SUMMARY î Bound by Contract Black Lace Series

Helena Ravenscroft × 1 SUMMARY

Rituals of power and punishment Submitting to the by Contract Black PDF #8608 sexual whims of others changes Samantha's idea of how far she's willing to go and each cathartic act of humiliation pushes her further into the realms of liberation and pleasure..


Bound by Contract Black Lace Series

The classic novel Venus in Furs which inspires Bound by ePUB #10003 her to experiment with being his slave for a month Dr Louisa is determined not to be left out however and when she shows up at Sam and Ross's country hideaway there is a sudden shift in the.

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Samantha Bentley and her cousin Contract Black eBook #180 Ross have been an illicit item for years When Ross becomes involved with the submissive Dr Louisa Richmond Sam senses Ross's waning interest in her own volatile and domineering personality She reads.

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