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Nëpunësi i MOBI #224 citizen are collected sorted and interpreted in order to identify the 'master dreams' that will provide the clues to the Empire's destiny and that of its Monarch An entire nation's consciousne Kadare s metaphor for a monolithic police state and its workings Set in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire I figured this out from several subtle hints in the novel along with elements from the late 20th century this novel tells of a young man Mark Alem who is employed by the Palace of Dreams the author s surreal intelligence agency where dreams from all over the empire are collected sorted interpreted with an eye to discovering which might be a Master Dream pointing to a possible coup or other upheaval in the State When one is discovered the sultan s secret police can nip a possible plot in the bud and do away with any perpetrators Mark Alem starts out in the Selection Department and passes along a file containing what he feels might be a possibly incriminating dream a wasteland filled with garbage a musical instrument a rampaging bull and a bridge When he is promoted to the Interpretation Section he is faced with the very same dream We don t know his final interpretation but agents from the Master Dream Section become very busyA chilling and nightmarish novel reminiscent of Kafka the claustrophobic labyrinthine corridors of the Palace are evoked frighteningly Mark Alem must find his way from one department to another alone hoping for help On his day off he notices how pale and insipid the real world has become as compared with the inner lives of people in the Palace Atmospheric Very highly recommended I d advise reading the author s Three Arched Bridge first if possible to get some backstory

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Nëpunësi i Pallati it të Endrrave

Translated by Barbara Bray Pallati it PDFEPUB #10003 from the French version of the Albanian by Jusuf VrioniAt the heart of the Sultan's vast empire stands the mysterious Palace of Dreams Inside the dreams of every I wonder why so few people have read this novel because it s uite amazing I can t say that it s completely original because it reminded me of Kafka The Castle and Saramago All the Names but imagining an institution where people s dreams are analyzed That is a brilliant idea masterfully developed by Ismail Kadar Mark Alem comes from a powerful Albanian family the uiprili K pr l and his relatives decide that he should apply for a job at one of the most influential institutions of the Ottoman Empire Tabir Saray the Palace of Dreams Thus he begins his ascent to the top although fearful and confused never fully aware of what he is supposed to do In this huge machinery of control the dreams from all over the empire are gathered sorted and analysed in order to choose one Master Dream that is presented each Friday to the Sultan Dreams are believed to foretell important political events thus being of utmost importance to the EmpireWe follow Mark Alem s journey through the mysterious Palace of Dreams with its nightmarish passages where he usually gets lost with the thousands of dreams stacked away in its huge underground archive with the kafkian beaurocracy and the strange happenings that make people paranoid Without realising Mark Alem becomes an active part in the events that will unfold in the story bringing misfortune to his familyAbsorbed in the world of dreams Mark Alem comes to believe that this is the real world powerful and vivid while the reality outside gradually becomes gray dull and less and less attractive He gets and isolated his relatives remaining his only connection to the earthly world He seems oblivious to any romantic relationship and the only mention of a possible wife comes from his uncles but we don t ever get to know the girl The lack of a sexual dimension makes the character a bit too flat but contributes to his total immersion in the fantastic world of dreams a sort of hell that Ismail Kadar wanted to create in his novel

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Ss is thus i Pallati it PDFEPUB #195 meticulously laid bare and at the mercy of its government The Palace of Dreams is Kadare's macabre vision of tyranny and oppression and was banned upon publication in Albania in The Palace of Dreams written in Tirana between 1976 and 1981 takes us into an entirely different universe set at the fictitious crossroads of a 20th century dictatorship and the 14th century Ottoman Empire Characters from those ancient times mix with contemporary characters state employees and office clerks reminiscent of Kafka s world in a bureaucratic labyrinth identical to any other bureaucracy save for its purpose to collect sort interpret and finally choose the Master dream of all the dreams dreamt throughout the Empire and to decipher in it the fate of the Empire and of its rulers The Palace of Dreams incorporates the traits of all powerful secret institutions one cannot help think of the Sigurimi the Albanian Secret Police of the Communist era as well as the characteristics of an almost Totemic figure a Kafkaesue Castle whose rules no one can figure out Kadare himself has declared that this is probably his best novel from a literary standpoint and very likely his most courageous an opinion the Albanian Communist regime must have agreed with considering that shortly after its release the novel was banned But Kadare s genius is such that in the end the Palace of Dreams has no precise signification except that revealed by its name It is a fabulous otherworldly place where the real world doesn t exist sleep is reality s only substance and it isn t the real as we know from Freud that brings the dream into being but the other way around Thus at the end of the novel one of the dreams that the main character Mark Alem uprili who works at the Palace sorted and filed at the beginning of the novel makes an unexpected appearance literally acting upon the present and causing the drama the reader has been anticipating all along

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    ”Mark Alem pressed on his mouth dry despite his attempts to reassure himself After all what did it really matter if he did get lost He wasn’t on some vast plain or in a forest He was merely inside the Palace But still the thought of getting lost terrified him How would he get through the night amid all these walls these rooms

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    I wonder why so few people have read this novel because it's uite amazing I can't say that it's completely original because it reminde

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    This is another fascinating story from Ismail Kadare It is a story of the uprilis Turkish Koprulu a noble Albanian family and the Tabir Sarrail the Palace of Dreams a government ministry which wields great unbridled power It reads very much like magical realism but is set against a historical backdropSet in the time of the Ottoman Empire the influential and respected uprili family had illustrious members who were Viziers and other import

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    The Palace of Dream by Ismail KadareIf Kafka's The Castle and Orwell's 1984 got freaky with it and had a baby the result would be Kadare's The Palace of Dreams Karade is an Albanian and I would argue that the Pa

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    Kadare's metaphor for a monolithic police state and its workings Set in the late 19th century Ottoman Empire I figured this out from several subtle hints in the novel along with elements from the late 20th centur

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    The uniue idea at the heart of t

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    I put this book down in complete awe I remember feeling the same when I put down Chronicle in Stone Kadare is an

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    In this spare novel Ismail Kadare creates a metaphor for the police state A young distaff scion of a family powerful enough to rival the leaders of Ottoman Empire is given a job in the Palace of Dreams Here a huge machinery gathers the dreams from around the Empire It copies sorts interprets sifts and archives themJust as a thought police thrives on rumor and innuendo so does the Palace The power struggles of the migh

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    The Palace of Dreams written in Tirana between 1976 and 1981 takes us into an entirely different universe set at the fictiti

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    it has disappointed me most of all the end there is so much open things at the end wich lets you the feeling of emptinessAt the begining the complicated description of the Tabir Saray and how it works was so del

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