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L pianist from London a British would be architect turned soldier a Harlem born ragtime genius in the US Army and a Belgian orphan with a gorgeous voice and a devastating past Their story as told by goddess Aphrodite who must spin the tale or face judgment on Mount Olympus is filled with hope and heartbreak prejudice and passion and reveals that thou I'm in loveThis book is narrated by greek gods but are we sure it isn't written by one too The Hokku or Epigram Versus of Basho genius in the US Army and a Belgian orphan with a Spank! gorgeous voice and a devastating past Their story as told by Prison Ramen goddess Aphrodite who must spin the tale or face judgment on Mount Olympus is filled with hope and heartbreak prejudice and passion and reveals that thou I'm in loveThis book is narrated by Saints and Misfits greek Macroeconomics (7th Edition) gods but are we sure it isn't written by one too


Lovely War

Read the novel New York Times bestselling author of The Alice Network Kate uinn called easily one of the best novels I have read all year A critically acclaimed multi layered romance set in the perilous days of World Wars I and II where gods hold the fates and the hearts of four mortals in their handsThey are Hazel James Aubrey and Colette A classica screaming from an oversized megaphone NOT TO DICTATE ANYONE'S LIFE BUT THIS BOOK BRAIDS TOG Billy Connolly gods hold the fates and the hearts of four mortals in their handsThey are Hazel James Aubrey and Colette A classica screaming from an oversized megaphone NOT TO DICTATE ANYONE'S LIFE BUT THIS BOOK BRAIDS TOG

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Gh War is a formidable force it's no match for the transcendent power of LoveHailed by critics Lovely War has received seven starred reviews and is an indie bestseller Author Julie Berry has been called a modern master of historical fiction by Bookpage and a celestially inspired storyteller by the New York Times and Lovely War is truly her masterwork This book took me on a journey OofIf you're looking for a historical fiction with outstandi

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    I cried at least 7 separate times while reading this book The four central characters are all endearing and lovely and I was deeply touched by the humanity and hope that leaked during a tragic period of history and the relationship between love and war Huge props to Berry for incorporating the perspectives of black soldiers with such care and poignancy while giving Aubrey so much personality While the romance does develop uickly I still found the book to be charming and heart wrenching given the circumstances that these couples have gone through If you're not into romance you might not like it but if you're a romantic sucker at heart you'll probably cry with me too lol

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    I love this book desperately I did write it so the possibility of bias is real I can't wait to share it with the world The year plus I spent researching writing and revising it was intense and harrowing at times but I'm thrilled with where we landed Here's hoping you enjoy it too Hazel a pianist and James a builder turned soldier meet at a London dance in late 1917 on the eve of his departure for the trenches of World War I Aubrey a Harlem ragtime musician and Colette a Belgian refugee who has lost everything to the war meet in a YMCA relief hut at the American training base at Saint Nazaire France Aphrodite and Ares meet for a secret tryst in a Manhattan hotel room only to be caught and exposed by Hephaestus the goddess of love's jealous husband Aphrodite as the defendant in a mock courtroom trial spins the intertwined stories of both pairs of star crossed lovers in a plea to soften her husband's anger With additional testimony from Ares war and ultimately Apollo art and Hades death the gods' stories explore how far hope can reach into the abyss of wartime destruction and despair and whether in a broken world there's still a case to be made for love

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    I'm in loveThis book is narrated by greek gods but are we sure it isn't written by one too? Lovely War feels as if it is on a plane higher than us mere mortals Julie Berry I'm not sure what magic you cast over me but please never stop It usually takes me around 50 pages or so to get acuainted with a story the characters and setting With Lovely War I was entranced from page one By page ten I was laughing By page fifteen I was swooning By page twenty I felt as if I knew these characters their souls I cannot properly articulate the beauty the despair the magic of this book Nothing I could ever write about it would do it justice “Let them start their dreadful wars let destruction rain down and let plague sweep through but I will still be here doing my work holding humankind together with love like this” What initially transfixed me was the writing Julie Berry's prose speaks to me on a spiritual level I adored the god's narration It made this seemingly common and overdone story suddenly feel new and well lovely What kept me reading were the characters They felt real raw and perfectly flawed They were endearing and charming and every other synonym This book deserves five stars through and through simply for the emotions it evoked in me In a mere sentence it had me tearing up in another it had me closing the book and simply whispering 'no no no no no' “I envy your mortals“As Ares says they die you know”“They do But the lucky ones live firstLovely War was such a personal experience for me that is impossible for me to think about it in a purely objective sense It without a doubt has earned its place on my list of All Time Favourites read this experience the beauty taste the sadness feel the love you won't regret it

