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Su uelle della destra The Night PDFEPUB or love Il resto – e si intende la costruzione di un gotico tutto americano dove le luci dell’espressionismo proiettano lunghe ombre sul paesaggio spettrale del Midwest – lo ha fatto il film diretto due anni dopo da Charles Laughton e interpretato da Robert Mitchum ogni scena sembra girata per imprimersi come in effetti è avvenuto nella memoria Tanto più sorpre. Ohio river Somewhere in a valley along its shores a young boy and his family lived happily ever after until his dad Ben Harper robbed a bank stashed the money somewhere and made his ten your old son John and four year old daughter Pearl swear to never reveal the location They had to swear swear swear swear And they did They promised never to tell their mom Willa neither And they didn tThe secret was not so safe It turned out to be a fateful pledge they madeThe evilness of mankind the greed and desperation of the Thirties bloomed around the two children forcing them into a life of the survival of the fittest They had limited tools to understand the dark side of human nature but instinct demanded of young John to keep his promise to his father to protect his little sister come preacher or the hunter of the night Fear dotted young John s daily meanderings and came calling in his dreams at night Especially at night when the full moon roseThe two children could not escape all the other children s chant at Cresap s Landing Hing Hang HungSee what the hangman doneHung Hang HingSee the robber swingHing Hang HungNow my song is done How possible was it for a ten year old boy to convince the world of the devil in disguise The man with LOVE and HATE tattooed on the flesh of his fingers He had Jehovah on his tongue and a uick knife in his fists When the cloth was the man s holy attire and the Bible his mantra who would believe a little boy How can young John convince his mother that religion also had the scoundrels covered and love was not what it was meant to be for herHis dad not only left him with the secret but also with a skiff And coming with it was uncle Birdie his dad s old friend Uncle Birdie understood than he let on You done a good job with Dad s skiff Uncle Birdie Nothing at all boy She s your skiff now But say I reckon I could have your permission to take her out once in a while on my own Shucks yes Uncle Birdie You re practically a part owner You fixed her up Well now boy it d be just grand if I could take her out ever day for a little mess of catfish or tobacky boxes Besides a boat needs usin to keep her trim Inadvertentlyor was it his dad left him with the two things he needed to do the right thing The Ohio river was his only way out in the end ReallyOld Rachel Cooper way down stream many weeks away fostered children who were left as debris along the river of doom and destruction of the Great Depression When morning shot its golden shafts into the mists of the trees in the yard Rachel stole softly into the kitchen to the stairway for a moment and stared in at the children on the steps filled suddenly with the wonder that each of us must feel at least once in our lives the knowing that children are man at its strongest that they are possessed in those few short seasons of the little years of strength and endurance than God is ever to grant them again They abide They hurdle together as these children now did asleep in blessed faith and innocence beneath doom s own elbow thumbs tucked blissfully between their sweet lips First published in 1954 this bestseller attracted attention for not only the fast moving thrilling suspense drama but also for its outstanding prose It is words like these that kept me riveted to the tale And it was probable that when Miz Cunningham like and ancient barn owl fluttered and flapped to earth at last they would take her away and pluck her open and find her belly lined with fur and feathers and the tiny mice skulls of myriad dreams The novel is based on the true case of the serial killer Harry Powers dubbed The Lonely Hearts Club Killer who went to the gallows in 1932 in Moundsville West Virginia Mikes Review convinced me that this golden oldie was a must read I found this old copy in South Africa online at a secondhand bookstore and waited almost six weeks due to the post office strike in the country to finally hold it in my hands this past weekend It was one of the best reads this year Thanks for this wonderful recommendation Mike For some or other inexplicable reason I feel enriched by it My goodness what a magnificent read it wasRECOMMENDED TO EVERYONE

