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Rás del glamour y la escalada meteórica a la fama se esconde una historia llena de tragedia y decepción Tras superar una adolescencia marcada por la adicción a las drogas Jenna ingresó en el negocio de las películas para adultos donde se topó con sádicos directores actrices rivales ue le hicieron la vida imposible y también míticas celebridades como Marilyn Manson o Tommy LeePero su búsueda de la felicidad no concluyó cuando empezaron los elogios Durante años luchó contra su propio resentimiento el conflicto con su padre la soledad de crecer sin una madre y su per WARNINGSOME MAY FIND THIS REVIEW OFFENSIVE Jenna Jameson attempts to write Where do I begin First of all there is a difference between an interesting story and a well executed story When both elements are there you have a great story Her life story is definitely not boring but her life in story form is delivered very poorly not to mention it s about 300 pages too long I must add that I knew kind of what I was getting into I knew she didn t have a writing background or an education for that matter that she had to lean on co writer Neil Strauss than your average autobiographer that my expectations shouldn t demand the same from her as say my expectations from a Hemingway or Fitzgerald story I don t mean to imply that she is dumb On the contrary she appears to be very intelligent ambitious and innovative It is that mix of elements that makes her story so interesting especially given her grassroots attempt at success in the male dominated sex industry This gal is not stupid But she is not good with a pen One oddity that left me baffled was her choice of words Even though profanity runs rampant and explicit sexual prose drapes nearly every page and it makes sense in this kind of story she makes freuent use of the words pee pee and ding dong for you knowand friggin Come on Jenna you re a porn staract like itit s PUSSY Another annoying aspect of this book was it s all in one deal This book contains Jenna comics cartoons interviews diary entries and not of the same caliber as Virginia Woolf like Dear Diary I kissed a boy today and then he touched my pee pee Jenna s ten commandments and pictures galore I do understand however why this book would be heavier in pictures but all of these superfluous additions account for approximately 13 of the book hence it could have been much shorter One strength Jenna possesses is candidness At times however I felt like she was summoning the spirit of Judy Blume Consider this entry My first period brought with it a whole new set of problems One was that I still had my hymen It was a thin flat layer of flesh completely blocking my opening making it impossible to use tampons Bless her heart This is but one of many tragedies Jenna faced and conuered and no detail is left to the imagination So far I have been really harsh but there were some good things about the book For one she s funny I found myself laughing at multiple points throughout the story Her sense of humor is a great balance to the lurid subject matter All I did was contribute to Kleenex sales She also doesn t hold back In a story such as this that s crucial She also throws in some how tos for the blossoming wannabe porn star Soif you re easily offended by profanity or explicit sexual content this book is not for you It s also not the kind of book to read on the morning commute as explicit pictures abound throughout But if you can accept her story for what it is then this is an interesting if not enjoyable read It s not everyday we get to read the life story of a famous porn star Strangely it makes for an interesting book club choice depending on the degree of open mindedness of its members Consider yourself warned

characters å eBook, PDF or Kindle ePUB ✓ Jenna Jameson

How to Make Love Like a Porn Star: A Cautionary Tale

La famosa actriz Make Love ePUB #8608 porno Jenna Jameson nos cuenta en primera persona la historia de su vida con una visión honesta humorística How to Kindle y eróticaLos bajos fondos de Las Vegas con las violentas pandillas de moteros y los sórdidos clubes de strip tease convirtieron a to Make Love MOBI #241 la desgarbada e inocente Jenna Massoli ue aún llevaba aparatos bucales en la bomba erótico sexual Jenna Jameson Actualmente Jenna es la to Make Love Like a ePUB #10003 estrella más importante de la industria to Make Love Like a ePUB #10003 del cine pornoPero det I think this is a story of survival Why do people always look at me funny when I admit to having read this Being the ueen of her business that she is I read it wanting to know what made her tick Sex is the popular answer to that But that s really not the truth She admits to loving sex but she dispels the myth that porn stars are sex addicts who want to get paid for their source of pleasure She s very honest about admitting how bad the sex industry can be The fact that she survived brutal rape than once addiction and bad abusive boyfriend after bad abusive boyfriend says that she s tough She s also a very smart business lady She deserves all that she has if it s what makes her happy When in doubt if you were to ask yourself what would Jenna do it would be as valid as asking what would Jesus do or what would Janis do Jenna would say to move on and make the best of the situation She knew how to separate emotion and work In the end she s just another girl who had a string of bad boyfriends and wanted to be successful at her job Really it s a just another story of a gal trying to make it on her own This isn t a story about sex or about porn It s a story of survival I didn t give it any than three stars only because she didn t write it all by herself

