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Just the four gargoylz that Max and Ben meet in book one Imagine the fun and chaos that ensues once the gargoylz and the boys are working togetherGARGOYLZ ARE VERY NAUGHTY AND WON'T KEEP STILL FOR LONG THEREFORE THE TOY INCLUDED MAY NOT BE EXACTLY AS SHOWN.

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Gargoylz on the Loose

When Max and Ben discover that the ancient stone figures on the church next door to their school actually come to life they Gargoylz on PDFEPUB or are delighted School will be much fun now that the boys have the gargoylz to help them play pranks and wreak.

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Havoc And when they discover that the gargoylz all have special powers too they realize that the possibilities for mischief are endlessGargoyle Toby can fly Barney can make terrible smells Bart burps spiders and Zack can turn himself invisible and those are.

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    I’ve gave this book 5 out 5 stars cuz it was my ever first book that I read when I was little which was 8 years ago From that moment I’m ob

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    Not sure about this series One the one hand it's a great idea Naughty gargoyles that come to life and play tricks on people Some really funny slapstick scenes involving water farts burps and spiders But the characters are really stereotyped The mean stupid principal the well meaning blind teacher the two naughty boy main characters who smi

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    Awesome So funny I love the Gargoyl with the burping power and the Gargoyl with invisible power