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Ndente sarà allora tornare al testo d’origine la storia Night of The MOBI #180 scopriremo è ualcosa di più se possibile dei fatti che la compongono e che ruotano intorno a un bottino di cui solo i bambini nelle mani del Predicatore conoscono il nascondiglio è un’omelia nera una lunga e cupa ballata atroce almeno uanto le filastrocche infantili che di tanto in tanto la interrompono risuonando nel vuot. shoot shoot davis grubb kicked me not just once but twice i yelled aloud with the tension that his book built up in me the first was a yelp of fear while the second was one of pure desperation the terrible production values of this edition notwithstanding i m really torn about saying that because i appreciate that blackmask has it in print but the minimal attention to make this book readable just hasn t been made a used copy would really be the way to go this is a simply told yet complicated little novel the story of john and pearl a little boy and a little girl bound by a promise who first lose their father to wild desperation and then their mother to persuasion a woman seduced not by sin but by the idea of it there s a lot of talk about sin in this novel it completely immerses you into an echo of the world along the ohio valley of moundsville virginia in the era the author grubb grew up the hunter in the title desperate for the children to break their compact is harry powell their new stepfather he prefers to be called preacher and has a peculiar and terrifying compact of his own with what he believes is god but he is hardly the only character that preaches here this world the children inhabit seems to point fingers from the first and the terror that jack the responsible older brother feels is a key aspect of the novel this is a little boy breaking under strain as he tries to keep himself and his stupid baby sister alive and i was caught up in his journey and his disintegration even as he tries to keep everything together there are many deep nuances in this novel that are overlooked by necessity in the film i felt i couldn t review this novel without rewatching the classic 1955 film of the same name directed by charles laughton starring robert mitchum pre cape fear i threw it on once i finished reading there were one or two things i wanted to refresh in my mind because i remembered them differently and while i have seen the film many times my memory for fine detail isn t what it used to be what shocked me is that after confirming what i felt might be missing laughton s night of the hunter is no longer the film i see in my head having read the novel i love it still don t get me wrong it s an amazing adaptation laughton really took the screenplay in hand and when you read the night of the hunter you see the opportunities for a screenwriter and laughton took as many of them as was allowed in his era i ve no doubt if he had the resources we have now and were alive to utilize them he might turn out a film that is closer to the one i picture he certainly hints at it this film is artfully wrought but sometimes he deals in subtext or skims over subduing some layers of the novel losing its ripe heightened sense of sexuality that could only be hinted at in the film code of the time now having read the novel in its full bloom i could actually see somebody remaking it if it were done well i think it might end up being one of the scariest movies of all time even if it were done well or you could swing it to the opposite end of the spectrum and camp it up anyway the film is neutered in a way the novel is not i was reminded of my appreciation of the masterful handling of the shadows camera shots and set pieces in the original film my deep appreciation of the charisma of mitchum playing the preacher and the powerhouse that is lillian gish in the role of rachel cooper avenging angel absolutely and completely embracing the spirit of the character depicted in the novel but frankly also improving upon her just in sheer presence there s some sustained sermonizing from rachel cooper in the book particularly at the very end and while i can understand her outrage there s far too many words from her on the suffering of the children but lillian gish says a handful of sentences and exudes righteousness laughton also wisely bookends the film with her guiding presence splitting up and substantially reducing her diatribe to bare and poignant essentials it s a shining example thought there are others where i think the novel could have used a little trimming and that s what i can t go whole hog even though i was captivated by it sometimes it drags a little but mostly the pace is brisk and i was swept along by the narrative by the different voices who tell this harrowing story of frustration of despair of lost orphans on the roadi plan on letting davis grubb kick me a few times if he can

