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False Pretences

Teasing out the extraordinary within the everyday False Pretences is a contemporary novel in mosaic Through the separate yet interlinked stori

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Is mystery wry humour sometimes tragedy be neath the jaunty surfaces glimpsed through the years until by the end we have encompassed their liv

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Es it traces the lives of two women as they deal with the complexities of love private terrors violence and most precarious of all hope There

About the Author: Lee Langley

Award winning novelist and travel writer Lee Langley was born in Calcutta in the late s of Scottish parents and she spent most of her early childhood there Her parents separated when she was and she spent the next years travelling through India with her mother where she got caught up in the Indian independence riots Her family returned to the UK as feelings rose higher against the B.

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    I have just read this collection of linked short stories for the second time and it was well worth coming back to after than 10 years Ms Langley is a great story teller and is able to say much in a short space without stating the obvious at every turn Susan and Josie are the links between most of the stories and are ladies at turning points in their lives both characters are subtly drawn and by the final story I would have been happy to spend much longer in their company The stories themselves as other reviewers have said run the gamut from uirky to tragic but with uiet humour in and amongst and at times an acid edge too Really excellent stuff

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    Langley's stories are beautifully crafted delicately linked and with a fascinating range of settings characters and ideas I can't understand why this book isn't widely known Having said that the title is a bit weak and doesn't do the stories justice It is as noted in the title story itself a tautology and a bit of an empty phrase The stories certainly are anything but empty though Wonderful observation a lovely light touch many of these characters really touched me Some of the stories are light and witty and some heartbreaking I'd call this kind of writing pretty English although the settings cover Japan Europe and Britain there's a slight hint of RP about the tone Anywya going to seek out work by this author

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    My short comments from 2007 bookcrossingCollection of short stories set in the UK India Italy France and one in Tokyo featuring a particularly obnoxious and condescending husband Two women Josie and Susan feature in the stories sometimes one of them is the main character other times they fleetingly drift by in the background The characters in the stories are experiencing turning points and big decisions in their lives Interesting read

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