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    May Contain Small SpoilerThere were parts of this book I liked somewhat and thenthere was one huge part in particular that I despised It was a deal breaker and discolored what could have been a very good sweet story IMO his actions ruined the storyline for me and no matter what he did he did not redeem himself in my eyes Being a man whore is one thing but betraying the woman you love and giving her blow by blow details while drunk and in bed with two women is uite another Shame on himI was greatly disappointed and left feeling unfulfilledIn good conscience I cannot recommend this book It troubled me so much that I was up past 3am and could not sleep You may very well feel differently if betrayal is not an issue with you

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    At 26%I called it uits They were never together Just denied feelings all the way through Everyone slept with everyone else I lost track of who the protagonists were supposed to be I'm pretty much getting over these best friends to lovers romances because basically they're all the same Deny deny deny The deny their feelings for each other while they carry on relationships with other people who get shafted after the to best friends pull there head out of their ass and admit their feelings This happens in every BF to lover book and frankly its getting tiresome One good thing I liked about this book was the description of military life Unfortunately that wasn't the reason I picked this book

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    hello?? WHERE THE HELL IS MY EPILOGUE???Not like the plot was really rocket science but I was waiting to see how exactly they will figure things out at the endI guess its the only reason I continued with it after chap 3And BAM They end with no epilogueI mean if that is all you wanted to share with us the whole purpose of the book is kind of mootThe only thing that could be worse if they actually mention a seuel soonARRRGHHHBut no denying itEven if the formula was tried and tested it was really cuteAnd somehow managed to not be repetitive and stupidSo yeah if you looking for a laid back cutesy read this ones for youps change that cover pleaseI mean have you met Spencer??

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    Back to You was a sweet story of friendship and love that was enjoyable if somewhat forgettable It was well written save for the few grammatical errors throughout and was able to keep my attention allowing me to finish it within two days I really enjoyed the progression of Ellie's and Spencer's relationship watching as they each had to come to terms with their fears and pre conceived notions Although I wanted to slap Spencer across the face than a few times he was an endearing character who managed to somehow reconcile himself towards the end of the story Ellie was a tad spineless but not so much that I disliked her For some reason I had a hard time remembering that the characters were just eighteen when the story started Maybe kids like that do exist but I know that personally I never had friends whose parents had no problem with underage drinking and let us throw giant parties at the house view spoilerEllie kept talking about how much of a slut Spencer was and I couldn't help but wonder how he was able to be such a slut in a high school where he supposedly did them and left them without causing trouble or strained relationships with his peers hide spoiler

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    I fell in love with Ellie and Spencer from the beginning I am a sucker for military romances

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    I picked this book up free when I saw the author advertise in the NaNoWriMo group on facebook It was free so I figured why not I've been giving self published works a try this last year and I've been surprised by a lot of them This book was no exceptionThe overall plot line might be a little predictable best friends finally realize they have feelings for each other but I loved how this all played out Starting with Spencer a slut as Ellie calls him coming to the realization that he might just be in love with Ellie who has been his best friend since forever But he's leaving for bootcamp so there's no point in bringing it up Especially since Ellie has a boyfriend who Spencer can't stand and has her whole life plotted out complete with white picket fences and 24 kids Spencer can't give that to her so he keeps it all insideBut true love can't be stopped The rest of the book follows Ellie and Spencer in alternating chapters as they deal with evolving feelings for each other being apart for the first time working jobs they hate Marine Corps training and screwing everything upIt's a sweet little story of friendship love the stupidity of youth and a whole lot of unresolved sexual tension A fun read

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    Friends to lovers trope It didn't take my breath away but it was a fairly decent story Eighteen and nineteen year olds and at times the lines of reality were blurred

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    Good love story Spencer is so lovable

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    From the opening words until the final ending author Jess Mastorakos has the reader engaged with a total focus to find out how such an awful event could ever find any hope of getting better However for the reader who likes a beautiful ending it certainly does not disappoint Should the reader have never been around the military there is such great detail that the reader will uickly engage and find it to be a smooth read For the one who is apart of a military family they will find the connection to be strong and real While this is the first book I have read of author Mastorakos it will certainly not be my last She has moved to the top of my reading list and I look forward to reading all of her material

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    Audiobook Review I was given a copy of this audio book for an honest review This sweet military romance story is well written narrated beautifully Off the charts chemistry and burn you to the ground feels God this book it will grab your heart and sueeze and not let go It hit me straight in my feels and had me laughing crying mad and swooning all at the same time This is book #1 in the “San Diego Marines” series I can’t wait to readlisten to Matt Olivia’s continued story in book #2

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Back To You Back To You #1

All Ellie wants is to have a normal life She pictures a white picket fence a stable and loyal husband and eventually a couple of kids She doesn’t date just anybody She has relationships with guys like Ward Cleaver Her best friend Spencer on the other hand is famous for bein At 26%I called it uits They were never together Just denied feelings all the way thro

Summary Back To You Back To You #1

He can offer her But as he gets ready to leave for Marine Corps Recruit Training he starts to think about exactly what he’ll be leaving behind As the weeks of training drag on he can't help but think that if it weren't for the shadows of his past he would make her his futu Friends to lovers trope It didn't take my breath away but it was a fairly decent stor

Summary ☆ PDF, eBook or Kindle ePUB free ☆ Jessica Mastorakos

G uite the opposite That’s why they’ll always be ‘just friends’ But maybe when it comes to love what looks good on paper just isn't good enoughSpencer knows what Ellie wants for herself In fact he thinks she deserves every bit of it She sure as hell deserves than what I fell in love with Ellie and Spencer from the beginning I am a sucker for military r

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