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Anche in assenza di precise of The Kindle #213 notizie non è difficile immaginare che nella sua carriera di pubblicitario Davis Grubb mai avesse lanciato un prodotto con un accorgimento efficace come uello con cui nel al suo esordio presentò Harry Powell alias il Predicatore cioè lo psicopatico più seducente e abominevole che si ricordi uattro lettere tatuate sulle dita della mano sinistra hate e uattro. The faces ran together like the years like the long rides in the yellow lit railroad coaches through the clicking river midnights as he wandered from town to town Lord won t I never settle down Lord won t you never say the word that my work is done Another one Lord All right Lord Loosely based on the true story of serial killer Harry Powers The Night of the Hunter is a truly hair raising spine tingling Southern Gothic classic which was honestly terrifying than anything else I ve read during any October for uite some time The fact is a realistic tale such as this gives me nightmares than a traditional ghost story despite the thrills those still stir up It is Depression era 1930 s in West Virginia and father and husband Ben Harper in an act of desperation steals 10000 and kills two others Before the blue men arrive to take him away Ben shares a tremendous secret with son John and exacts a promise from him never to share said secret and for him to watch over little sister Pearl At ten years old John is weighed down with a hefty and dangerous burden The entire town muses over the location of the stolen money after all money like this could come in very handy during these lean times Enter Harry Powell simply known as Preacher He shows up in town just when Willa Harper is at her most vulnerable and when the townspeople are in need of hope and the promise of salvation Naturally with his Bible in hand and the word of God pouring forth from his lips Preacher is welcomed by the community with open arms One person however is not at all convinced by Preacher s smooth talk and sweet hymns John seems to be alone in his instant dislike rather in his extreme loathing and fear of the Preacher He knew almost at once that Preacher was there or had been there not an instant before because there was a Preacher smell in the silent air and it was the smell of dread in his nose and doglike his flesh gathered and bunched at the scent of itSeriously those tiny little hairs on the back of your neck with stand on end too when you read about this creepiest of all villains If he is evil personified then widow Rachel Cooper is an angel in disguise I won t tell you her role in the novel because I don t want to divulge too much of the plot I will say however that this lady rocks She was old and yet she was ageless in the manner of such staunch country widows Gaunt plain spoken and hard of arm she could stand up to three of the toughest shrewdest cattle dealers in Pleasants County and get every penny she thought her hog was worth Dealing in livestock isn t all this woman can doBesides making your blood run cold The Night of the Hunter will also surprise you It s than just a thriller it s also beautifully written I was expecting a fright but what I didn t expect was the gorgeous prose sprinkled throughout the entire book Phrases like this caught my attention The smoke of morning chimneys rose from the stacks of the houses down at Cresap s Landing and hung for a moment before curling under the gray sky and dragged to earth again like cheap fur collars on old coats You ll also be charmed by John and little Pearl The Preacher is relentless in his determination to get what he wants and I was cringing and gasping for breath as these little kids were placed in harm s way time after time John is courageous and enterprising for a young soul and you can t help but root for him all the way Highly recommended Thanks to my dear Goodreads friend Sara who was willing to share her copy of this fantastic book with me Now I m off to add the 1955 movie to my watchlist Lord save little children Because with every child ever born of woman s womb there is a time of running through a shadowed place an alley with no doors and a hunter whose footsteps ring brightly along the bricks behind him

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    The faces ran together like the years; like the long rides in the yellow lit railroad coaches through the clicking river midnights as he wandered from town to town Lord won’t I never settle down? Lord won’t you never say the wo

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    While it pains me deep down in the dark fleshy crevices of my book loving core to admit this noir classic was a utter MISS for me and my feeli

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    The Night of the Hunter Davis Grubb's novel of the Sociopath in the Pulpit This novel was selected as a Moderator's Choice for members of On the Southern Literary Trail for October 2014 Come join us The Night of

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    Have you ever seen the classic film of the same name starring Robert Mitchum? One of the scariest movies I ever saw when growing up so I couldn't wait to read the book Who could ever forget the chilling Mitchum singing the old hymn;

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    I loved this book as a child and since I first got this as a gift years ago and have reread many times

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    Ohio river Somewhere in a valley along its shores a young boy and his family lived happily ever after until his dad Ben Harper robbed a bank stashed the money somewhere and made his ten your old son John and four year old daughter Pea

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    File this one under the heading of What is Possible is Scarier than What Isn’t This book is perfect if you want to be truly frightened for Halloween because I would much rather have a ghost in my house than have

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    shoot shoot davis grubb kicked me not just once but twice i yelled aloud with the tension that his book built up in me the first was a yelp of fear while the second was one of pure desperation the terrible production values of this edition notwithstanding i'm really torn about saying that because i appreciate tha

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    Well what a great little book that I would never have picked up without Mike Sullivan's recommended read for moderator's choice for Oc

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    Some of the prose was admirable but the child protagonist and his little sister got on my nerves almost immediately They didn't fee

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