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He chance to become a hero slip through his butterfingers? Join our unlikely hero and his animal friends on their daring uest across the plain through the woods and into the mountains to find out From the Hardcover editio Beautiful pape The Monster in My Closet daring uest across the plain through the woods and into the mountains to find out From the Hardcover editio Beautiful pape

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PRINCESS BELLA HAS been snatched from her secret garden by a terrifying monster leaving behind nothing but a glittering golden ball Not even the bravest knights in the kingdom can save her from the huge dark firebreathing Fairly cute bo Billy Connolly dark firebreathing Fairly cute bo


Creature with enormous wings a great swishing tail and deadly claws But clumsy Ned the stable boy is determined to succeed where the gallant knights have failed Can he defeat the dragon and get the girl? Or will he let t Ned the stable

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    Fairly cute book about a clumsy stable boy who helps to save a princess from a dragon Definitely for children between 2nd and 4th grade and was amusing but not the greatest book I've read lately Cute illustrations though

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    I like children’s books that are well illustrated even if I have the story elsewhere and the ones in this are wonderful in their distinctiveness The black and white and gray illustrations in this book look like silhouettes on the page giving it the old fashioned feel of a shadow puppet play The pictures themselves tell the story along with the text as on eight consecutive pages we see a princess at play and then snatched up by a terrible dark shadow This is a story like no other featuring a hero as clumsy as he is inept But in spite of his obvious lack of knightly training Ned sets out with brave heart to find the lost princess Attended by a motley crew of beasts Ned’s plight definitely hearkens back to old Grimm tales but with far personality and warmth

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    Ned the stable boy admired the princess from afar until one day when a beast flew down and snatched her The king dispatched his knights to rescue her but the return of a hawk signaled their failure Now Ned so clumsy that he was known as Butterfingers took up the mantle and left on the old pony Dilly accompanied by his cantankerous dog Tuffy As they traveled across the parched landscape their party grew to include a pig a mouse an otter a fox and a lark Now they just needed to rescue the princess from a dThe constant chatter of the animals to advance the story was sometimes annoying I ended up hating the dog but really wanted to know about Ned and the princess

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    This book was a let down from beginning to end First of all the illustrations are useless Using black the illustrater does only shadow style drawings which gives the reader no help in trying to imagine character styles or specifics The story is easily figured out early in the book even though the author for some reason remains at trying to keep the plot a mystery This book should have been at least half as long and meant as a early reader version with just a couple of chapters Just not worth the time it took to read it

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    The book is nothing special and is in fact rather cliche But the art is gorgeous Ian Beck has done a masterful job using silhouette techniue to create detailed illustrations throughout the book He seems to have used overlays in some instances to get a slightly detailed look while preserving the silhouettes Worth perusing for the illustrations Shame the story isn't interesting

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    Fast read but good

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    Fairytale about a clumsy stableboy and a band of animals who save a princess

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    Beautiful paper cut shadow pictures New Fairytale

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    This one was OK A stable boy must save the princess from a terrible dragon Cute but not wonderful

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