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    Content warning for discussion about the abuse of animals during scientific experiments It is clear that the character talking about this experiment is completely against this unethical practice If you’re not sure if this content will be upsetting for your child you may want to Google Harlow’s experiments with monkeys Be warned it’s not happy bedtime readingKelli has known she can speak to objects and hear them reply for most of her life Objects will even do what she asks them to Since her parent’s divorce Kelli has kept uiet about her abilities but after doing paid surveys at the university where her mother works Kelli’s abilities are suspected by researchers Kelli joins a group of other children and young adults with potential ESP and telekinesis abilities for a three week study at the university It isn’t long before the participants begin to disappear I enjoyed this book although I am left with some uestions including why the blurb gave away so much of the story Yes I have too but the blurb paved the way I think my favourite character was Kelli’s pillow whose role is to protect and comfort her I can definitely imagine chatting away to an empathetic pillow when I have trouble sleepingI was annoyed by Kelli’s mother’s refusal to believe at the end of the book despite all that she’d witnessed She rambles to her daughter “But Talia insisted on being part of that study anyway And now look where that got her” So much blame for Talia so little responsibility for Kelli’s mother Surely she would have found out all of the details of the study prior to allowing her daughter to participateI wondered how Kelli’s pillow knew what advice to give her but all things considered I suppose the pillow could have been given information from the walls While I witnessed glimpses of what some of the other participants could do they never became characters I was invested in so I’d like to learn about themIt made no sense to me that when Kelli view spoilersneaks into Talia’s office she uses the computer to message her friend to do research on the person running the experiment instead of just using the desk phone to call her mother for help We find out in the next chapter that the phone is in the same office as the computer hide spoiler

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    I received a free copy of POWERED EPIPHANY written by Priya Sridhar and illustrated by Meg Owenson in exchange for an honest review This is a short children’s book written for ages 8 12 The main character is Kelli Paramar Kelli is obsessed with spending the summer with her best friend playing a new video game system Kelli’s problem is that neither she nor her friend actually have the new video game system Kelli’s mom works for Spyglass University and sometimes allows Kelli to earn extra money by participating in psychological testing So when Kelli is offered enough money to purchase the gaming system for spending a couple of weeks testing her psychic ability the ability to converse with inanimate objects Kelli jumps at the chance Things go awry when the inanimate objects around her start acting strangely and other test subjects begin to disappearThis was a short uick read It has some excellent vocabulary beautiful illustrations and a cute uickly resolved storyline I liked it but I also thought it had the potential for much #Epiphany #NetGalley

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    I want to start that this isn't for an 8 year old MAYBE 10 11 butt there is animal experiments you can tell that the MC is against it Also I know the few 8 year olds I know would begin to think that people out there can do these things that the MC does and that would scare them Now besides the age factor its a good book Its a uick read about a girl wanting to make some money for a game system

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Read ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Æ Priya Sridhar


Kelli talks to objects and the objects talk back However Kelli has kept her powers of ESP and telekinesis hidden until a psychological study no

Summary Epiphany

Tices her potential Kelli agrees to the psychologist's program interested in learning about her abilities She also meets other people with powe

Read ´ eBook, ePUB or Kindle PDF Æ Priya Sridhar

Rs of their own But when test subjects begin to disappear Kelli discovers the curious psychologist is much like a mad scientist eager for power

  • Hardcover
  • 112
  • Epiphany
  • Priya Sridhar
  • en
  • 05 March 2019
  • 9781496578846