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Manente deseo infantil de hallar a un hombre ue le proporcionase la seguridad y el amor ue nunca había conocidoEstas memorias sinceras y desgarradas son muchas cosas a la vez una perturbadora historia sexual una guía por el mundo secreto de la millonaria industria del cine para adultos y un cautivante thriller ue se sumerge en el oscuro pasado de Jenna pero ue también ofrece hilarantes anécdotas sobre las películas porno y comparte ultrajantes consejos de la autora al tiempo ue incluye sus diez mandamientos sobre cómo estar en pareja y obtener mejores resultados sexuales The Good I was really sort of impressed with Jenna Jameson after reading this autobiography She s been through so much to get where she is and she puts it all out there The book didn t come off as though it had an agenda as some of these tend to There was no feeling of attention seeking excuses or seeking redemption just the uncut story of her life I of course loved the scandalous aspects of the book the celebrity tell all stuff I also loved how the book showed that not everything about celebrity life it glittery as much as not all porn is degrading to womenThe Bad Some aspects of Jenna s early life made me rather uncomfortable While it was all part of her story and needed to be told I uestion why she s chose to share these things As much as I was impressed by Jenna after reading the novel it didn t make me love her It never struck the chord you get in autobiographies where you feel connected to the author It felt E True Hollywood Story than anything else It wasn t sympathetic which just kind of hit me as strange

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    THIS REVIEW IS GOING TO BE LONG IT ALSO CONTAINS SEXUAL CONTENT TRIGGER WARNINGS RAPE GANGRAPE DRUGS ANOREXIA NERVOSA SUICIDEFirst let's talk about porn Then we'll get to the bookI've never seen Jenna Jameson in porn I don't watch pornI'm not anti porn I know some feminists are but I can't hate on people for wanting to watch sex and masturbate That's perfectly understandable I always knock on a Boyfriend's door

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    Here is one weird thing about this book It's about six hundred pages long but about a third of that is pictures Here's anot

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    I think this is a story of survival Why do people always look at me funny when I admit to having read this Being

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    WARNINGSOME MAY FIND THIS REVIEW OFFENSIVE Jenna Jameson attempts to write Where do I begin First of all there is a diffe

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    I don’t read memoir or autobiography The closet thing I've read prior to this that could pass of autobiography is ‘The

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    uite possibly the least sexy book ever written How to Make Love Like a Porn Star A Cautionary Tale by Jenna Jameson and Neil Strauss gives an unflinching look at woman born without roots a woman who made it to the

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    The Good I was really sort of impressed with Jenna Jameson after reading this autobiography She's been through so much to get where sh

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    I didn't have high expectations for this book considering it was written by a porn star with little education But I came out realizing that Jenna Jameson has a firm grasp of who she is where she's been and how to market herself better than any porn star on the planet She's witty and introspective; making the traumatic times in her life seem like a mere stepping stone She's been through so much the death of her mother

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    This book is nearly 600 pages and yet I read it in only a couple of days Clearly I enjoyed it if I read it so uickly while having as busy of a life as I do And yet at the same time I would also offer up a few rather critical

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    Dont let the 600 page length of this book fool you a lot of it is pictures photocopy journal entries and fluent

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