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Lism that is today's China Traveling by camel sleeper bus and train across the deserts of Xinjiang through the backwoods of Tibet over the mountains of Sich

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Dont Joke on the Stairs

Learn Chinese the on the PDF #8608 natural way from a Norwegian Join Cantonese fundamentalist Cecilie Gamst Berg as she journeys through the non stop surrea

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Uan to the outlying islands of Hong Kong Cecilie shows how China is not only the fastest changing place on earth Dont Joke eBook #10003 but also the most fu

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    Move over Paul Theroux There's a new China train expert and her name is Cecilie Gamst Berg It's been years since I read Riding the Iron Rooster but I don't remember laughing as much as I did while reading Gamst Berg's memoir Don't Joke on the Stairs As a former Hong Kong resident and China traveler I found myself agreeing with Gamst Berg's a

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    The author a Norwegian who has spent two decades in China and is fluent in Cantonese and Mandarin certainly has the ualifications to write a book about this country and can be expected to have much of interest to relate Unlike the usual cont

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