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    That shit hurted

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    This book would have maybe gotten four stars because of the discussion of topics such as James Reese Europe and the introduction of jazz in Europe during WWI the treatment of black troops during the war and the horrors of the trenches And yet the framing techniue of a story told by Ares Aphrodite and Hephaestus did absolutely not work for me The writing was ok if sappy when the narrative concentrated on Hazel James Colette and Aubrey but it was stilted and awkward when the gods were speaking amongst themselves The two intertwined love stories were ok but very soap opera inspired with long pauses and dramatic kisses If that is your kind of thing then you'll enjoy this I just found that the story would have been fine without the gods and without the sappiness I would probably have dropped it down to two stars had there not been the good historical reminders I mentioned above and the Historical Notes and Bibliography not have been included at the endThe plot is framed by what I consider to be a silly scenario in 40s Manhattan where Haphaestus catches Ares and Aphrodite in delecto and in strange rip off of 1001 Nights Aphrodite recounts a love story set in WWI Like I said that whole thing did nothing for me The adventures of the two couples Hazel and James both English and Colette and Aubrey Belgian and American respectively were interesting if somewhat overdrawn at points Had the book just focused on the two love stories I might have enjoyed it I nearly forgot to mention that there has been a renewed interest in the music of James Reese Europe most notably by the American jazz pianist Jason Moran who includes a few songs including Reveille Blues alluded to in the book in his live sets and plans an entire album dedicated to the composerband leader in 2020I’ll give a in depth plot readout later Just miffed that the top review for this book is one sentence in ALL CAPS and has 520 Likes I don’t understand how that works

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    This book took me on a journey OofIf you're looking for a historical fiction with outstandingly beautiful prose that you'll want to highlight and bookmark endlessly and some fantastical elements in the forms of gods and goddesses watching over mortals at war then you have to read Lovely War following four different characters from different walks of life as their worlds converge during WWII absolutely loved how this book was written from the perspective of Aphrodite Hades Ares and Apollo Each of their voices was so distinct and seeing their direct involvement in these mortals' lives was so fascinating to read I'm a sucker for any retelling that includes the Greek gods so this was the book of my dreams in it being a historical fiction mixed together with Greek mythology While I do have to say the book dragged on a little for me and the descriptions of the battles themselves were dry this book and the characters within it stole my heart left me wondering what was going to happen next and made me fall head over heels for Julie Berry's gorgeous prose I highly implore any historical fiction lover to pick up this book because the prose itself is something that needs to be admiredAT A GLANCE Gods and goddesses tell each other about an epic love story set during WWI War heartbreak romance everything you need to have a gorgeously written story The prettiest prose in any historical fiction I've ever readCONTENT WARNINGS Blackface condemned in the story racism lynching PTSD war

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    An unbelievably charming book The sections with the Greek gods are pitched for a YA audience but the rest of the book straddles YA and Adult beautifully telling a story that’s warm and tense and lovingly crafted At times not even my cold cold heart could keep me from sighing Highly recommended

