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At they end up on opposite sides of the fence and become enemies uick and Tiffany meet under unfortunate circumstances but they instantly connect and fall in love Tiffany is pulled into uick's street world full of lies and revenge Lucky and uick are constantly going against each other and the friendship seems to be lost forever When the opportunity comes along for both of them to be on the top spot will they be able to rekindle the friendship? This book was weak I got tired of the domestic violence scenes The same

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Tiffany is trapped in a life she never wanted for herself The man she fell in love with turned out to be a lazy good for nothing womanizer Night after night Tiffany comes home to Blake's physical mental and verbal abuse She's tried leaving in the past but somehow he always finds her Each time she comes back and convinces herself things will get better Then one day Blake beats her for the last time Tiffany decides death is the only way out and Very predictable urban fiction The protagonist Tiffany was a young lady

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She's not the one being buried Her life takes a drastic turn as she attempts to live the life she's always wanted Lucky and uick are childhood friends trying to make a name for themselves They have been working corners proving their loyalty to the streets and waiting for their big break When they finally get the chance to prove themselves they uickly climb up the ladder and find themselves working for the top dogs Everything happens so fast th jeez dc book was amazing t was funny disgusting nd everything in betwee

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    I believe this book was ok I read it all and I actually liked it However the ending was just not ok it seamed like the author just wanted to throw that in to hurry up and end the book And did anyone else notice the typo???

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    Obsession by Treasure Hernandez is a good bookDrugs sex and murder but I didnt like the ending

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    Very predictable urban fiction The protagonist Tiffany was a young lady with a good head on her shoulders but in a terrible abusive relationship She was eventually saved by a hustler I hated that Why can't there be strong women in these stories This author continues to use the Romeo and JulietBonnie and ClydeMickey and Malory story line It is predictable and overdone On a postive note the story is is a uick read I read this book in about three and a half hours I need a little originality This formulaic story telling is getting a bit old And the ending was perhaps the worst ending in the history of books I saw what the author was trying to do but it just lacked The female protagonist Tiffany had potential to be so much than just the wife of a drug dealer The transitions were weak at best Toward the end we are pushed ahead a few years without even knowing it I give this book three stars because I saw what the author was trying to do just didn't achieve the goal Could have been so much

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    Tiffany was a victim of perpetual abuse by Blake She tried to move out once and saved up some cash Blake beat her up at her job and she moved back in with him uick used to eat at the IHOP and saved her from a beat down She also built up enough heart to defend herself She and uick hooked up but Blake wasn't having it He had the nerve to think that she was supposed to come back to the pain It was a rough and tumble novel that featured Sosa and Turf as two gangsters who were living on the edge uick summer read

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    Over all this book was just okay the ending made the book horrible

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    jeez dc book was amazing t was funny disgusting nd everything in between definately kept me on da edge of my seat all da tym twas UTTERLY AMAZING

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    This book was weak I got tired of the domestic violence scenes The same character that saved the woman from her abusive boyfriend bashes and slaps other women in the face The characters were unrealistic Gangsta drug dealers would never shed tears in front of their crew I understand loyalty but some of the scenarios just left me rolling my eyes I myself cant write a 200 page book so I cant be too critical but I was so confused at the timeline How did 3 4 years pass before anybody made a move? What happened in the mean time? I felt like this book should have finished up the original plot lines then ended Throwing in the fact that a few years passed after reading what seemed like a few days passed was confusing There were way too many names Then some of the characters had nick names on top of real names which made it even harder to keep up on why this character wanted revenge on that characterAND lastly why is this called obsession? I was trying to figure this out the whole time I thought Tiffany was the main character but whowhat was she obsessed with? Is the title about Kat? We barely read about her Is it about the drug dealers' obsession with money and murder?

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    this book was alright the narrator could have read with some type of excitement and emotions It sound like she was reading to a kindergarten class but I wanted to know what was gonna happen next Everything was going OK til it got to the part where Tiffany left here door unlock at the grocery store It went way downhill from there Maybe if Blake would have kidnapped Tiffany and then had uick and the crew to come look for her and a shoot out occurred between them and Blake verses the cops and uick be the hero and they all live happily ever after

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    Wowthat's all I can really say I've read books by Treasure Hernandez before so I know she's a decent authorbut ummmm who said this was okay to print AWFUL It was a hodge podge of random urban fiction events thrown together Unbelievable seuences under developed characters and just poorly put together from start to finish

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    Good uick read

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