was a great street fighter too He was respected in prison for his ability to withstand pain and imperviousness to isolation in the hole He should have tried professional boxing Boxing was a lucrative occupation during the Depression era 1930's All of Harry’s thoughts were vividly displayed in the author’s writings It is interesting that he based the story out of one of the relatively unknown characters of the gang

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    This is a Chicago 1930's era crime novel gritty violent excellent James Carlos Blake is one of my very favorites I'm sure I'm not the demographic for this book but I don't care He is simply a master storyteller Really this is 45 stars

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    Bank robber story during the Great Depression in the Midwest Some fun moments here but not Blake's best effort The language is easy going and the characters interesting but the story runs out of gas about halfway through and becomes predictable

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    Great writing and a fascinating subject but even so I can't really get into books with a protagonist I don't want to succeed

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    decent enough not too gripping but not a bad time pass

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    In his Author's Note at the back of Handsome Harry James Carlos Blake states that his novel's chief allegiance is not to the fact but to the truth of its story In telling this story in Harry's voice Blake has to fill in the gaps between known facts and dubious facts He uses the gaps to shape Harry's voice and life Blake's imagination makes the story and characters whole I had already read Public Enemies by Bryan Burrough and seen the same named film many times see my pdf review on my website wwwjimguiglicom The film takes some liberties with the facts many compared to Handsome Harry Even with knowing what would happen Handsome Harry was a thoroughly enjoyable read for me and yes a page turnerA bonus is Blake's economy of language reminding me some of El Leonard Blake's descriptions through Harry's eyes were worth the price of the book alone One example New MexicoThe river was the color of rum and ran past yellow hills and green pepper fields and red and blue mountain ranges under thunderheads and faraway purple rain

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    Handsome Harry is a retelling of the John Dillinger story through the eyes of Handsome Harry Pierpont who was a notorious member of the Dillinger Gang and the only one to die in the electric chairHandsome Harry and John Dillinger made headlines as bank robbers and fighting it out in gun battles Harry's story takes us through his teenage years as a small time crook to his meeting with John Dillinger Many banks were robbed and the gang also made escapes from the penitentiary and other smaller jails The gang enjoyed what they were doing and liked being on the edge all the time This was a good life for them and their girlfriendsThis was a good read and I think it will be enjoyed by all who read it

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    This book is getting better and better I am now on page 150Almost finished with this book Really gritty and good Will be done by the weekend Michelle do you still want it? Bought books by him from Finished the book Really good I was sad when I finished it

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    I didnt think I would like this book But after getting through the first hundred pages I just couldnt put it down James Blake has a gift of writing that totally sucks you in This book is not for young readers but only for good mature adults

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Handsome Harry

F his notoriety and to his final hours in the penitentiary death houseCrafted in James Carlos Blake's signature style of fast paced violence sizzling sex and darkly raucous humor Handsome Harry re creates a thrilling chapter from the chronicles of American crim Handsome Harry is a retelling of the John Dillinger story through the eyes of Handsome Harry Pier

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E Harry Pierpont tough fearless intelligent and sworn to live by no law but his own Presented as his intimate confessions Harry's story takes us from his teenage days as a small time crook to his fateful meeting with the eually young Dillinger to the pinnacle o Bank robber story during the Great Depression in the Midwest Some fun moments here but not Blake'

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Harry Pierpont and John Dillinger were die hard and deadly partners who made national headlines with their daring bank hold ups and gun battles and they had a lot of laughs while they were at it They were known as the Dillinger Gang but at its heart was Handsom This story is about the 1930’s infamous Dillinger gang as narrated by one of his best criminal

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James Carlos Blake is one of the America's most highly regarded living authors of historical crime fiction Born in Mexico his family moved regularly when he was a child living in various towns along the border and coast before finally settling in Texas when he was six After a stint in the army Blake attended the University of South Florida and received a Master's degree from Bowling Green Sta.