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    5 starsThe Lovely War is truly nothing short of perfectI feel a little dim being that I am at something like a loss for words but that is how finishing this book made me feel I've not read a book in a long time that felt like the most perfect picture of hope and longing and darkness and lightThe Lovely War is a brilliant depiction of historical fiction with a pinch of greek mythology Aphrodite has been caught in an affair and is demanded an explanation by her husband Hephaestus Aphrodite presents her case court room style She then tells the story of Hazel and James two people who found each other just moments before being ripped apart and their tale as they struggled to fight their own battles during WWI Hazel meets Collette and they uickly become best friends and Hazel watches Collette fall in love with a black soldier Aubrey and Aphrodite tells her husband of all their struggles as she pleads her caseI didn't know what to expect going into this I have a friend or two who has read it and adored it but I feel like this book truly surprised me Hazel and James' story starts rather uickly where as Colette and Aubrey's picks up around the halfway point The interwoven stories of friendship and love and heartbreak and death and illness are what makes this book perfectionI could not put the book down as I was reading the last 35% of it It was so fast paced filled with so much longing and immersive descriptions of the characters surroundings as well as their feelings I found myself rooting so hard for the two couples to make it through the wartime and end up triumphantly togetherAs you read you only dive deeper into each character becoming and in tune with them As they face hardships you grow with them As they fall in love you fall in love with themIf there was only one thing I could say to review this book it would be READ THIS BOOKAnd if my review falls flat go read all the other raving reviews You know what skip the reviews and just read the book It will not disappoint also PLEASE someone hire the director team who did the Netflix adaptation of The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society and MAKE THIS INTO A MOVIE Can you imagine that brilliance? It MUST happen

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    This was a delightful read one that I was a bit apprehensive going into it but ended up really enjoying The premise of the story is a uniue one two young couples — Hazel and James Colette and Aubrey — fall in love amongst the turbulence of World War I their story narrated not by any human characters but rather by a few famous gods and goddesses from Greek mythology After being caught by her husband Hephaestus in an affair with a fellow god Ares god of war Aphrodite the goddess of love seeks to avoid judgment on Mount Olympus by spinning the story of these 2 couples and the love that they share despite the world around them descending into chaos But yet this story isn’t just about love — it is also about the bonds of friendship and the unifying power of music about courage in the face of adversity and destruction about the possibility of hope after heartbreak resilience after devastation Ultimately in a battle of Love versus War will Love triumph or will War succeed in destroying everything in its path?This book is largely categorized as historical fiction but at the same time it can also be appropriately grouped under romance YA and fantasy I will be honest in saying that based on these genres this is a book that I probably would not have picked up on my own to read due to the fact that while I love historical fiction and the author Julie Berry certainly did a great job with the historical elements in here – there were ample historical details but not to the point of dragging down the story I’m not too keen on the other 3 genres I don’t read much YA because I’m not the target audience for that genre and so I usually find it harder to appreciate the story and characters; with romance I can be uite picky and usually don’t handle “overly sappy” stories well; and with fantasy that’s just not really my thing But given that this was the May selection for one of my book clubs plus the story sounded interesting based on the summary and it came highly recommended by trusted friends I decided to give this one a try and hope for the best Well this book ended up surprising me but in a good way – all the genres blended together really well the story was engaging and the writing was lovely but most important for me were the characters all of whom I couldn’t help but love dearly It’s not often that I feel like I don’t want a story to end because I want to keep reading about these characters and spend time with them – this was definitely one of those instancesOne thing that I think has to be mentioned especially since the entire premise of the book hinges on this aspect is the Greek mythology angle and the uniue structure of having Aphrodite and the other gods narrate the main characters’ stories From the various reviews this aspect seemed to be a mixed bag in that it worked for some people but not for others For me personally it worked really well – in fact I loved the cleverness of the way Berry structured the story with having the appropriate god or goddess narrate the chapters based on their areas of expertise for example – the chapters heavy on music were narrated by Apollo the ones that revolved around the war battles were narrated by Ares sections related to death or injury were narrated by Hades and of course the overall love story with the main characters was narrated by Aphrodite Perhaps it is because I already had a certain familiarity with Greek mythology going into this since I had studied it extensively back in my school days albeit that was eons ago so it helped me appreciate those aspects in a way that I probably would not have otherwise With that said though in terms of the sections where the gods and goddess interacted with each other while I did find some of their banter funny it got a bit old after a while which made me somewhat impatient for them to get back to the actual storyThe other thing that I felt this book did really well was balance – parts of the book were fun to read but the parts related to the war and its aftermath as well as other historical events were treated seriously as it needed to be The story itself had substance yet it wasn’t dense to the point of being overly complicated or hard to follow This is one of those books that manages to blend the YA and adult aspects pretty well without sacrificing the elements that also make this a worthwhile historical fiction read Definitely recommended