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Re melodies of blood love is a ghost lost in the boom box and the only remix that really matters is the remix of the heartAfter years of playing bass in lousy two bit bands elliot finally gets his big chance he meets a singer a dj and a drummer who seem to have everyth Written in chunks between slashes images splilling over each other spaced out like a lyric sheet The novel uses one unexplained sci fi concept which is really just a device to get to delving into the poetry and explore the ties between music history and family Felt like an early MTV back when they played music and was worth watching being victim to William S Burroughs editing experiments If you re looking for a traditional narrative don t pick this up If you love modern music and want your brain stretched pick it up

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Needle in the Groove

Ing passion talent hypnotic songs and a whole new way of funky seduction but just as their first dance record is climbing the charts one of the band disappears Elliot's search for the missing musician becomes a wild fiercely emotional trip into the dark soul of rhythm A novel to savior in small doses The layout of the text encourages reading some passages like poetry some like prose some like art The musical timberline from skiffle through punk and new wave to down tempo and groove makes a fine backdrop for a gritty story of longing and discovery I suspect this is the experience my English teachers wanted me to get from The Catcher in the Rye

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In this astonishing novel Jeff Noon allows the complex rhythms of dance music to infect his language creating a new kind of writing liuid dub poetics in the grooves he discovers a Needle in MOBI #224 world where the scratches of the stylus cut the body a dj's samples a I m not entirely convinced that this book knew what it wanted to be Very broadly speaking texts that earn the handle experimental are those that tweak some stylistic convention attaining to realism in order to show A the constructedness of all texts and slash or B that realism is itself a genre laden with political and ideological codes which typically present bourgeois values as normative And Noon s Needle in the Groove is certainly experimental The novel s dialogue is set off by em dashes a la Gaddis all terminal punctuation marks have been replaced by slashes effectively making the text read like an album s liner notes an effect I think Noon was striving for and there s almost no exposition to ground the reader to either setting or plot So setting and plot are bourgeois affectations and uotation marks are bourgeois affectations and if you need periods then you re like totally suaresville man cause that s not what this book s about But so then what is this book about Here bassist Elliot Hall oh there aren t any capital letters either so it s actually elliot hall is recruited to join a band with drummer 2spot singer donna and dj jody who are making an album of what we re led to understand is a special though unspecified kind of new music that is being recorded on the sci fi recording medium liuid These liuid recordings are about the size of a gumball and can have their recordings remixed just by shaking them as in shaking this gumball sized globe produces a different track when that globe is replayed Much of the first half of the novel is about the band laying down and versions of what they expect will be their hit single and then shaking the globe the last version was recorded on and then being not uite satisfied and then trying again Woven throughout these sessions is the disclosure of elliot s cliched drug habit from which he s recovering and the band s various and cliched love triangles and the revelations about ever taciturn 2spot s musical lineage and cliched messed up childhood the angst from which childhood drives his creativity From these brief scenelets the reader gathers that each musician desires contact with their musical heroes and inspirations which contact is only possible to them as it is to us through the music they left for us But then without much preamble these guys decide to freebase the liuid recording globes liuid and transport themselves to the moments when their musical role models were in their primes This Noon s literalization of the cliched apothegm about music being a drug capable of transportation is the most interesting part of the book and it allows Noon to introduce competing timelines and hallucinatory visions and just basically confuse the reader s certainty of what s really happening in this novel and what isn t This would seem to underline the novel s experimental cred in that these effects show the novel s and the Novel s artificiality and play against our bourgeois expectations about novels taking care of us and providing clear conclusions The rest of the novel is an investigation into one of the band members deaths which investigation necessitates the use of the last remaining globes liuid a recording medium that has since been discontinued because one gathers many people began taking advantage of its hallucinogenic potential and leads to a revelation that isn t especially revelatory And I think I would be cool with all this if there was harmony between the novel s experimental features and its central theme The thing that this kind of experimentation accomplishes is a sense of distance between the text and the reader this text resists the reader s attempts to ignore its artificiality as well as get transported into the world of the text s construction Which is fine but then the novel is ABOUT art s capacity to transport us and function as a kind of hallucinogen that makes suiggles on a page or scratches embedded in vinyl seem real This dissonance is to me at least unaccountable Maybe Noon wants to be a musician instead or maybe he wants to suggest that these artificial means of connecting with humanity aren t entirely sufficient or maybe his point is that bassists are shallow and shouldn t get to narrate At the end of the whole everything though I m left thinking that this book didn t know what it wanted to be

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    Needle In The Groove is the sixth of Jeff Noon's books I've read and while I admit that I think they're all good books personally I think this is one of his bestStory wise it's a departure from his earlier works seemingly moving away from the literary worlds of the Vurt verse though there are moments within the narrative where I could see the conceptual connections between those earlier works and this one It's a story about a b

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    unlike anything this book made me feel alive there is a richness and a real spark of genius within its pages I've found nothing like it beforeNoon is as innovative as he is in tune with the underlying essence of life this book made me want to

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    I'm not entirely convinced that this book knew what it wanted to be Very broadly speaking texts that earn the handle experimental are those th

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    Having read several other of Noon's books I found this one very different but no less enjoyable Instead of creating a whole new imaginary world as in Vurt etc this is a tale based around a real Manchester drawing inspiration from five decade

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    Written in chunks between slashes images splilling over each other spaced out like a lyric sheet The novel uses one unexplained sci fi concep

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    Wildly inventive music brought to words words transliterated into musical sound If you can imagine such a thing Verbal dubs reverb and remixes all dance across the pages The plot is a bit weak Noon's usual obsessions with trying to recapture a girl long lost but preserved in an aching heart The history of generational repeated beh

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    A novel to savior in small doses The layout of the text encourages reading some passages like poetry some like prose some like art The

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    The style a stark lyrical stream of consciousness works far better than I feared it would It both sets and suits the mood and captures the perfect atmosphere for the first half of Needle In The Groove But then the plot such as there is one starts to take over and its like waking from a dream before you were done the spell is broken

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    Jeff Noon uses cut up techniue makes it an interesting read fast paced aggressive captivating at times occasionally a bit frustrating captures voice well good sense of rhythm through language thus reflecting dan

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    i love jeff noon he writes with a complete lack of fear and without rules every time i finish one of his novels even one i have previously read i want to go and write something myself if you can motivate me then you must be doing something right

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