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Doesn't know what's wrong with his new mate but he's uick to blame himself Shane's body keeps changing even though his bite has taken hold the full moon bringing out a shift in his human mate that shouldn't be possible Certain Shane will die if a solution isn't found Ryan must find his reclusive brother whil Not uite as hot and bothered as the first one but still packing some heatA little tit for tat going on have to say Hell ya some of your own medicine but the explanation behind Shane's transformation was lacking


Bite A Mate Of His Own #2

In an instant Shane Cooper went from rich daddy's boy to claimed werewolf mate Trying to come to terms with the sudden changes in his life and the devastatingly handsome boy that's the cause of all his woes a strange affliction befalls Shane knocking him unconscious and forcing him into a half shift Ryan Moss 45 stars

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E avoiding his old pack that would rather kill him than welcome him back into their territory The packs' pagan superstitions are back to haunt Ryan while he watches his mate struggle to survive Shane's inner turmoil could very well destroy the boy along with the spirit wolf he holds within wwwsadiesinsbooksco ExcellentBoth stories were good and I like the story between them I wouldn't mind a story about the brother Will

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