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    Dean Koontz AKADeanna Dwyer writesa True Gothic MysteryLegacy of TerrorPublished in 19713 Not to Bad StarsListened with TTSClean with a fewBiblical Foul Words

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    Another of Koontz early works this one published under the pseudonym Deanna Dwyer It is a simple plot but no less engaging for that Elaine a nurse arrives at Matherly House to look after a stroke victim and finds herself in a nightmare situation Jacob the patient hints at problems with the members of the family mental stability as well as a tragic occurrence on a previous Christmas Eve He also hints that someone has tried to kill him but that his son Lee does not believe him Elaine is concerned over Jacob’s mental state and over the fact that none of this was mentioned by Lee during the interview process She discover that the events of Christmas Eve took place of 15 years ago and involved a mother murdered her twin girls in their crib by slashing at the repeatedly with a knife She attacks Jacob when he came home and discovered the gruesome bodies and as a result falls down the stairs and dies of a broken neck In present day a guest at the house is attacked with a knife as is the cook’s cat What is the cause of the present day violence? Is it the taint of insanity that is in the blood of many of the household is it the ghost of the mother returned to haunt the living or is one of them possessed by her spirit? Koontz present an interesting discourse on the thorny issue of mental issue versus demonic possession and evil Has science proven the ghosts and demons should be consigned to the past and that all behaviour can be put down to one’s mental state or are there still some elements of mystery that defies a scientific explanation? For a short book it packs a lot in is engaging thought provoking and leads to dramatic and tension filled conclusion An excellent way to pass a few train journeys

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    What would you do and who would you believe?A live in nurse learns of the family history of madness and murder When a mother of two young boys gives birth to two beautiful twins girls Lana and Laura What motivates such a loving mother on Christmas eve to murder her daughters in cold blood?Years later when a young nurse is needed to look after the elderly father the decison is made to finally open up the nursery where the infants died on that fateful night Everything sitting the way it was Blood and decoration all the same The knife used to kill the infants is found secreted in the crib and the killing starts again But who is the killer this time?Written by Dean Koontz under the pseudonym Deanna DwyerGood read and a very early Koontz It doesnt read like a Koontz to me but that prob was his intention Nonetheless it's a good story and written well

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    Another entertaining read from one of Dean Koontz's early works predictable and to the same formula but still enjoyableThis time a nurse finds herself in the midst to madness andwho to believe?Some good descriptions and worth a look

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    Like all the other romance books that Dean Koontz Deanna Dwyer wrote this story was completely predictable Same story just different names somewhat different circumstances All the main characters are girls who are orphans just out of college that happened upon a chance to stay in a ginormous creepy mansion whether it be a long lost family member or a dream job with free room board The girl always falls in love at first sight with the guy that always ends up as the killer the guy that she instantly loathes suspects as the killer ends up being the one she instantly loves as soon as she finds out the one she really wanted was the real bad guy loltalk about settling But it's not the worst book I've ever readjust one that I would never want to read again

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    I thought this was rubbish Really struggled to finish it Glad not my first Dean Koontz book as would never read another

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Madness murder and decay written by Dean Koontz under a pseudonym What would you do and who would you believe?A live

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