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Melanie has spent her entire life working her way up in the world By day she studies at law school and by night she serves drinks at an exclusive club to afford her tuition But the hard working Melanie will never admit her true desire to escape from her fast paced high pressure life if only.

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Being Hers (English Edition)

Lanie insists that her affair with Vanessa remains purely physical But as her limits are tested so is the line between lust and love When ghosts from the past reappear both women must face their deepest fears Can Melanie surrender her everything to Vanessa or will old wounds prove too great..

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For a momentWhen Melanie meets Vanessa a glamorous executive and a regular at the club she is drawn to the enigmatic black haired woman Vanessa is relentless in pursuing what she wantsand what she wants is Melanie Soon Melanie finds herself caught up in Vanessas sensual games of submissionMe.

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